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Krixus Corp.

Exclusive Niche Expenisve Tier 2

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  • Image Source: Hexagon w/ Circles
  • Canon Link:  N/A
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  • Corporation Name: Krixus Corp.
  • Headquarters: Coruscant
  • Locations: Coruscant || Metellos Trade Route
  • Operations:
    • Droid Manufacturing
    • Tool Production
    • Life Products
  • Tier: Tier 2


The Krixus Corporation isn't as much a corporation as it is a concentration of wealthy Coruscanti Eccentrics who don't mind taking a chance on niche and luxury products. They're a small company that charges big for its products and services. They are also a company with an avant-garde approach in how their company and products are presented. They tend to value inventive design and luxury ahead of practicality, efficiency and cost. Because of this they don't often take on private manufacturing requests unless prompted to by an individual as opposed to an organization. That too falls in line with the idea of neutrality in their business model. They don't often deal with the militant factions of the galaxy, but are likely to deal with wealthy individuals in them for small scale or one of a kind, diverse products. Whether the product is a droid, tool, or any assortment of life products doesn't matter what matters is if the product is inventive, luxurious, expensive, and near one of a kind. Their portfolio is limited but very diverse. 


But aside from the physical and shallow ideas the company holds they also care about the impact of their company in the star systems they operate in and the galaxy as a whole. There is a priority on both social wealth creation and environmental responsibility, as well as their financial performance. Workers are compensated more than fairly and are given avenues for growth and knowledge to further themselves in addition to the company.



Felicity isn't the companies owner, but she is its inheritor. Her adoptive Father, Gallus Krixus, is the man at the head and helm of the company. He developed it from just one innocent invention, that blossomed through funding from a chance meeting with some Coruscanti Eccentrics, turned Friends & Business Partners. The corporation became the sum of their attitudes which meant luxury, rarity, and niche. Business models are loose, and primary shareholders are adventurous with their diminutive business ventures which helps attribute to the avant-garde attitude that results in a very diverse portfolio for just one corporation.


While Felicity hasn't worked full-time for the company in almost a decade, she does own a sizable share of it that will only increase when her father retires or passes. At that point she will take on a more active and hands on role within the company. She previously worked in a big picture position in their "Quality of Life" Division.



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Seems all good to me!


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