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Vondiranach Brand Fiber Armor

- - - - - Echani Fiber Armor Yusanic IW&F

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Shaun Castanic

Shaun Castanic

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  • Intent: Create an updated version of Echani Fiberarmor/Armorweave, and to bring to Chaos Canon a more indepth, and balanced form of Fiber Armor. 
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: 
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Echani Culture, Yusanic Ironworks and Forge
  • Affiliation: Closed Market (purchase through Company for Semi-Unique)
  • Model: Vondiranach Brand Fiber Armor
  • Modularity: Limited
  • Production: Semi-Unique - Limited
  • Material: 
    • ​Cortosis-weave(Semi-Unique only)
    • Fiber-armor


  • Classification: Anti-Kinetic, Anti-melee, Anti-Lightsaber(Semi-Unique only)
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
  • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Low - Average(Semi-Unique)
  • Kinetic: Average(Semi-Unique) - High
  • Lightsabers: Very low - Average(Semi-Unique)


  • Light mobile armor
  • Limited edition Cortosis-weave run


  • Echani By Design: As with all fiber armors once created by the fabled culture, Echani find their armor on the lighter end of the spectrum. Opting for armor that can be breathable, very good mobility, and able to defend against kinetic impacts of punches, or even some bladed weapons with their ritualistic dance form of a martial art. Thusly, the armor is light, while still providing good kinetic resistances. 
  • Limited Edition: As with their namesake, the Echani are well known for their use of Cortosis weave in their weaponry. With a huge boom of notable force users from around the galaxy, as well as the resurgence of many Force Using religions, A limited edition of the fiberweave was created with Cortosis-weave. This allows the armor to also be used with Lightsabers, or lightsaber like weaponry to a limited degree. 


  • Contrary Uses: Cortosis is a known compound that is very brittle on its own, or even refined to be in a weapon to short out lightsabers. However, In a Cortosis-weave, the metal is less brittle, but looses out on the ability to short out lightsabers, in place is just simply resistant to the armor. Thus, this limited edition version containing such metal, is only resistant to lightsabers, and cannot short them out.
  • Brittle Edition: As Cortisis is a brittle metal, the armor that contains this metal is more likely to be damaged, and broken by kinetic impacts than that of it's standard run. Thus, should one own the limited edition, it will not be as resilient against kinetic impacts, or even melee weaponry. 
  • Feathery: The armor is light. Thus it cannot be a suitable replacement for battle armor, or even some standard trooper armors in a fight with blaster fire, and even lightsabers. It can withstand kinetic impacts very well, but anything better than a slug pistol will tear it to shreds. 

Fiber armor is a staple of the Echani, and their practitioners of the Martial arts of the same name. Fiber armor was mostly used during the Mandalorian-Jedi War, and beyond. However, after many hundreds of years later, the fiber armor was still the same. No improvements, no changes. It seemed much of the Echani technology had been left in the dust with the four hundred year darkness. 


Years after the waning of the Gulag plague, and the crowning of Spencer as Queen of the Echani people, A new era has come forth. One where many notable Echani have left the planet of Eshan to make a name for themselves, or even return to bring home their findings. 


Sitting alone in the forge, Shaun and his blacksmith mentor threw around ideas of what they could do to open their venue to the Echani people, as well as others. Shaun wanted to fabricate the old Fiber armor to the standards of the galaxy at the current time, and to draw attention to this, Shaun spoke to his Mastersmith. Giving voice to the idea of sticking to their roots. 


Low and behold, utilizing a very limited run of the fiber armor using a secondary layer of Cortosis-weave within the armor for those who use, or spar against lightsaber jockeys. While they alone are creating the limited run of such an armor, it wouldn't be a surprise if others were to follow suit. 

Cairyn Midore

Cairyn Midore

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Under Review.

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Cairyn Midore

Cairyn Midore

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

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