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Tellyr Prime Planet Sub WIP

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Kingdom of Tellyr




  • Intent: To create a planet of origin for Cassia
  • Canon: No
  • Links: N/A


  • Planet Name: Tellyr Prime
  • Demonym: Tellyran
  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System Name: Tellyr
  • System Features:
    • Sun: Tellyr
    • Tellyr Prime: The main planet in this system, and the sole planet within the ‘goldilocks’ zone.
    • Tellyr 2: A terrestrial planet that is just outside of the 'goldilocks' zone.It is rich in rare earths, palladium, and other standard rare metals and minerals.
    • Tellyrian Belt: An asteroid belt that separates the two terrestrial planets in the system with the jovian planets in the system.
    • Tellyr 3: A jovian planet with 17 moons.
      • Kaiva: 7th closest moon to Tellyr 3, is habitable and houses a native plantform that has almost as much medicinal potential as bacta.
      • Foryc: 13th closest moon to Tellyr 3, is habitable, but is also populated by a sentient fungiform that is actively hostile to humanoid creatures.
    • Tellyr 4: A jovian planet with no moons.
    • Tellyr 5: A jovian planet with massive rings around it.
    • Tauvic Cloud: A cloud of dense gasses that surrounds the system.Random gravitational anomalies have been known to pull ships out of hyperspace into the cloud, where the density of the gases often reduces sensor capabilities immensely.
  • Coordinates: N-55
  • Major Imports: Technology, Entertainment
  • Major Exports: Mercenaries/Military Training, Standard Rare Metals and minerals, Entertainment


  • Gravity: Standard on all landmasses, with a significant increase the close one gets to Taenic Station
  • Climate: Temperate along the nominal equator, with significant ice in the polar and subpolar regions.
  • Primary Terrain: Mountains, with some landmasses having significant plains and forest lands.Climate control technology has removed any desert like conditions outside of the polar and subpolar regions.
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Major Locations:
    • Weilen: Weilen is the Capital City of the Kingdom/Planet/System.This is where the High Court adjudicates those disputes that reach their level, the Tellyric Council meets to debate laws, and The Crown executes and enforces the laws.It is also a major trading and entertainment hub for the rest of the system, though only verified traffic is allowed to come near it.Weilen exists on an aerial island floating over the Duchy of Vadaeva due to the odd gravimetric tendencies wrought by Taenic Station.
    • Duchy of Tyre-An-Tir: The Duchy of Tyre-An-Tir is the oldest Duchy in the Kingdom, as it was the first rival kingdom to submit to the Graysongs during Unification.The Duchy also holds the most prestigious science academy on the planet
    • Duchy of Vadaeva: The Duchy of Vadaeva is the remnant of the last kingdom to fall under the sway of the Graysongs during Unification.Within the borders of this Duchy are the primary training grounds for the Tellyran Army.
    • Duchy of Kyborne: The Duchy of Kyborne is an odd Duchy, existing entirely within Aurora Base.The Duchy of Kyborne is the Gateway to Tellyr Prime, as Aurora control must verify and pass on any ships traveling to the planet.
    • Kaivan Autonomous Zone: The Kaivan Autonomous Zone is the name for the block of land (read: moon) set aside for the witches who call Kaiva home, and tend the forests there.The Kaivan witches hold both a seat on the council as a rank equivalent to a Duke (this position is held by the Song Mother of the Kaivan Witches, though she is allowed to refer her seat to an understudy), as well as a pair of seats for Transitional Councilors.The Kaivan witches are also responsible for management of Foryc, as they are the only humanoids who have been able to touch down on and return from the fungal moon.
    • Taenic Station: Taenic Station isn’t a place anyone can visit, as it is at the center of the gravimetric shearing forces that make up the center of the planet.During the Cataclysm, the world began to fall apart until Taenic Station suddenly activated.The station has since been unreachable, but has kept the planet together, for the most part.Some continents and islands exist solely in the air, while the rest of the planet has been held together or shrunk in on itself to maintain structural integrity.
    • Castle Graysong: Castle Graysong is the ancestral home of the Graysong family.It is also the primary residence of the Royal family.It is the sole building on the planet that was separated from the planet by intention and designed to float over and near Weilen.


