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Sonic Marines

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Jessica Med-Beq

Jessica Med-Beq

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  • AvailabilityUncommon
  • DeploymentMinor
  • Strengths:
  • Ammunition: sonic weapons cannot be reflected by lightsabers
  • Versatility: its weapons can dent vehicles while also making a number against infantry
  • Weaknesses:
  • Easy to detect due to the noisy nature of sonic weapons
  • Limited ammunition: each sniper is issued 3 power packs of 25 rounds, which can be a problem in prolonged engagements despite the low rate of fire
  • Vacuum: they are unable to operate in vacuum
  • Description: The Sonic Marines are borne from the realization that most Force-users wear armor that is vulnerable to sonic weapons, so creating a unit that was dedicated specifically to fighting Force-users forced three changes in their equipment: rather than being issued Chalactas, they were instead issued the equally bulky sonic EZ-35, whose ability to create noise makes them easy to detect so long as they are not operating in vacuum, and their sidearms are replaced by Verpine shatter pistols. Finally, for fire support, a Tholatin sonic machinegun is issued to the tune of one per squad of 10 men. Typically, Sonic Marines are recruited among those regulars that proved themselves in areas of battle such as marksmanship as well as in more survivalistic aspects of warfare, and the training process include shooting at moving targets, spotting for other units, such as artillery, reconnaissance and other items relevant to these duties, such as SERE training. In effect, the SJ Snipers are similar to special forces.



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All looks fine to me.

Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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Jessica Med-Beq