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Kuat Terraforming

Tier 2

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Kanna Kuat

Kanna Kuat
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  • Corporation Name: Kuat Terraforming
  • Headquarters: Kuat
  • Locations: Currently only Headquarters on Kuat
  • Operations: Terraforming, Genetic Manipulation, Cloning
  • Tier: Tier II


Kuat Terraforming specialises in, as one might expect, terraforming. House Kuat always had some experience in terraforming, dating back to when they assisted the other Nine Houses in the terraforming of Kuat into a veritable paradise. For a time, this knowledge took a back seat as they focused on running KDY, however in recent generations the shipyard is no longer run by House Kuat. This necessitated finding another way to stay relevant as well as to bring in credits. With Kuat itself in dire need of some assistance on that front and having dug up all the Houses old records, Kuat Terraforming was formed. 


While their focuses will always be first and foremost on their own home planet, Kuat terraforming will take jobs from any purchaser who can afford their steep fees and who's project is judged to not be hurtful to either the Kuati people or House Kuats reputation.


They are capable not only of the basics of making uninhabitable planets habitable, but in seeding the planet with both plants and animals, and in performing the genetic manipulations often necessary to make sure these plants and animals thrive on their new planets. To aid in this part of their business, they also run a fairly sizeable cloning operation, as the task of breeding and raising a suitable number of whatever is needed is unfeasible. They have thusfar avoided entirely the minefield of genetic manipulation or cloning of sentients. 



House Kuat was once preeminent among the Ten, running KDY and representing Kuat to the galaxy as a whole as part of the Inheritance Exemption. The ravages of a galaxy almost constantly at war would however, take their toll. Under Sith rule, House Kuat was forced to play loyal to reduce the damage down to both their House and the Planet as a whole. Knowing this ploy could crumble around their ears at any time, the then Matriarch of House Kuat sent her second daughter to be raised in exile, in case the worst should happen. House Kuat managed to survive the Sith, only to fall to their hereditary rivals House Knylenn who convinced the 'liberating' Free Worlds Coalition that House Kuat was truly loyal to the Sith and an enemy who had to be destroyed. The Free Worlds Coalition succeeded in destroying House Kuat where the Sith had failed. 


Flash forward several years, after the destruction of the ring surrounding the planet and the devastation it caused upon impact, Kanna Kuat, now firmly into her adulthood and having learned all her tutors could teach her, is determined to rejoin the galaxy, cast aside her exile, clear the name of House Kuat and reclaim her title of Kuat of Kuat. 


She determined that one of the first steps to that is to make sure she has a steady source of income rather than living off of her Houses hidden riches, and to be seen as serving and bettering the lives of the Kuati people. Sinking much of her inheritance into it, Kuat Terraforming is born.


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