  • Native Species: Various animal and plant species, but no native sentient species
  • Immigrated Species: Mainly human, but most common Galactic species have some representation here.
  • Population: Moderately Populated
  • Demographics: 73% Human/Near-Human; 8% Wookie; 5% Nautolan; 14% Assorted Others
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Standard
  • Culture:
    • Society:
      • Nobility: The nobility is responsible for maintaining local militia forces, gathering taxes for The Crown, and maintaining the government infrastructure within their demesne.For these responsibilities, the nobility hold a pride of place within their regions, and gain a stipend from the collected taxes based on their noble rank.Aside from the Kaivan Autonomous Zone, all land within the Kingdom falls within the demesne of some noble or another.
      • Commoners: The commoners have only one responsibility, to pay taxes to The Crown.The Crown, in turn, has several responsibilities to the commoners, including maintaining the infrastructure, maintaining the public safety net, and maintaining the basic living stipend.
    • Sports:
      • Tavang: The odd gravimetric tendencies of the planet have caused many aspects of life to happen in the air.As such, it is only proper that this holds true for sports as well.Enter, Tavang.Tavang is a sport played entirely in the air.Teams are comprised of players on aerocycles who try to control and maneuver a hover capable ball.The ball will move as if there is no resistance to its movement.Around the court, there are evenly space scoring goals that will shift from one team to the other.Each team wants to maneuver the ball into a goal that bears their color.
    • Religion:
      • The Force: The Tellyran view on the force is one of utility.They do not tend to subscribe to the views of their being a distinctive dark or light side of the force, but rather believe that the motives of a user will decide if they are good or evil.The majority of Force Users from Tellyr are Judges of the Outer Rim.
      • Kaivan Witches: The Kaivan Witches are a unique group of witches who live and train on Kaiva, the 7th moon of Tellyr 3.These witches focus on plant and weather based force techniques, with a lower focus on martial maneuvers.These witches helped the Graysong family during the Unification, and were given near autonomy over their moon in return.There are rumors that the witches were originally organized by a member of the Graysong family, but nothing along these lines has been verified.


  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    • Executive: The Crown is the Executive branch of the Kingdom.It is their will that puts laws in place, and their authority that enforces them.The Crown also commands the armed forces.
      • King: Kastopher Graysong
      • Queen: Ellia Graysong
    • Legislative: The Tellyric Council is the Legislative branch of the Kingdom.The Tellyric Council is comprised of Permanent Councilors and Transitory Councilors.Laws that The Crown enacts must come from the Tellyric Council, and so must have passed their debates and votes.
      • Permanent Councilors: Land owning nobility who hold an equivalent rank of Duke in the kingdom.These Councilors hold permanent seats, but must be present to cast their votes.
      • Transitory Councilors: Elected representatives of each of the 71 regions of the Kingdom, including those regions that have Ducal lands on them.Each Region elects a Senior Councilor and a Junior Councilor.These Councilors may cast their votes even if they are not physically present for the vote.
    • Judicial: The High Court is the Judicial branch of the Kingdom.The Crown enacts the laws and enforces them, the Tellyric Council writes the laws, The High Court adjudicates the legality of the laws against the founding constitution and the basics of sentient rights.The High Court presides over lower courts, which preside over local affairs in each of the 71 regions of the Kingdom.A High Court appointment is for life, but may be ended prematurely with an overwhelming vote of no confidence from the Tellyric Council and agreement from The Crown.
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Wealth: Medium, the Kingdom is rich in standard rare metals and minerals, but does not have the easiest access to Galactic markets.
  • Stability: Medium, the Kingdom is mostly peaceful, but every government has dissidents.
  • Freedom & Oppression: The people of Tellyr are fairly free, there is a high employment rate, a basic income stipend, and a social safety net for those that may fall through the cracks.All of this comes at a fairly high taxation rate, which does cause some groups of dissidents to rail against the Kingdom.


  • Military: The Kingdom of Tellyr has enough naval power to defend the system from most threats, though a concerted invasion from a multi-system government would likely overwhelm their defenses if defending itself alone.The other armed forces of the Kingdom include a small standing army that relies on high training standards and droids to make up for a slightly less than average enrollment rate.
  • Technology: Roughly standard for the galaxy, though new innovations that do not originate from a local system may take a while to reach them and integrate into their society.


