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Ayessa Kroan's Lightsaber

- - - - - Ayessa Kroan Lightsaber Swoosh

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Ayessa Kroan

Ayessa Kroan

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  • Intent: To create Ayessa's lightsaber, which has been with her for a very long time.
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber



  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Lime-Green Kyber Crystal
  • Curved Hilt
  • Dual-Phase
  • Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse

This lightsaber is old. Like, seriously old. Just a few years younger than it's intrepid wielder, this trusty blade has seen all the grand theatres of war, from Geonosis to Umbara and every nook and cranny inbetween. With a curved hilt to provide for near-perfect balance and dual-phase capabilities to ensure absolute versatility, this is the perfect companion piece to Ayessa and sports a clinical, modern design that sums up the era it is from quite nicely.


  • Waterproof Casing: Due to her Master being an adept underwater combatant, this reflected in her apprentice's designs for a weapon and Ayessa's lightsaber can operate under water.
  • Featherweight: Being made of link-steel, an alloy that is lighter than durasteel, the blade's balance is further refined for Ayessa's small form and allows for swifter movement on her part, even if the actual difference in time between strikes is minuscule.
  • Attunement: Ayessa and her crystal have seen it all, and are bonded as a result -- Other Force users could easily sense both the history between the weapon and wielder and it's alignment to the Light side.
  • Curved Hilt: Allowing for adept use and execution, lightsabers with curved hilts are excellent for duelling across all Forms.
  • Lasersword: A lightsaber is extremely adept at cutting through various materials and substances, along with flesh and bone, of course.


  • Older Parts: This lightsaber comes from an entirely different era. Ergo, it's constructed of parts that have long since been phased out and replaced by better, but non-compatible parts. If Ayessa's lightsaber is somehow damaged, she may have to rebuild the entire thing from new parts in order to get it in similar working order again.
  • Attunement: Due to her bonds with her crystal and the general field of Light side energy that the Kyber Crystal produces, obscuring the fact it is a Force User's weapon is extremely hard, or even impossible.
  • Curved Hilt: Curved lightsaber hilts are notoriously harder to use, and with Ayessa's hit-or-miss lightsaber skills this makes for awkward moments at times. This is not for the faint of heart or weak of skill.
  • Lasersword: Cortosis can short out the blade when contact is made, and specific materials are impervious to being sliced through like Songsteel or Phrik.

"Fight it, or accept it. Fear it, or control it. I choose to accept and control."
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Cairyn Midore

Cairyn Midore

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Under Review.

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Cairyn Midore

Cairyn Midore

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

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