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Telara Maedis

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  • Intent: Provide Kaida with a minion/sidekick. Expand further on the Shadow Knights and the Eldorai Exodus.
  • ​Image Credit: Here. Photograph of Maisie Williams playing Arya Stark in 'Game of Thrones'. Found on Wikipedia.
  • Role: Kaida's apprentice, Forsaken Eldorai.
  • Links: Eldorai Exodus, Kaeshana.


  • Age: 32
  • Force Sensitivity: Apprentice
  • Species: Eldorai.
  • Appearance: Tomboyish Eldorai girl of below average height. She is on the skinny side, but athletic, sneaky and quick on her feet. She has dark hair, grey eyes, a serious face and the typical Eldorai pointed ears. She wears her hair short. Her body is marked by several scars. She also has a couple tattoos on her arms and body. The most prominent one is that of a Phoenix on her back. Kaida thinks tattoos are silly, but Tel refuses to get rid of them.


  • Name: Telara Maedis. Or Tel for short.
  • Loyalties: Kaida Taldir, Shadow Knights.
  • Wealth: Low. Telara is not wealthy at all. She owns little more than her clothes, weapons and personal belongings.
  • Notable Possessions:
  • Skills:
    • Unarmed and melee combat
    • Stealth and scouting
    • First aid
    • Lockpicking
    • Scavenging
    • Machinist
    • Earth Shaping
    • Telekinesis
    • Force Speed
    • Mind Trick

Personality: Survivor is a good word to describe Telara. She was forced to grow up and face hardship at an early age. The defining years of her young life were spent struggling to survive on the post-apocalyptic, war-torn hellhole Kaeshana turned into after it was devastated by a huge asteroid. She's lost family and loved ones. She was forced to learn how to fight, guard her emotions and forage at an early age. This has given her street smarts. She's a tough cookiee, who is not easily scared. She's become adept at surviving, mingling with crooks and disappearing into the shadows. Years of running, hiding and listening has further enhanced the girl's natural talent with stealth and subterfuge.

Though her education has many gaps, she's a smart cookiee and very observant. Going through the school of hard knocks has shaped her into a person who adapts quickly and has a surprising appetite for new knowledge that will help give her an advantage. However, this cannot fully make up for her lack of formal education. She can read, write, understand a military map and is surprisingly good with numbers. But she has no formal schooling and only a vague impression of what that even entails for "normal people". Furthermore, she has a bit of a mouth and though she can be charming, she is just as likely to offer abrasive insults and talk back when a more refined approach would have been more warranted. She also has a bit of a chip on her shoulder due to her low class origins and feels strong resentment towards those who were born into a life of privilege.

In stressful situations, she becomes extremely focused. Though she does her best to hide it, Telara yearns for her family and is rather traumatised by what she experienced on Kaeshana. The first time she was forced to kill someone, she was horrified. But after a while it became a good deal easier. Telara still has a very strong sense of right and wrong which she takes very personally. But, that doesn't mean she won't do wrong to pay wrong: she definitely will. She still has a good heart buried beneath the ice and snark, but has a very violent streak in her personality. She has also little respect for private property and is a bit of a hoarder.

Despite these traits, Telara is not without compassion. She has a lot of empathy for victims. Indeed, she was the leader of a youth gang. Most of its members were orphans or came from impoverished backgrounds. Her street smarts and rudimentary combat skills helped keep the gang alive. Experience has made her wary of strangers, so she is slow to trust. While she has skill as a mechanic, she is distrustful of droids. Eldorai used thinking machines sparingly, believing them to be an offence against the Goddess' commandments. Moreover, she's had to defend herself against Archangel's killing machines, which gave her a rather negative view of droids. Telara enjoys tinkering with pieces of machinery in her spare time. It helps her relax and focuses her mind. She is no savant or prodigy, but one of the engineering officers serving aboard the Shadow Knight ship she calls home has taken her on as a minion/student. She learned the trade of scavenging by cannibalising pieces of tech back on Kaeshana.

