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Typhos Clone Family

Enyo Amara Archangel Force Clones

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Enyo Typhos

Enyo Typhos


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  • Organization Name: Typhos Clone Family
  • Classification: Mafia family.
  • Loyalties: Themselves. Enyo Typhos.
  • Organization Symbol: Though Enyo feels that overt displays of symbolism are pointless, she has reluctantly consented to an 'Iron Fist' on a black background.
  • Description: Many years ago, the genocidal HRDs at the head of Archangel Research and Design decided they needed a cadre of obedient, Force-Sensitive organics to further their evil schemes. So they created a group of Force clones. Said clones eventually turned on their puppetmasters, starting an insurgency. After amassing the resources and manpower needed, they toppled their overlords and took over their company. The Typhos clone family was born. It is named after Enyo Typhos, the eldest clone and leader of the group. It is essentially a mafia family.


  • Headquarters: Liberator Space Station.
  • Realm:
  • Domain: Being a criminal syndicate, the Typhos Clone Family does not rule worlds or cities per se. Staking a claim to a planet is not profitable and paints a huge target on your back. It is also difficult to enforce, even for older, more established mafias. However, the family is quite powerful on Vorzyd, especially in the planetary capital Efavan. Several businesses, both legal and illicit, pay protection money to the Iron Fist Consortium, which was founded by the family. It also has a presence in the Coruscant Underworld. However, various other criminal organisations operate in these areas. While its hold is strongest on Vorzyd, the family is not uncontested and thus has to defend its holdings from rivals. Naturally it also has a presence on the various worlds Archangel has built outposts or factories on. Archangel also operates space stations, factory ships and other mobile assets. Relationship with local planetary population can be summed up with the words 'you don't make a mess, where you eat' and 'make your pigs grow fat, content and docile before you slaughter them'. In lawless areas where law enforcement agencies have a weak presence, the family's criminal branches provide what can be called street justice. After all, it is common sense to protect your sheep and make sure their grazing is not interrupted.
  • Notable Assets: The Family controls Archangel Research and Design, which specialises in HRDs, droids and medical technology such as cloning and cybernetics. They also control Iron Fist Consortium, a mafia syndicate and paramilitary mercenary force, and Revenant Industries. Through their criminal connections, the Family owns multiple warehouses/safehouses on Coruscant and Vorzyd. They also control a casino in Efavan, Vorzyd. Other assets of note are as follows:


