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Harbinger of the Sith (Black Knights - Sith Knights)

TSE The Sith Empire Sith Sub-Faction Knights Sith Knights

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Harbingers of the Sith

The will of the Emperor is the will of the Harbingers.

Black Knight, rise.

Your Emperor commands you.


Tools, a mean to and end, messengers, warriors: Harbingers of the Sith. 


We are the dark will of the Dark Lord of the Sith, no loyalty lies stronger than ours for his will is ours. While we are commanded by no other, his word is command, and we follow. We are his sword, and shield. His voice, and eyes. We know nothing else, but the will of the Dark Lord. Let go of your personal attachments, and let the command of the Emperor being your guiding light into glory and victory. Let chivalry set you apart from all others, and become the humble knight he needs.  


We work outside the means of the Imperial army and navy. We have no commander save one, our Dark Lord. We are elite, and yet are nothing. Tools that can be tossed away or sharpened, we bend to his will as he needs us too.






What are we? 


A circle of elite knights set with using the old ways of the Sith Order. Plate armor, steel blades, and the Dark Side of the Force. We are wholly loyal to the Sith Emperor, and no one else. Some of us have even gone as far as to set aside our attachment, and make the will of the Dark Lord our obsession, our desire. We are all of the rank Sith Knight as we do not require the rank of Sith Lord, we are not the commanders of armies, we are below them, yet above them. We are fodder, yet the sharpest blades. 


What's the purpose? 


To create a somewhat dark and unholy version of the Knights of the Round Table style faction under the Sith Empire.


Who can join? 


Any who is a Sith Knight and willing to use only Swords, Shields, Plate Armor, Axes, Polearms, Halberds, etc. Literally no more lightsabers, no more robes, just steel and sweat. You must also be willing to give up the chance for Sith Lord, that rank doesnt belong here. 


Any other questions, just ask! This is more so a sudden thing I did, been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately, and decided I wanted to make a sub-faction under the Sith Empire using Knights.