Tel's relationship with Kaida is complex and not free of tension. Kaida is about twice her age, but not the maternal type. Or even the auntie one. Words of praise are rarer than clean air on Nar Shaddaa. The former Angelii is cold, gruff, laconic and very big on discipline. She may also have a sociopathic personality disorder. Her demeanour clashes with Tel's independent streak and distrust of hierarchies. However, while Kaida is not loveable, she's always been brutally honest with her. This is something Tel appreciates. Kaida is thoroughly ill-suited to be a mother surrogate - and has no desire to be one -, buut she's teaching the girl stuff that will help her stay alive. In a way Kaida is protective of Tel, though she'd certainly deny this if anyone were to call her that. Moreover, Kaida shares Tel's disdain for nobles in general and House Cadalthor in particular.


  • Weapon of Choice: Pistols, hold-out blasters, daggers, blades, quarterstaffs. Also fond of explosives, sonic stunners and dart launchers.


Combat Function: Telara is quick on her feet, agile and good at sneaking. She's good with knives, small arms, blades, staffs and improvised weapons. The life she's lived has given her an aptitude for stealth and subterfuge. She has a knack for vanishing into the dark, or striking unexpectedly. Being an Eldorai, she's not as physically strong as the average human and has a lower pain threshold. So she must rely more on finesse and cunning than brute force. She is not proficient in piloting starships or in the use of heavy weapons. She's good with Molotov cocktails and other explosives.

Telara is Force-sensitive, but has received little formal training up to now. However, her Force connection is strong, so she has a lot of potential. But her inexperience can cause her to make mistakes and misjudge dangers if she finds herself facing a more experienced Force-user. She lacks experience in defending herself against mental attacks. This leaves her vulnerable, especially since she has many psychological issues a capable mentalist could exploit. Her Force connection manifests itself in an aptitude for terramancy, in other words Earth Shaping, which gives her both offensive and defensive skills. Her small frame makes her good at sneaking, crawling, climbing and striking unexpectedly. However, it also makes it difficult for her to use very large weapons and limits her reach in melee combat. This puts her at a disadvantage against big opponents. Eldorai age - and develop - slower than humans, so by the standards of her people she is a teenager. She's received some training in the use of pikes and staff weapons to compensate for her lack of reach.


Telara grew up in a low class family. Her parents were poor peasants who moved to Santaissa, Kaeshana's capital, in the hopes of improving their lot. Sadly, their luck came few and far between and it was difficult for them to provide for Tel and her two siblings. Telara had to find employment early on to help out. Concerned that she might get involved with the shady crowd, her mother was able to secure a job for her as a servant girl for a local noblelady. Unfortunately, the arrangement was a mismatch. The noblewoman was a member of the vast, sprawling mangrove thicket of a family tree that was the House of Cadalthor.

Like many members of the house, she was pompous, more than a little cruel and looked down on the smallfolk. She also resented not being as close to the levers of power in the family as she would have liked. So she took out her moods on her underpaid servants. Telara had an independent mind and quickly came to resent being ordered around by the lady of the manor, who punished her harshly for her misbehaviour.

On her first day the butler took her to her room and gave her a smack around the ear when she mades a comment about how tiny it was, telling her she should be happy she'd got a broom cupboard sized room to herself. She was set to work cleaning, and whilst she was good at it, she quickly became bored and started exploring. One of the Mistress' daughters caught her and told on her. For a while she was sent outside to do work, and really enjoyed getting away from the oppressive routine and stuffy people. However, due to mismanagement the clan had to leave this rural idyll and move into a large house near the city. Tensions continued to grow with the daughter, who was arrogant and entitled, and condescending. She spread lies about Tel to get her in trouble out of generic childhood spite and because she was a spoilt brat.

Tel's younger sister got sick and so the family had to ask the Mistress for a loan. In return Tel had to spend 9 days a week there (Eldorai weeks are 10 days) and had to work more hours to 'cover the costs'. Tel started resisting more as stress built up, and finally yelled at the lady's daughter, who ran off claiming Tel had struck her. She was given a public shaming for this and a hard smack to the face by the butler. Tel was so over the prospect of years of this, and ran away, but the Mistress had a signed contract for her, and so her family suffered when she's not there by having to 'pay for a replacement' even though Tel wasn't getting paid anyway. When she learned of this, Tel felt remorseful and came back and was given a final chance. She tried to hold it together, but when the Mistress started making her a personal maid so she can 'keep an eye' on her she found it intolerable. Finally she snapped and when Mistress was berating her for something she didn't even do whilst drunk, she hit her hard and threatened her. In this moment her Force powers manifested, as she lashed out on her tormentor.