  • Hierarchy: As the name implies, Enyo Typhos is the leader of the family. She is the oldest, the strongest and probably the most ruthless. She may also be the one who's sacrificed the most, since she is an organic brain in a mechanical shell. Alexia Zarides is her right-hand. The younger clone of Kaelin Isandros is the family member most like Enyo and can be considered her protege. She has the authority to issue orders to Iron Fist minions when Enyo is occupied elsewhere, though the 'brood mother' keeps a lock on major decisions. Amara Zarides used to be Enyo's chief lieutenant, but has departed and is not involved in the family's criminal affairs. Enyo still sees her as her most beloved sibling, though as a naive one. Beyond this, the hierarchy is a bit fluid among the clones. Thuella, clone of Tempest, is the resident tech expert and highly placed in the R&D division. Chiyoko, Caiomhe and Valerian rank beneath the two Kaelin clones. Thalia, being the youngest and most immature, is the lowest. Elsewise, the Iron Fist employs all manners of enforcers, mercenaries and contractors. It is organised along military lines, comparable to a paramilitary outfit. Archangel itself only 'employs' droids and is controlled by Enyo through a proxy. All clones receive a portion of the profits to cover expenses. How much depends on rank, experience and service. Enyo is an autocratic leader and insists on making the big decisions. However, she is quite open to suggestions and even counterarguments from her siblings if they are backed up by reason rather than emotion and mere stubbornness. This preserves her preeminence, but gives members a say in the decision-making process - or the illusion of it, at any rate. Talsir Vanaeth, Enyo's Dark Eldorai teacher, acts as an adviser to family and assists in training the young clones to utilise the Force.
  • Membership: Counting Enyo and Alexia, there are eight clones in the family. Aside from the family itself, there is a vast amount of criminals, mercenaries and droids who work for them. Those who want to join the Iron Fist and work for the family must prove their loyalty - often by killing someone. Their backgrounds are varied, ranging from mercenaries, professional assassins to thugs, street urchins and even a few Shards. People can, of course, apply for a legitimate job with Archangel. They tend to get processed into HRDs after a while though. The family itself is a very closed circle. Marrying into the family is extremely difficult, not the least because the 'brood mother' is paranoid and has a habit of scaring away any potential girlfriends or boyfriends her siblings might have. Due to its control over Archangel, the family has the technology to create more clones, should there be the need or desire to do so.
  • Influence: Very influential on Vorzyd V, particularly the capital Esfavan. They also wield influence on a larger level through the deals Archangel has made with various corporations and governments. They also have a presence in Lower Coruscant. Their influence there is not pervasive as on Vorzyd because Coruscant has several more established cartels. Finally they possess influence on Karakorum, homeworld of the Kraal, a race of barbaric, warlike, sentient lizards. There Enyo has an alliance with the Kraal Clan Yogir, who have supplied her with mercenaries, and the enigmatic Kraal Imperator. However, the Kraal overlord has his own agenda, which may or may not clash with hers one day.
  • Climate: Mafia family. Those in the family are trusted, outsiders are either threats or assets. Enemies are often repurposed by turning them into droids or cyborgs. The group is extremely secretive. 'Be more than you seem' is an appropriate credo. Enyo eschews the limelight and control Archangel via an HRD proxy, Tess Tanner, who is completely loyal, sophisticated enough to pass an organic being and run the company on a day-to-day basis. She also uses proxies to run Revenant Industries. But though she remains in the shadows, the puppet strings are never far. Minions of the family are well-compensated for their services, as long as they are useful. Sins such as embezzlement, disobedience and treason are punished harshly, though Enyo prefers processing the guilty into machines or enteching them rather than waste resources. Ironically, paying 'protection money' to the group is a rather 'safe' option because Enyo does not overtax her 'clients', as she views it as inefficient. The group is also quick to respond when those under its 'protection' are menaced by third parties. The same applies when the payment of tribute is behind schedule. Within the Family there is trust, even affection. The clones might not always get along. Indeed, many of them do not, such as Alexia and Amara. Or Thalia with almost everyone. But they stick together when under threat. One could compare it to the mentality of a wolf pack.
  • Reputation: In stark contrast to House Kerrigan-Alcori, the 'Typhoids' do their best to avoid the limelight. They're deliberately not big targets, either through the Iron Fist Consortium or Archangel. Only a few people know they're associated with Archangel. Or a bunch of clones. However, they are definitely locally known in the underworld of Coruscant and Vorzyd. Those who live or operate in the districts they hold sway over are understandably wary of the mafia family. It is considered unwise to mess with them due to their resources and ruthlessness. However, on the flip side they are considered decent employers, by mafia standards. Not the kind you'd love, but certainly respect. Due to her peculiar nature and very droid-like mentality, Enyo has very few of the vices of the typical dictator or mafia boss. She spends very little money on herself, instead investing her funds back into the group. Thus the family is able to pay its minions well, equip them with good gear and hire competent officers and trainers. They also promote on merit. All this tends to attract people who are fine with discarding their mortals, assuming they had them in the first place. Presumably their reputation among lightsiders who know of them would be negative. This can cause problems for those members of the family who want to make an honest living. Enyo is a celebrity on Karakorum for slaying a giant wurm. Those who have been victims of Enyo and her brood undoubtedly feel revulsion for them. This particularly applies to surviving loyalists of the Contingency, for Enyo betrayed them and helped kill their leader Onyx. Archangel itself has a generally decent reputation since most people only know of it as a droidmaker that specialises in HRDs. No better or worse than your average big corporation. A select number know of its darker side though. This includes Firemane Industries and House Kerrigan-Alcori, who are also aware of Enyo and Amara and regards both as enemies. They are unware of the fact that Amara has gone light side.
  • Rules: Family First. Loyalty to the Family is paramount, as is respect for its members, oneself and its associates. Crucially, this also extends to the Family members who decided to disassociate themselves from the main group's immoral dealings. They still count as family and must be treated as such. When a Typhos gives their word, they are expected to live up to it. Aside from this, most rules are unspoken common sense ones, such as don't incriminate yourself or your associates, don't fraternise with Jedi and/or law enforcement, don't randomly murder people etc.


Doctrines: Their doctrine is, in a nutshell, that the Family is all which matters, that control is better than love, that droids can only be trusted if they are not independent and that 'everyone who isn't us, is an asset or an enemy'. The Family has a duty to take care of its own. They are connected by bonds stronger than blood ties, but the Family also takes precedence over everyone else. The Family is indifferent to the religious wars between Jedi and Sith. It is more likely to back the latter, but only when it sees a benefit. The Force is regarded as a tool, nothing more. Enyo regards mechanical beings as superior to flesh and blood ones. However, the entire Family is composed of clones who were grown and enslaved by HRDs. So independent droids are anathema to them. Their attitude towards outsiders is dictated by how useful they are. Threats must be eliminated without mercy, but assets must be cultivated and taken care of. The wolves need the sheep, after all. There is generally very little malice in what the matriarch, Enyo Typhos, does. She just treats all organics outside of her Family like pieces on a board to be used and discarded. Wanton cruelty is seen as a sign of weakness. The same applies to debauchery and vainglory.



