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Emilia Delane's Agent Armor

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Triam Akovin

Triam Akovin

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  • Intent:  To create a personal commissioned armor for Emilia Delane as per an agreement at auction.
  • Image Source: https://www.pinteres...94973964680891/
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  • Primary Source:



  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Resistances (For each category choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageHighVery High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Extreme

- Other: Low

- Sonic: Average (While stealth unit is active)


  • Advanced alloy combinations allow for individually durable pieces of lightweight armor to provide unparalleled protection from direct lightsaber blows or blaster bolts, and cortosis fibers between segments means full coverage protection from harmful energy. Not suitable for any other protective measures, but the pauldrons and individual armor pieces can survive penetration from kinetic impacts, but the real damage will seep through to the wearer underneath.
  • Photoreactive fibers and Nutorium lining coupled with a sound dampening personal stealth unit provide a perfect combination that allows the user to "ghost" seamlessly into the background, not only invisible to the naked eye, but virtually undetected by sensors, and almost silent in close range. Truly a technological marvel, this particular stealth unit (due to its sound dampening abilities) also offers up a minor protective boost against sonic damage attacks, but only while it is active.
  • Molecular Shield has also been installed that is directly feed through an energy feedback system utilizing the Cortosis-weaves, and cortosis fibers as energy conduits whenever they absorb blaster fire or significant lightsaber blows. Use of the shield however directly disrupts any of the stealth systems and requires absorption of energy in order to trigger. Once triggered however, the molecular shield dumps the energy into a suit power cell, which can redistribute that power to other subsystems.
  • Shock gloves are also included in the armor which can be used to stun organics or possibly short out technological devices or constructs with enough energy. Use of the shock gloves may temporarily disrupt stealth mechanisms for the duration of the shock but will not forcibly shut them down. The gloves can also be temporarily used as a short-ranged arc weapon should its power cell be fueled by the molecular shield's energy influx. The energy disruption however could potentially short out the gloves systems, rendering them inert after a significant discharge it is unable to process. These electrical arcs can be more easily facilitated through the use of hidden vibroblades built into each glove, which can be used as conduits to launch electric arc attack to a ranged target.
  • A built in dart shooter utilizes a miniaturized computer spike concept, with holographic display for a slicer that likes to get into places they shouldn't, at a reasonable distance.


  • Stealth (Visible Light, Scanners, Sound Reduction)
  • Superb Blaster/Lightsaber Resistance, Average Kinetics Resistance (Average Sonic Resistance While Stealth Is Up)
  • Molecular Shield Is Versatile And Can Provide Power To Additional Subsystems
  • Shock Weapons Can Stun Or Damage Targets, Or Discharge In Short Ranged Arc Attack (Hidden Vibroblades) While Molecular Shield Is Up.
  • Slicer Darts With Holographic Display For Advanced Slicing


  • Shields Incompatible With Stealth Systems
  • Inadequate Protection From Exotic Damage
  • Shields Don't Trigger Until Hit
  • Arc Attack May Disable Sock Glove Feature
  • Slicer Darts May Physically Damage/Destroy Equipment Before Slicing Can Occur



To fulfill on an auction bought contract by John Ash to produce a set of armor for him (or for one he chose) in exchange for her very own space station and custom vehicle, Triam offered nothing less than her full and almost unrivaled expertise. When John Ash got her in contact with an employee of his by the name of Emilia Delane, Triam got into direct contact with the woman herself to find the exact specifications she wanted out of the Relentless Akovin Workshop.


What she would receive would be nothing less than a technical marvel of armorsmithing. Lightweight and extremely rugged, with exotic and effective total stealth field generation, and complete to her exact specifications for built in weaponry and tools intended for infiltration, disabling, and sabotage.


Triam Akovin offered nothing less than the absolute best of what her client imagines, and this armor was no exception to that rule.

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