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Czar Mirkov II 'the Reluctant' Tirantov, Czar of Gratazkh and All Zhilaseraya.

Czelosmertian Royalty Minor Faction leader

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Czar Mirkov Tirantov

Czar Mirkov Tirantov

    An unlikely ruler thrust into power.

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Czar Mirkov II 'the Reluctant'






"My people are not subject to the passing whims and fleeting ideals of the greater Galactic powers. We have one will, a unifying patriotic love of our land and duty to our country. These very nations that criticize us and attempt to exploit us are not true nations, they are fragmented, squabbling bands that are united only by one common thread: the territories they live in. In such a state, they will look at us and point, 'You are the alien, you are the odd one! Your ways are outdated and ineffective!' But, infact, the opposite is the case."


- Czar Mirkov speaking during an annual royal military parade.








NAME: Mirkov Tirantov the Second
FACTION: The Czardom of Zhilaseraya.

RANK: Czar.
AGE: 42 standard galactic years.
SEX: Male.



Tsaritsa Yulia of Gratazkh - Wife.

Tsarevich Kirill Tirantov - Firstborn Son and heir to the throne.

Tsarevich Gleb II Tirantov - Son.

Tsarina Ekativa - Daughter.

Tsarevich Mirkov Tirantov III - Son.

Tsarina Lupov Tirantov - Daughter.







HEIGHT: 1.8m/5'11"
WEIGHT: 77kg/170lbs
EYES: Grey.
HAIR: Graying brown.
SKIN: Pale grayish color.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Czar Mirkov is a well spoken, calm tempered ruler of the planet of Zhilaseraya, the homeworld of the Czelosmertians. He always conducts himself in a serious manner, many people saying since he was torn from his duties as a doctor he no longer smiles. While he is not as authoritative as his brother who he took over for, Czar Alezand, Czar Mirkov no less has the same iron will that lives in his royal blood. He will make it a point to any would-be foreign exploiters that Zhilaseraya will not be pillaged by foreigners through economic or military means. 
The Czar, while living beyond the length of regular Czelosmertians due to his top of the line cybernetic implants and organ replacements, has not aged well. Having only taken the throne for ten years, he has developed many wrinkles, graying hair, and a constant look of fatigue on his bearded face. He is usually arrayed in his royal military uniform, complete with shoulderboards, a few modest medals, and a fancy cap. 






+ Orator

The Czar would rather solve the Czardom's issues with words than resort to using violence, and as a result has gotten quite good at it. With that being said, he is not afraid to take armed action.


+ Genius

The Czar, a natural scholar and already incredibly intelligent, has had his cognitive abilities boosted by high grade neural implants.


+ Poker Face


The Czar's stoic, unwavering visage give no hint to what he is about to do next or what he might be thinking.


+ Medical Doctor

Czar Mirkov is a Coruscant-trained doctor, capable of diagnosing and treating many different races common to the galaxy.


+Already Dead (Racial Trait)

Czelosmertians, while living very volatile and short lives, can withstand more damage than the average human before succumbing to their wounds. Due to their hardy physiology, and any possible redundancy in organs they might have, they might for example be able to withstand a blaster rifle shot to the chest that would kill a normal human in one shot. A second blast, however, would usually prove deadly or incapacitating. For this reason they are often called "undead" by those who have had experience fighting them, as only direct head or heart shots prove to immediately put them down.




- Death Breather (Racial trait)

Czelosmertians can only survive for 2-3 minutes in an oxygen rich environment without their breathing masks.


- Willful

Though he does everything with pure intentions for his people, if he truly believes in what is right for his country he will not be swayed from taking action, even if it does prove to be disadvantageous for Zhilaseraya.
- Distrusts Xenos

While most Czelosmertians take a while to 'warm up' to aliens if given the right opportunity, the Czar is very wary of any offworlders, seeing them as having an ulterior motive for involving themselves in his planet's affairs.


- Galactic Minor

Though he is a large figure on his home planet, in the greater galactic scale he is often disregarded due to his lack of power.

- The Iron Scepter
While Czar Mirkov is well liked, he brings no real reform to the nature of Czelosmertian czars: If there is rebellion, it is crushed, in the most effective and brutal way possible. If the people protest against the Czar or any other officials in the government they are imprisoned or deported. He gives to the poor freely, but if they go on strike he sends in the riot police to crack skulls and get people back to work. Such is life on Zhilaseraya.








Czar Mirkov II was the second son born to his father, Czar Mirkov the First. In Czelosmertian tradition, he was taught the ways of nobility as were all his 4 brothers with him. He had a close relationship with all his brothers, especially his older brother Alezand. The young czar made it clear to his father he had no intentions of being a duke or noble of any sort, and was eager to help the less fortunate. His father would not relinquish his rights of inheritance, but allowed him to pursue his desire to become a doctor. When he turned 16 he sent him to the top medical school on Coruscant, where the young Czar gained a solid grasp of basic and a few other languages. 


The young noble graduated 7 years later and returned to Zhilaseraya, opening many free clinics in the most poverty stricken areas of many cities across the planet. He met his wife, a surgeon working in one of his clinics, and married her. Mirkov clearly loved his work, it brought him great joy to make a true difference in the slums. It was tiring, but rewarding work, and he allowed many that worked with him to do away with the official royal titles and call him simply by his professional title. It was a good day when he did not remember he was next in line to be the Czar, his greatest worry and fear.


This fear was realized when Czar Alezand, his older brother and force sensitive, went missing in a strange force-related event. The family all came to him, not even waiting until the funeral, to urge him to take up his brother's position. This was the day his wife relates as the last time he would smile. Not only was his older brother missing, but now he had to give up his life's work. Mirkov did not offer a real response to anyone, not even offering a word in reply to those who told him of his obligations. Perhaps Mirkov needed time to process everything that happened, but it seemed apparent to the royal family and officials that he would shirk his responsibilities. Thus lending him the unofficial title 'the Reluctant' when he did eventually ascend to the throne, one that he despises but accepts.


His next brother was to be chosen, but when the younger brother heard this he rushed to Mirkov and begged him to take up the throne, for fear that he was too inexperienced to lead the nation. Only then did Mirkov wake up to his responsibilities, and take up his duty as the Czar. He left his top physician in charge of the charity, he and his wife being coronated as Tsar and Tsaritsa two days later. With the throne now his and his dream job left behind, the Czar channeled his patriotic passion and love for his countrymen into a newfound devotion to his new title. He took up the crown with grace and firm authority, vowing to lead his people to a greater destiny beyond that of the 'status quo' so many before him had held. He was going to take his nation to the next level, and he had the support of every man, woman, and child on the planet behind him.

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Glory to Arstotzka--

I mean, Zhilaseraya!.