However, the Mistress' bodyguard overpowered Tel. She was flogged in public, with the daughter even being allowed to 'have a swing' when Tel wa already bleeding. Tattoos would eventually cover the scars. A corrupt bailiff concluded that 'Her Ladyship is within her rights to correct an errant child.' She was thrown out on the street since the Mistress spitefully refused to pay for the family's care if Tel was still around. So she had to become a vagrant, eventually joining a gang. Telara went through the school of hard knocks on the streets of Santaissa. It is likely that she suffered abuse during this time, but she vowed not to be someone's slave. She learned how to fight, sneak about, steal and pick locks. She also learned the value of loyalty, looking out for her fellow gang members. Once she was arrested by the police after a robbery, but managed to escape. She proved herself in fights with rival gangs. For a while she worked for a local drug dealer as a courier.

She was 32 when nemesis came to Kaeshana and the planet was devastated by a huge asteroid. Suffice to say she was not on the list of people who had a ticket to leave the planet aboard one of the ships of the exodus fleet. The streets she knew so well became even more dangerous as Santaissa descended into chaos. The capital was filled with people who were willing to do anything to get a chance to leave the planet, but there was only so much space on the exodus fleet Firemane Industries had built at the behest of the Eldorai Matriarchy. Some people inevitably had to be left behind.

In all the chaos, Tel got her revenge on her former mistress' daughter. The young noblewoman was caught in the fighting when rioters assaulted the manor. Stalking her, Tel ambushed the girl. She was able to disable the bodyguard with a hold-out blaster, shooting him in the kneecaps. The young aristo tried to run and then defend herself when she was cornered, but lost easily due to her pampered life. Tel beat, whipped and humiliated her, though she let her live. However, she cut her ear, which is considered a mark of shame among the Eldorai, and stole her ring. Tel was reunited with her family, but given the circumstances the reunion was not the most joyful. Their former employer could not be bothered to evacuate them, as she considered the 'peons' a burden. A smuggler Tel had worked for offered transport, but demanded a hefty price they were unable to match. Tel had been offered a spot, but gave it up so that she could save her younger sister. Tearfully, the family bid her farewell. Tel's mother was killed during the fighting between government and rebel troops. The much reduced family was smart enough to leave Santaissa, which turned out to be ground zero for the asteroid impact.

Their journey across the wastelands of Kaeshana was a perilious one. They ended up in a refugee camp. However, there was no peace to be found there. With the complete collapse of central authority and infrastructure, gangs and warlords vied for dominance. The survivors of the cataclysm called themselves the Forsaken, for they believed the exodites had abandoned them. The fighting spilled over into a camp when soldiers of one of the warlords performed a massacre. Tel was separated from her father and brother while trying to hide. It is unknown to her whether they survived or got killed. On her own again, she was forced to forage, steal and kill to survive. For a while she ended up with a gang again, becoming something of a leader for a group of youths caught in similar circumstances. She learned how to scavenge for resources, cannibalising parts from broken war machines and pieces of tech to sell or barter. However, she was caught stealing by the soldiers of an Eldorai warlord. Her Force powers manifested when she tried to defend herself from her attackers, smashing one with a rock. Due to this, she was spared the usual punishment for 'wreckers and sloths' and instead conscripted into the warlord's army, serving in could be considered a bastardised version of the Angelii. Her lack of obedience resulted in her being flogged a lot or given menial tasks.

