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Hand-Made Coaxium Injection System

- - - - - Unique is Best Alasdair Sitra

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Alasdair Sitra

Alasdair Sitra

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Intent: To make hand-made components exclusive to Alasdair’s future ship

Image Source: Here; Star Wars Commander and Wookiepedia

Canon Link: Coaxium

Primary Source:




Manufacturer: Alasdair Sitra

Affiliation: Alasdair Sitra

Model: Jury-Rigged Coaxium Injection Device

Modularity: No in the sense of the actual device, but can be fitted to a variety of power cores. 

Production: Unique



Animated Metal Sealant

Reinforced Duramentium Frame

Reinforced Rubber-Foam tubing


Electrical Componants



Remote Control access for cockpit activation

Cooling system for raw Coaxium stability

Reinforced casing to prevent breakage




Engine Boost - Designed to input a single drop of Coaxium into the Power Core of the ship it is attached to; giving the craft an extremely fast, powerful and highly illegal boost of power. 


Remote Activated - The box has been designed to, once fitted, be activated remotely from the cockpit allowing for complete ease of access.




Dangerous - Pumping even the smallest amount of Coaxium into the power core is putting the ship at risk of exploding with an immense area of effect


Rarity - Have you ever tried to find raw or even refined Coaxium. Expensive isn’t even a descriptive word for it or a fair weakness, so we will go with rare. 


Unstable - Similar to Dangerous, but rather in line with the fact that the casing itself needs to have a level of constant cooling which if not met will cause the Coaxium, unless refined, to go boom. 




Alasdair has always had a way with creating things out of scrap, his Coaxium injector is no different. After acquiring the smallest fraction of the rare fuel from a job on Corellia, the young pilot struggled to sell it due to the crack-down by the local security and at the time, the Galactic Alliance and Free World Coalition. So a spark hit him in the head to use it rather then junk it. 


Creating a home-made casing and cooling system Alasdair managed to make a safe environment to store the un-refined fuel and was soon looking at examples of how to use it further. This lead to the addition of a pump arm and a series of electrical connections that would, with a trigger cause a single well measured drop to fall from the casing into the Power Core.


It is all remarkably illegal of course, as the system is volatile and can increase the power of the ship to extremely dangerous levels, but at this point Alasdair doesn’t care.


He’s an Outlaw.


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Under Review.


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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