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Azala Kyse

Azala Kyse Gray Paladin Togruta

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NAME: Azala Kyse


FACTION: Alliance-in-Exile | Outer Rim Coalition | Lightside


RANK: Force Adept


SPECIES: Togruta


AGE: Prime


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 1.7 meters


BUILD: Athletic


EYES: Pale Blue-White   







  • Wise Beyond Years: Reaching prime age during the fall of the Alliance gave Azala a wary outlook on life and a wisdom of experience that no one her age should truly possess.This wariness can also inhibit her from easily making friends.
  • One with the Spirits: Azala has been able to commune with various entities that exist as part of the Force.This ability allows her to gain insight to various things (new force abilities, parts of the past, present, or future, etc) but also makes her very conspicuous in the Force.Unless she is concentrating on hiding her presence in the Force, she is always visible to any with sensitivity.


Azala’s first memories were in a Children’s creche aboard the Jedi Praxeum ship where the beginning of her youth was spent.The Republic fell when she was still terribly young, but the nearby Alliance took in the Jedi refugees of the Republic’s Jedi Order.Azala was then trained for a short while in the New Jedi Order temple on Tython, but was passed over as a Padawan and released to the galaxy at large.


Azala hadn’t known what to do with herself at that point, the Jedi had been all she’d known.Luckily for her, or planned on their part, a group of Gray Paladins sought her out, took her in, and trained her up.Despite the groups focus on ranged weapons, though, Azala continued practicing with the saber, eventually getting to the point where she was able to dual wield sabers, pistols, or saber and pistol depending on her need.


The fall of the Alliance mirrored the fall of the Republic, though this one would stick in her memories far easier.The fires that tore through whole towers of Coruscant as Grand Master Taeli Raaf unfurled her plot for all to see, having duped the entirety of the Alliance.Other planets she responded to as the Alliance went into Exile had similar stories as once merely tense borders sprang to life in horrific battles and skirmishes.The sheer devastation left a mark on her, as did the duplicity capable of one avowed and vetted to be the Master of Masters of the Jedi Order.


Since the fall, Azala moved where she could to help those who the Alliance failed to evacuate.A tiny flame of hope and light against a galaxy determined to be dark.

Edited by Azala Kyse, 10 July 2018 - 12:54 PM.

Darth Athora

Darth Athora

    Zahori Denko

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Gray Paladin, eh?






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After a fashion.


Losena Kyru