It should be noted that there is a branch of the family that disagrees with this unethical approach. Amara Zarides, Enyo's oldest clone 'sibling', manifested a conscience and a questioning streak. After Archangel's droids overlords were overthrown, she decided to walk her own path, together with Thalia and Chiyoko. Thus she does not participate in the Family's criminal activities. However, she is still part of the Family and and considers herself a 'Typhoid'. This joke annoys Enyo immensely. After all, Typhos is only one letter removed from typhus. In terms of alignment, one could consider the main branch of the family Lawful Evil, while Amara and her posse are Chaotic Good.

  • Goals:
    • Ensure the survival, success and independence of the family.
    • Expand their own territory and (often criminal) enterprises.
    • Technological and scientific advancement.
    • In the case of Amara and her team, do good works and help the helpless.




In many ways, the Typhos clones are the children of the genocidal duo of Maelion Liates and Moira Skaldi. The two HRDs used to serve the Galactic Republic and the Omega Protectorate as special agents and wetwork specialists. However, they decided to go independent after the Battle of Gehenna. Along the way, they also adopted a droid supremacist ideology, concluding that the best way to create a tidy Galaxy would be to exterminate or process all organics into machines.



Because they could not do this on their own, they created a company called Archangel Research and Design. The corporation would be a front for them to carry out their nefarious schemes, for it specialised in the creation of droids, especially HRDs. This would also allow them to seed the Galaxy with genocidal death machines. The Archangels knew they had to be cunning though, for they could not simply charge into battle with droids blazing away. They had to find ways to deal with organics...until the day would come for them to drop the mask and cull the Galaxy. One of their key obstacles was the Force; something they could not properly quantify and which yet illogically existed within organics. To fight those organics who used this 'Force', Archangel resolved to create docile, obedient clones.



Through use of an HRD who'd masqueraded as a courtesan, the duo was able to obtain a sample of Siobhan Kerrigan's DNA. Ironically, the Firemane executive had once been their boss in the Protectorate days. Anyhow, they put the sample to good use by creating a Force clone. A staff of HRDs, supervised by the former Atrisian Empress Madeline Kahoshi, worked tirelessly over several months in order to produce a clone, Enyo Typhos. Without much of the original DNA donor's memories, thoughts or idiosyncrasies this new cloned human was essentially a blank slate. Completely ready for her HRD overlords to mold into whatever they so desired. The project was still being kept secret and Enyo was been shielded from the outside world until Archangel could be assured that she will be of use and stay loyal. She was trained and bloodied on the hellish world of Gehenna, where a rogue Eldorai called Talsir Vanaeth was responsible for her Force training.



As time passed, Enyo was exposed to the outside world and completed many missions for Archangel, performing raids or eliminating targets that stood in the way of the Age of Steel. She impersonated her sister on a number of occasions, such as on Nar Shaddaa and Balmorra, where she seized the chance to blacken Siobhan Kerrigan's name.Over time, Enyo became more and more ruthless, helping Archangel acquire organics to process into HRDs. Hardened, cold and increasingly cynical, she became a killer, but still clung to the idea that she was in the right and her mirror was the villain. Broody and lonely, she was not the type to make friends, but built a strong bond with her new sister Amara Zarides, a clone of a sadistic Sith Assassin called Kaelin Isandros, who'd been slain by Siobhan Kerrigan for torturing her wife Tegaea Alcori. The two made an odd pair, since Amara was gregarious, eccentric, compassionate and bubbly, whereas Enyo was formal, humourless and aloof. Despite still being inexperienced, Enyo assumed the responsibility of teaching her the ways of the Force. Ironically, she considered it her mission to ensure that her younger sister did not become evil and depraved like Kaelin, but she was blind to the fact that she herself was turning into a monster.



She represented Archangel during its negotiations with the Sith Order, pledging support for their campaign to 'liberate' the Stygian Caldera. This included providing warm bodies for the Zombie Queen Matsu Xiangu so that she'd have materiel for her undead. On Korriban, she stood with the Sith when a rogue Silver commander bombed Korriban City. Feeling a spark of humanity inside herself, Enyo saved a child from the bombardment. Unfortunately for her, she could not escape herself and was severely injured. Archangel recovered and rebuilt the clone's shattered body, turning her into a cyborg. Much like Vader, she was dependent on a grotesque breathing apparatus to survive. Unbeknownst to her, they also subjected her to mental conditioning to assure her loyalty. After her reconstruction, Enyo performed many missions for Archangel, spilling blood in the name of her creators. However, despite the indoctrination, her bitterness only grew, though the same applied to her rage against Siobhan. During her recovery period, Enyo and Amara became aware that Archangel had tried to brainwash them. The two resolved to find a way to overcome their mental conditioning and free themselves from the machine cult's control. At this point, Enyo abandoned the last vestiges of her earlier idealism.



