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Bando Gora, The Cult of Death

Bando Gora

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Bando Gora, The Cult of Death



(Source Img, Artist: (Job Menting) https://www.artstati...m/artwork/AG1oW )


Faction Admins: Balthor | Garnik Verita
Faction Page: Link to Faction Home

Faction Discord: Discord

Not unlike a cockroach or a rat, the Bando Gora never really seemed to disappear. Creeping and crawling back from the edge of Chaos, out of the infernal pit of non-existence, they clawed their way through the shadow. Rising to their feet in the dim light, the Bando Gora have risen up from their grave in an attempt to once more serve the beloved father, Death. Recruiting new souls to their cause, sacrificing those that Death requires in the name of their Dark Priestess - they hope to summon him once more into being, to call upon Death himself to hold dominion over the known galaxy. As with any endeavor however, there is a price to be paid and time demands its due.
Formed by will of the Dark Priestess herself, the Bando Gora have risen to take claim over their domain once more. Her will is their will, her goals are their goals, in service to the Dark Father. Driven by a fanatic lust to resurrect the entity of death they worship it like a god, killing, sacrificing, assassinating in his name by command of their Dark Priestess, for it is she and she alone to whom the Father speaks. A dark power is rising on Kohlma, something that despite the planet's notoriety for death - is very much alive.


About Us


The Bando Gora have been around since the days of the Republic, preceding the infamous "Invasion of Naboo". Once, little more than a collective of grave robbers, they made their presence known throughout the course of the last several hundred years but ultimately faded back into obscurity, their secrets and their purpose lost to time - and the grave. Until now.
With the appearance of the woman Garnik Verita, the ashes of the Bando Gora have been ignited with new life. Building off her own personal network of underworld contacts, Garnik sought out believers in the alleys and on the streets, bringing them into the fold as her plan began to mature. Old blood brought with it tradition, secrets of the past, guidance for the new souls to be thrown upon the thresher. The Maw of Souls. Establishing herself as their head, Garnik professed she spoke the will of their father, Death himself. With her position secured they began not only to worship death but Garnik as well, anointing her with the title of Dark Priestess, Death's beloved.
The Bando Gora, now beginning to reform after years of obscurity were built upon the Dark Priestess' criminal network, slowly employing both blue and white collar criminals to her ends under guise of the woman relaying the will of Father Death.
Ritual sacrifices, human and otherwise, murders, assassinations, all were carried out at her word. Did Garnik truly believe that these commands would somehow bring an ancient deity to life? It didn't really matter - it did what it was supposed to do. It granted her control. Control over the zealots, control over the weak. It gave her power over which none could hope to oversee - not a government, not a coalition, not an alliance. No, the deliberate way in which she forcibly raised the Bando Gora from the grave granted her power not bound by law or a governing council, but only her own will.


Who are the Bando Gora?

The Bando Gora is part death cult, part criminal organization. Founded on the fanatic worship of Death, the Bando Gora seek to seize power and wield it to their own ends. Often this is achieved through ritual sacrifices and assassinations, though it is not unheard of for the Bando Gora to employ various gangs and work with other criminal elements should it serve their purpose.

Driven by the dominating personality of Garnik Verita, the Priestess of Shadow, the Bando Gora seek to grow in the shadows and expand their influence across the galaxy. They don't seek to raise armies or conquer planets but rather gain control through other nefarious means. Blackmail, Murder, Smuggling, Drug Distribution, slaving, all methods used by the Bando Gora to gain influence. All at the will of the Priestess.

Worshipers of death, the Bando Gora have personified it under guise of "The Father, Death". It is this corporeal father whom they wish to summon, calling him back from chaos to unleash death across the stars. In war, in death, they can feel his presence and taste his power - it is this lust for death which drives them to perform these ritual sacrifices, lust for power guiding their aggression.
Headquartered on one of the many moons of Bogden, their most holy of holy sites resides on the graveyard moon of Kohlma. Not only was the site historically significant to the Bando Gora but it provided a secretive site from which to conceal their operations. Kohlma, headquarters of the cult and home to the Tribunal, shared importance with one other world - Terminus.
The underworld on the planet of Terminus was a perfect place to set up the operational piece of the Bando Gora's infrastructure. Located at the apex of the Hydian Way and the Corellian Trade Spine, it was only logical that this would become the base of their criminal ventures. From drug distribution to slaving, anything related to the operations side of the Bando Gora ran through Terminus. Located at the opposite end of the Hydian Way from Kohlma and Bogden, it allowed a certain anonymity that couldn't have been afforded had they made Kohlma their center of operations.
Their goal, to operate under the radar, has gone well to this point but as they expand the Bando Gora will have to be careful not to poke the wrong bear during its endeavors lest hey feel the sting of its claws.

