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Maser Sniper Rifle

- - - - - Niko Keltyr Sniper Maser MS-1

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Keric Dynt

Keric Dynt
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  • Intent: To create a unique sniper rifle for Niko.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Maser


  • Manufacturer: niko kel'tyr
  • Affiliation: niko kel'tyr
  • Model: Maser Sniper MS-1
  • Modularity: Minimal, optics are removable and swappable, but little else can be modified.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Phrik Casing, Duraplast internals, energy focusing matrix, energy compressor, maser components


  • Classification: Maser Blaster
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Power cell/Gas Canister
  • Ammunition Capacity:
    • Power Cell: 3 Shots
    • Gas Canister: 15 Shots
  • Reload Speed: Slow
  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: High


  • State of the Art Optics
  • Comm Laser HUD Link Up
  • Extreme Range
  • Extreme Stopping Power


  • Extreme Range: This rifle is designed to fire at ranges exceeding most sniper rifles on the market today, achieved with state of the art optics and energy compression.
  • Extreme Stopping Power: This rifles maser generation capabilities and energy compression allow for an shot that can significantly damage armored vehicles, as well as unarmored infantry
  • Durable: The Phrik casing is designed to let this rifle take a licking and keep it’s ability to lay down fire.


  • Unwieldy: This weapon is difficult to carry at the ready from place to place due to the bulk of the maser components and energy compressor.The only way to ensure a good, clean shot, is to fire from a secure, stable position.
  • Not a Melee Weapon: Despite the Phrik casing, this weapon should never be used as a melee weapon.The internal parts are calibrated quite exactingly.Normal wear and tear of a sniper in the field is fine, but the sudden, jerky stops of using a rifle as a club will push these components out of calibration.
  • Low and Slow: This weapon is designed to be used for precision firing of highly lethal rounds.The energy compressor requires time to prepare the next shot, meaning it cannot be fired with anything like quickness.The reload time is also quite slow, as the powercell/gas canister is reloaded into a tray that is then enclosed into the butt of the rifle.


Every sniper worth his salt can disassemble and reassemble their weapon blind folded and drunk.A true master of the weapon, though, makes their own weapon so they have intimate knowledge of every part.In his desire to be a master of his craft, Niko researched various weapons technology and, using what he learned, built a high lethality, extreme ranged masterpiece of engineering.He took note of the Chiss original technology utilizing a maser to deliver both physical impact and laser energy to the enemy.He attached that with a state of the art energy converter and compressor, giving him the height of range and stopping power.He molded each piece of the rifle individually in duraplast, and the case from precious phrik so the piece was highly durable.


The height of precision, range, and stopping power did require some draw backs, however.The compressor, while state of the art, requires time to reach the compression level required for the rifle to fire.The complexity of the converter/compressor assembly required that the power cell or gas canister be loaded into an internal tray and locked into place, significantly slowing down the reloading process.

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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Under Review.

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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