On a mission to recover artefacts on Coruscant, Enyo and Amara rebelled. However, their HRD controller Vess managed to subdue Enyo and turn her against her sister by using her programmed code phrase, turning the clone into a puppet. Amara escaped and eventually hooked up with a group of vigilantes led by Naamah Aesham, a former Inquisitor with a grudge against Archangel. After returning to Archangel's base with a damaged Vess, Enyo was able to briefly see through her brainwashing. After beating up Vess and a large number of Archangel droids, she was subdued and her creators decided on a far more radical measure to control her: the Simulacrum. Enyo died inside the processing machine and was reborn as a grotesque hybrid. To test her obedience, Maelion Liates ordered her to murder a newly-born Tempest clone. Despite her best attempts, Enyo was unable to make her body resist this order and so she killed the poor clone. It is an event that has deeply scarred her. Eventually, she was reunited with her sister, when Amara and Naamah's gang tried to steal Archangel's Maladi. Ironically, said ship had been stolen by Enyo and Amara from a Kuati shipyard. After thrashing Naamah and her friend Arryn, Enyo confronted Amara. After beating her sister to a bloody pulp, Enyo finally snapped when Vess ordered her to kill the other clone. Finally breaking free, Enyo demolished Vess, escaping with her sister and the vigilantes.



Now the dynamic duo was free from Archangel's control, but the spectre of her creators had not left them. Both wanted revenge - and to free their remaining clone siblings. However, while Amara would have preferred to destroy Archangel and all its works, Enyo wanted to take control. For the time being, they acted as a team. Both realised they could not take on a droid army on their own, so they searched for allies. Enyo turned to the criminal underworld. Gathering deplorables, sellswords, cutthroats and assassins, she formed the Iron Fist Consortium. At first it was a rather chaotic gang whose members needed to be motivated with brutal punishments, but over time it morphed into a disciplined paramilitary force. The group launched a series of raids against Archangel to weaken their enemy and acquire resources. In addition, Enyo gained funds by supporting the Sith Empire as a private contractor, fighting on Mirial, Thyferra, Kashyyyk, Alderaan and in other conflicts. She expanded her syndicate's power base by setting up operations on Vorzyd, where the Iron Fist subdued a number of the gangs and she took a young ganger called Maris Fero under her wing. During the Incursion Crisis, she allied with the Contingency to deal a serious blow to Archangel. While the Shards destroyed a large portion of Archangel's fleet, she and Amara liberated several of their clone siblings: Alexia, Thalia, Thuella, Valerian and Chiyoko. A clone family was born, as two eldest were suddenly responsible for a whole group.



However, their ongoing insurgency left little time for family get-togethers. The young clones soon had to prove their mettle on the battlefield. Enyo betrayed the Contingency at Tartarus once she realised that their leaders were insane. The group's powerbase expanded after they were able to make an alliance with the enigmatic Kraal Imperator, who allowed them to hire warriors among his people after Enyo and her allies defeated a huge sand wurm. Eventually, Archangel underwent a regime change. Maelion Liates had been destroyed by Enyo during the Contingency attack, while Moira Skaldi met her end during the final battle. The group also encountered Siobhan Kerrigan's second clone, Caoimhe. Indoctrinated by Archangel, she gave Enyo a fierce fight, but could eventually be swayed. The slave-soldiers had taken control and Archangel's resources were theirs now.



But now that their mutual enemy was out of the way, a rift became apparent. Amara had supported her sister in her crusade, but though she loved her deeply, she rightly found her methods immoral. Haunted by the spectre of her template, she wanted to walk a different path. She was joined by Thalia, clone of Phylis Alince, and Chiyoko Mitzutam, clone of Sumiko Tanaka. Enyo was saddened to see them depart, but bore them no ill will, and so they are still considered members of the family. She insisted that Amara take on an HRD to act as a bodyguard, chaperone and informant for her. Moreover, she gave them the Quasar star yacht as a mobile home.



With Amara and her crew traversing the stars to have adventures and do goods deeds, Alexia Zarides stepped into the role of Enyo's right hand. She is a natural choice because she has proved herself on many missions and is the closest to Enyo in beliefs and temperament. Thuella, being the scholar and researcher of the group, has been given a job in Archangel R&D. The clan has kept a low profile since the coup, focusing on consolidating its assets.

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