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Czerka Corporation

Czerka Corporation Tier 3

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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  • Image Source: Wookieepedia
  • Canon Link:  Czerka Arms
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Corporation Name: Cerzka Corporation
  • Headquarters: Dromund Kaas
  • Locations: Korriban, Tatooine, Telos IV, Dantooine
  • Operations:
    • Arms Manufacturing
    • Droid Manufacturing
    • Scientific Research


The Czerka Corporation is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of arms and droids for the betterment of the galaxy. Headquartered in Dromund Kaas with operations in old Czerka territory such as Korrbian, Telos IV, Dantooine and Tatooine. We here at Czerka are able to service a wide range of governments, force using orders and mercenary groups. Our scientific research arm works closely with local scientists to ensure high quality services. The Czerka Corpration has had centuries of service and experience and will once again stand proudly to service the Galaxy at large. Disclaimer: We here at Czerka hold no loyalities to any one nation, force using group or mercenary company. We are an equal opportunity company and seek to provide our products and services to all who need them.



While researching for an upcoming expedition to recover antiquated Sith Empire artefacts, Fiolette noticed the name Czerka. Moreso, the historic Czerka Corpration name caught her attention on an essay vaguely related to the Sith Empire. Out of curiosity she and Taeli Raaf decided to look into the current status of Czerka Corporation. It was then they both realized that the once infamous company had been left to rot in the annals of history. Fiolette then went on an inquiry to see about purchasing the rights to the name, which amounted to a lot of red tape. Fiolette tired of the red tape and eventually decided that like all things in this galaxy, if you throw enough credits at it, it'll get taken care of. In this case, it led to Fiolette Yvarro acquiring the Czerka Corpration.



  • N/A

Parent Corporation: Primo Victorian


This is a Canon Company.

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