Long Term Goals

  • Establish an underground criminal enterprise network across the galaxy, centered upon the Hydian Way and the Corellian Trade Spine.
  • Gain power and influence across the known galaxy as an organization to be feared.
  • Acquire enough power to summon the Father, Death.

Short Term Goals

  • Establish relationships with other powerful criminal cartels.
  • Expand knowledge of the Cult and recruit new initiates.
  • Eliminate threats to the Priestess of Shadow.
  • Develop all aspects of the organization: Smuggling Operations, Bounty Operations, Drug Distribution, Pit Fighting Operations, etc.
  • Establish a list of safe houses on Major worlds to begin operations within Galactic Power realms.

Who can join the Bando Gora?


Smugglers, Criminals, Soldiers, Dark Side Cultists, the list goes on. Many can join the Bando Gora, but to rise up through the ranks initiates must show that their faith is unwavering and that they can be trusted with the organization's dark secrets. Though they may seem aloof to some or insane to others, the Bando Gora didn't become powerful in the Dark Side by believing fantasies - their power comes from something real. Those who wish to join the cult are informed from the start: This is a new life. Birthed and purified in blood, initiates are given the choice to don a new name, or keep the name from their former life in a way to symbolically erase the past and turn themselves into a new person, a follower of Death.
If you have character ideas and aren't sure how they would fit in, or would like help coming up with reasons why they might fit in, by all means contact us - we would love to work with you. It is also important to know that you can work *with* the Bando Gora without being a cultist, however your access to "Cult Knowledge" will be severely limited. Imagine yourself as an 'affiliate' or a contractor in those cases. If you have any doubts or would like to get involved but aren't sure how or aren't sure if your idea works, feel free to reach out!

The Five Tenets


One of the foundational documents of the Bando Gora is what is known as The Five Tenets. Once initiated, all members of the Bando Gora are subject to it's word - those who violate these tenets are often punished most severely, and in some cases executed. While there are many subtle nuances and 'laws' that the Bando Gora follow, these are easily the most visible and the quickest to draw retribution for breaking.



Tenet I. Never dishonor the Priestess of Shadow.

To do so is to invoke the Wrath of the Father, Death.

--- --- ---

Tenet II. Never betray the Bando Gora or its secrets.

To do so is to invoke the Wrath of the Father, Death.

--- --- ---

Tenet III. Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order

from a Bando Gora superior. To do so is to

invoke the Wrath of the Father, Death.

--- --- ---

Tenet IV. Never steal the possessions of a Bando brother

or sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of the Father, Death.

--- --- ---

Tenet V. Never kill another member of the Bando Gora.

To do so is to invoke the Wrath of the Father, Death.




OOC Notes about The Bando Gora:


Thanks for taking the time to look and read, there's a lot of development/building going on in the background here that I haven't included in the 'story thus far' or in the so called 'lore', so if there are questions feel free to ask them here or in a DM/PM, or even further, feel free to drop into the faction's Discord server found here: LINK TO DISCORD
As we would like to be completely open and transparent about our intent as a faction and as writers, I feel it is important to say this now - We do not intend on going major. A faction such as a criminal organization while capable of going major (In theory) would seem to work better as a minor. Specifically with the Bando Gora, our intent is not to overthrow governments, but rather operate on a sub level, within governments and in multiple clouds of influence as a secret society/cult/criminal organization rather than seeking to replace or overthrow a government (Though I have no doubt that at certain junctures, actions against various governments will happen as a matter of being 1. a cult, 2. a largely criminal organization).

Again, if you have any questions or interest, please feel free to PM myself or Garnik Verita, or drop into discord to ask any questions you might have.


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Siobhan Kerrigan


You missed a spot.

Siobhan Kerrigan

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Darth Carnifex


Quite so lol



They keep coming back...like Jedi, Sith, Rebels, the Republic etc.



But then it's been always assumed that some Bando Gora splinter groups survived the two purges of Gehenna (the Omega Protectorate purge and then the Firemane one). And the purge the Fringe conducted in a Dominion or two. Maybe I'll sub the splinter group that decided Sio's a Chaos goddess some time.

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