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Buccaneer-class Tof Runabout

- - - - - Work In Progress

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Olivia Dem'adas

Olivia Dem'adas

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Intent: To expand on lore, quantify some fun canon sources, and to create NPC opposition for Firefist.
Image Source: Treasure Planet
Canon Link: Tof Bulk Cruiser (MerriweatherWayfarer), Tof Light ClipperFairwind
Primary Source: NA

Manufacturer: Tof Kingdom / Clan Dem'adas Corp of Engineers
Model: Buccaneer-class Tof Runabout
Affiliation: Tof Kingdom / Dar'tome Mando'ade / Closed Market
Modularity: Limited
Production: Limited

Classification: Light Starfighter
Length: 6 meters
Squadron Count: Very High (24)
Hyperdrive: None
Speed: Very High
Maneuverability: Very High
Defense: Very Low
Armament: Very Low


  • Containment Shielding over "weather deck" that can be expanded to cover rigging
  • Military grade starship components and subsystems


  • Good Speed and Maneuverability
  • Capable of increased speeds when traveling away from a star (+1 Speed / -1 Maneuverability)


  • Poor Defense and Armament
  • No Hyperdrive

Much like the Bulk Cruisers that carry these vessels, Tof Runabouts are a classic design among the pirates of the Tof Kingdom and an oddity to those from the main galaxy that encounter these ships. While their appearance would leave one to believe these vessels dependent upon the whims of solar winds to navigate, the ships are actually entirely capable of operating without these sails and use them more to satisfy their sense of aesthetics than anything else. This is not to say that the ship's sails do not perform a function though, as the sails function both as Solar Converters and as Light Sails. Thus enabling Tof Runabouts to supplement its core power systems with solar energy and to increase the top speed of the warship should it happen to be moving directly away a nearby star.

Additionally, should a sailor of such a craft be willing to operate at extremely slow speeds, the Runabout is capable of traveling solely by the thrust created from the sails themselves. When doing this, the ship leaves no readily identifiable residues in its wake (Ion Trails) and its passage becomes virtually undetectable.


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Zef Halo

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