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The Equalizer

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Elijah MacCready

Elijah MacCready

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The Equalizer





Out of Character Information


Intent: A personal firearm for Elijah MacCready.

Image Source: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/BEDal

Canon Link:N/A

Primary Source: N/A



Production Information


Manufacturer: Elijah MacCready

Affiliation: Elijah MacCready

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Unique


  • Durasteel
  • Blaster components
  • Dallorian alloy



Technical Specifications


Classification: Blaster pistol

Size: Average

Weight: Average

Ammunition Type: Specialised, custom-made power cells

Ammunition Capacity: The cylinder holds 6 power cells, each power cells has one charge (explained more so in the description)

Reload Speed: Very slow (can be improved with a speedloader)

Effective Range: Average

Rate of Fire:

  • Average – this is when the weapon is firing unaided (using the power discharge of the power cell firing to cock the weapon).
  • Extreme – this is how fast it can fire when the hammer is being manually pulled between shots.

Stopping Power: Extreme

Recoil: Very high



Special Features



(+) Extreme stopping power – the power of this blaster is sourced from its custom-made power cells. This blaster has the capacity to travel through most light armours and organic matter. On collision with something it cannot pierce, the bolt will explode on impact which can cause minor-serious burns depending on proximity to the point of impact.

(+) Extreme rate of fire – the rate of fire of the weapon when aided, via pulling back the hammer between shots, can be very fast when used by a skilled weapon handler. Someone with experience in speed shooter can clear the 6 power cells in less than 2 seconds.

(+) Dallorian alloy – the dallorian alloy parts of the weapon was added to prevent the weapon from melting after prolonged usage. This was important due to the high energy output of the power cells used.



(-) Custom-made power cells – the power cells which allow this blaster pistol to fire must be custom-made by Elijah MacCready. This can be a costly process and may mean that he runs out of ammunition in battlefield if he has not produced enough beforehand.

(-) High recoil – due to the extreme energy output from the power cells, the weapon has substantial kick which can cause issues with repeated firing.

(-) Heat – the energy output from the gun has caused temperature issues with prolonged firing. Even with the dallorian alloy parts, prolonged firing can cause internal damages as the working parts begin to melt and deform.





This blaster pistol was constructed by Elijah MacCready in order to compliment his gunslinger way of fighting. Much of the blaster is constructed and function like other blasters, however the power supply is unique for a blaster pistol. A cylinder, containing six custom-made power cells, is found behind the barrel. Each time the trigger is pulled all of the energy is drawn from the power cell in the 12 o’clock position in the cylinder and forms a powerful blaster bolt which then exits the barrel. A small amount of excess energy is used to spin the cylinder and put the next power cell in the correct position for the next trigger pull. However, the shooter can use the hammer (found above the pistol grip) to manually spin the cylinder, reducing the amount of time between each shot. These custom-made power cells are the source of the of this weapon’s extreme stopping power.









Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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