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EZ-37 charric machinegun

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Jessica Med-Beq

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An EZ-37 in firing position




  • Intent:  To create a 5.0 version of a charric machinegun.
  • Image Source: US Army
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Charric


  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda Systems
  • Model: EZ-37 charric machinegun
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Modularity: Yes
  • ProductionMass-produced
  • Material: Durasteel, ostrine, maser weapons components


  • Classification: Charric machinegun
  • Size: Very large (1.7m long)
  • Weight: Very heavy (60 kg)
  • Ammunition Type: Power pack (infantry versions) Power plant (emplaced versions)
  • Ammunition Capacity: 90 shots (infantry versions), effectively unlimited (emplaced versions)
  • Reload Speed: Low
  • Effective Range: Long-range
  • Rate of Fire: High (180 rpm cyclic)
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: Average


  • Recoil buffer (microrepulsors)
  • Collapsible tripod
  • Detachable 360-degree scope
  • Quick-change barrel
  • Ostrine cooling system
  • Long range


  • Cannot be redirected by lightsabers
  • Can cause immense damage to infantry and even damage internal vehicle systems, partially kinetic, partially thermal
  • High firing rate
  • Versatile roles: The EZ-37 can be found mounted on vehicles, used as a fire support weapon, or built into defensive emplacements.
  • Barrels can be easily changed
  • Metallic armors receive an electric shock with each hit

Weaknesses :

  • Infantry versions require 20 seconds to set up or to move it around
  • Slow reload rate
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Inaccurate at longer ranges
  • Easy to detect on electromagnetic sensors
  • Limited ammunition (less than standard machineguns) due to the higher energy yield
  • Requires 1, 2 or 3 seconds of cooldown after firing a burst of the same length

DESCRIPTION Continuing on Ringo's tradition of designing a variety of fire support weapons for suppressive fire, it was decided to design a charric-based heavy machinegun. It was somehow able to fire at the same rates as other machineguns, but at the cost of a reduced ammunition capacity, from 300 to 90 shots, while retaining the rather slow reloading rate. As with all charric weapons, the bolts carry all three of electrical, kinetic and thermal damage, with a very high stopping power when taken all together, and is unable to be deflected by lightsabers. Of course, the enhanced cooling system was retained, thanks to the usage of ostrine as coolant inside the entire assembly, and is also located behind the barrel. In addition, the tripod in use for the infantry version of the EZ-36 allows for T&E (traverse and elevation) aiming, which helps compensate somewhat for its mobility limitations. The infantry version must also be stabilized before firing, which leads to a 20-second lead time before the weapon is ready to fire, and also it is indiscriminate: rounds have a five-meter blast radius, with the greatest damage occurring in the innermost one meter. Finally, it is inaccurate at longer ranges and its damage potential is also diminished.


Finally, as with all previous heavy machineguns sold by Ringovinda Systems, it features a burst firing option, whereby one fires 3, 6 or 9 rounds, lasting one, two or three seconds respectively, and also requiring at least as much cooldown time prior to firing another burst.


Important notes:

  • For point-defense use, it is worth 1 point-defense emplacement
  • For starfighter use, it is worth 1 starfighter laser cannon

Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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Under Review.

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

    Empress of Teta

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