  • Discovery: The initial discovery of Tellyr is an accidental event that is a story of a colony ship missing its mark, but still fulfilling its purpose.What is known is that a colony ship bound for the galaxy's edge and beyond got pulled out of hyperspace by the Tauvic Cloud, and then crashed onto Tellyr.The colonists that survived were able to utilize local plants and animals to supplement their own supplies.In a matter of years, they were able to re-establish communication with the Core.More colonists eventually came, deepening the gene pool and allowing the colonists to disperse across the planet and system.
  • Unification: The planet, through centuries and millennia of habitation, devolved into what amounted to city-states.Each city-state had their own military, and squabbles, battles, and wars were fairly common.The Kingdom of Graysong was one such city-state, centered on Weilen.While some planets have been able to join the galactic stage while still having such division, Kasia Graysong, a distant ancestor of the current King Kastopher Graysong, had a vision of a united Tellyr.She secured what allies she could, and moved to unite her planet.The wars of Unification lasted for nearly a decade, and was a far bloodier conflict than Kasia had ever wanted.In the end, with the unexpected help of the Kaivan Witches, Kasia ruled over a united Kingdom of Tellyr.
    • Kaivan Witches: The Kaivan Witches had not been a known quantity until this point in history.Indeed, they hadn't existed until Vaena Graysong, twin sister of Kasia Graysong, had created the group and come to the aid of her sister.Vaena gathered those force sensitives who weren't proper enough for Jedi, selfish enough for Sith, and hadn't wanted to join any of the myriad other orders that existed near Tellyr at the time.She gathered her sisters and brothers on Kaiva, and taught them to use the force to control and augment the natural forces of a world.When this power was brought to bear on the enemies of Graysong, the war was all but won.
  • Cataclysm: With the Gulag Plague in full swing throughout the galaxy, the population of Tellyr Prime suffered.The greatest strife the planet had felt since Unification, and several age old rivalries started to flare up as the death toll mounted.At the height of this unrest, a force user who had been thrown out of the Kaivan Witches tried to help his family usurp the throne from the Graysong family.In the aftermath of the cataclysm he wrought, the very name of his family has been expunged from history.Using the powers he had learned from the Kaivan Witches, along with a few items he had picked up from across the galaxy, the young witch tried to rip Weilen from the ground.He succeeded and failed, as part of the process gained its own momentum, and he was unable to stop it.The change he started by trying to destroy Weilen multiplied until the very planet was trying to rip itself apart.In the process of this, he had also uncovered an ancient room near the center of the planet.A young royal, Casia Graysong, entered the room that turned out to be Taenic Station.She and a companion learned from a virtual intelligence left behind for this purpose, that the station had been put in place due to a Force vision.The core of the planet would stop, and destroy the fledgling civilization that had taken root.While the technology to save the planet was far beyond the reach of the civilizations currently residing in the Galaxy, even beyond the Republic or Empire at their height, it was a fairly easy project for this ancient race, so the VI implied.It was not, however, designed to be undertaken remotely.After a fierce discussion, Casia decided to stay.She would activate the station to save the planet, at the low cost of her life.Her companion, Taveic Fosibu, left and spread her story to any who would listen.Once alone, Casia followed the instructions of the Virtual Intelligence, and activated Taenic Station.The Force power that had been ripping the planet slowly apart was negated by the technology of this ancient people.Using advanced gravitic manipulation, the planet was saved.Weilen and several other landmasses were now permanently floating above the now shrunken surface, but the Kingdom of Tellyr was able to push past both this Cataclysm and the Gulag Plague.
  • Recovery: Surviving the Gulag Plague and the Cataclysm strengthened the Kingdom under the rule of the Graysong family.The name Casia and any variation of it became a family name, with at least one in every generation.The name brought with it great expectations, and while most did not reach the level of Kasia the First or Casia the Saviour, most did not truly disappoint the family.The Kingdom expanded to the edge of the system, increasing its military to the point where it could conceivably defend itself, then reached out to neighbors to ally with.Republics and Empires came and went, ignoring the small kingdom for the most part.Now, the Kingdom of Tellyr has thrown its weight behind the Outer Rim Coalition, looking to aid its neighbors in the regional desire to be left alone by the feuding empires of the galaxy.

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