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The Krath


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Darth Odium

Darth Odium


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The Krath

For decades the Core systems have found themselves under oppressive foreign rule. Empress Teta has seen invasions by destroyer, usurper, and false benefactor alike all for the benefit of faceless galactic superpowers concerned with only their ability to grow fat off the backs of the beings they saw fit to press themselves upon.

Empress Teta will no longer stand for it. The Krath will no longer accept it.

The Krath have taken back the throne and reestablished the proper ruler. Now they will reunite the Koros Sector under Tetan protection and work to stabilize the Galactic Core. While their numbers are small at present, their determination has never been stronger. Join The Krath, join The Reunification.

Opportunities Include:

Krath Government: Koros Sector representatives (Position openings soon)

Krath Military: Enlisted and Officer positions available.

Krath Navy: Enlisted and Officer positions available.

Other Opportunities: Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Corporate Contacts, Engineers, and more!