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HoloStation Switch

- - - - - Technology Corellia Digital Switch

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HoloStation Switch in portable gaming configuration.



  • Intent: A next generation hologame console for Corellia Digital's HoloStation franchise.
  • Image Source:
    • Logo by Nintendo (Photoshop by me)
    • Upper image compilation from Nintendo and Daily Mail.
    • Lower image from Nintendo.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Hologame | HoloStation 4 | HoloBoy Advanced


  • Manufacturer: Corellia Digital
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: HoloStation Switch
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Mass-Produced.

  • Material: Duralumin (interior housing/frame), Flexiplast (exterior covering/shell), Glasteel (front plate), hologram generator, and A/V electronics.



  • Dedicated hologame console.
  • Supports portable hologaming.


  • Limited Battery Life. It's a diatium power cell, not a Colossus reactor.
  • Limited Datacard Storage Space.
  • HoloNet connection required for on-line play.

The HoloStation 4 was introduced in 844 ABY, shortly after Sor-Jan Xantha had taken over ownership of the struggling data enterprise that had been Corellia Digital at that point. While the HoloStation 4 has long been the hallmark of Corellia Digital's return to the hologame market, the market is now approaching 10 years since the HoloStation 4's introduction. This, Marque and his staff in the Research and Development section of Corellia Digital were tasked with developing the next generation hologame console for the company.


The HoloStation Switch is designed with maximum versatility in mind, and will phase out both the HoloStation 4 and the HoloBoy Advanced as those devices approach their projected end of life. Unlike the HoloBoy Advanced, which functioned as a datapad and comlink, the HoloStation Switch is a dedicated hologaming console even while displaying the same mobility as the HoloBoy. The Switch achieves this by housing the console inside a lightweight, self-enclosed console-monitor combination device that can be operated either hand-held or connected to a docking station. This allows the device to be played as a ordinary console while in the residence, then transitioned into a portable gaming device by simply grabbing it from the docking station on the fly.


HoloStation Switch in Dock Station configuration.

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OP pls nerf.


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