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Cassia Graysong

Cassia Graysong Tellyr Royal

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Keric Dynt

Keric Dynt
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NAME: Cassia Graysong


FACTION: Outer Rim Coalition/Kingdom of Tellyr



  • ORC: Pilot/Smuggler
  • Tellyr: Princess


SPECIES: Near-Human


AGE: Prime


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 177cm


BUILD: Athletic


EYES: Amber suffused with silver tracings


HAIR: Platinum


SKIN: Pale






Young: Cassia has the energy and willpower of her relatively young age, but also has a tendency to act first when situations are dire.

Well-Educated: Cassia has had some of the best education that money can buy, giving her a good grasp on most topics.However, such an upbringing designates her as a target more often than not when dealing with the underworld.


Heir apparent to the Graysong family, Monarchs of the Kingdom of Tellyr, Cassia has been groomed for leadership.Her upbringing had her receive the best tutelage money could buy in subjects that other royals would approve of, as well as many they would not.The Graysong family has never been solely about ruling their Kingdom, they believe that every member of the family needs some independence to seek their own tempering.This especially holds true for any who wish to hold the throne.Towards this, Cassia has hit out on her own, away from her palace home and into the galaxy at large.

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