The warlord went to war with another faction, the Shadow Knights. Her first battle was a harrowing, horrifying experience for her. Like many conscripts she was thrown into the meat grinder with minimal training and equipment. It was her or those shooting at her. She chose herself, lashing out with her anger. The battle went ill for her mistress and Tel was captured. Much to her surprise, she was treated decently. In contrast to many other warlord groups, the Shadow Knights sought to rebuild Kaeshana and protect the Eldorai who had been abandoned by the Eldorai Matriarchy. Telara was not exactly a willing recruit, but the alternatives were a lot worse. She was inducted into the Caerith Tyari, as the Shadows called their cadre of Force-using warriors. After all she'd been through, submitting to their rules did not come easily for her, but she received a trainer called Naith Villnae, whom she managed to bond with. Naith showed the girl the empathy and understanding that had been so lacking in her life. She also taught her survival skills. The Dark Eldorai shared her disdain for the upper classes. With her there was a lot of emphasis on practical work. Naith had been an Angelii, but had rejected the evacuation order and stayed behind to help the survivors.

Telara learned the basics of utilising her gifts, proved her mettle against bandits and foreign slavers. However, conditions on Kaeshana remained harsh and resources were extremely scarce. She was deeply shaken when she saw a few Eldorai get hanged for hoarding and stealing supplies, for it could have easily been her. Conditions seemed to improve when a 'humanitarian organisation' called Archangel offered support. Telara was among those soldiers assigned to escort their aid convoys to a settlement. However, she soon grew suspicious of the supposed benefactors. They were just a bit too perfect, too precise and too good to be true...while all feeling just a little off in the Force. Using the stealths she'd gained during her time on the run, she stalked one of their agents. In the process she discovered that they were tampering with the water supply. However, she was discovered and had to run. When cornered, she shot the agent with a blaster and discovered that it was a droid.

Little Telara had never known of HRDs, but now she found herself face to face with one. Badly beaten, she managed to run, but was subdued by a wasp droid. It seemed that she would be processed into another of the replicants, but she was rescued by Naith. With lightning and Sarix, she smote down the droids. However, she was struck down by a bolter round and died. Vengeful, Telara destroyed the HRD who had murdered her mentor with an improvised bomb and her terramancy, crushing the 'devil-machine'. Heeding her teacher's last words, she managed to warn the Shadow Knights. A fierce battle ensued. Heavily wounded during the fighting, Telara spent some time recuperating in a field hospital. Archangel had been driven back, but had still managed to abduct several Eldorai before its plans had been discovered. The death of her teacher weighed heavily on her. Feeling survivor's guilt, she grew more bitter and distant. She was removed from the frontlines and given light duties, helping out in a hospital and taking care of young orphans. Then came the Kaeshana Rebellion. Forcing herself out of her bitterness, Telara took up arms along with her fellow Shadow Knights, fighting alongside the Tygaran Alliance and the Galactic Alliance. When the allied forces withdrew from the planet and it was annexed by the First Order, the Shadows evacuated their people. She left her ruined, devastated homeworld alongside them, joining the Shadow Knights' migrant fleet.

She got a chance for some minor payback against her old tormentors, the Cadalthors, when the Shadow Knights heisted an Ashira Class Fast Cruiser that had belonged to the noble family. Coincidentally the Cadalthors were in bad standing in the Matriarchy after their leader, Tarissa Cadalthor, had attempted a coup. Telara was one of the crew that carried out the heist, putting her small size and stealthy skills to good use. She tried to find out if any of her family were still alive, but her search remained in vain. She started losing hope that she would ever know for certain, but still clung to it.

The child soldier bumped into Kaida Taldir shortly after the former Angelii High Captain went rogue and joined the Shadow Knights. Their first encounter was awkward, to say the least. Tel had heard about the 'royalist butcher'. Feeling distrustful, she followed the older woman around. The moderately paranoid Kaida at first thought the girl might be a spy for one of the many factions in the rebel coalition. Then she got annoyed about being followed and laid down the law.



Tel was not happy about being assigned to Kaida as a trainee. The gruff soldier was equally not thrilled about being responsible for a teenager. They eventually managed to work together after going on a few missions to kill slavers or acquire essential supplies for the migrant fleet. Kaida was a harsh disciplinarian, but fair in a tough love way. She also helped the girl brush up on her education. It turned out that she'd known Naith from their time in the Angelii and that the two had been friends. At least as much as the ice queen could be friends with someone. Until Naith disobeyed orders and stayed behind. Telara still leaves her training sessions with Kaida exhausted and bruised.

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