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Common and Alternative Construction Materials Index

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This is a list that I had originally made for myself of canon materials that I thought could be useful in Factory Submissions and included brief descriptions about my interpretations of each material, then broke them up into several categories. After showing this list to a few people, it was suggested that I put it up in the Factory where other people could see it and benefit from it. So, I've tinkered with it a bit to make it more presentable and am putting it up for all to use as a reference.

There are a lot of canon materials that I haven't included in this list, usually because the wookieepedia pages for those materials were too brief or vague to get a sufficient understanding of the properties of a material. Or because I simply never stumbled onto a particular material. If anyone has a few canon materials they think should go on this list, tag me in a comment below with a link to the material and an brief comment explaining your interpretation of the material's properties. If anyone disputes any of my interpretations of any of these materials, let me know below and I can tweak them.



-A Group (Can only be used with a single additional A or B group restricted material)

--Impervium: "Almost impenetrable alloy" Assumed to be heavy.

--Beskar: The metal Mandalorians love. Also almost impenetrable. Known to be heavy. Can be made into anything from metal plating to a glass alloy, can also be used to make a type of cloth and even a foam and a "transparent film". Very lightsaber resistant.

--Echani Graphite: Very lightsaber resistant, similarly so to Beskar or Phrik. Can only be made into Tubes / Reeds / Cylinders. Referenced by HK as being very comparable to Beskar. Weight is somewhere between Phrik and Beskar. So probably "average" weight by modern standards.

--Phrik: "Nearly indestructible" extremely light metal that diffuses electricity. very lightsaber resistant.

--Songsteel: Ultralight metal that glows slightly (really great for swords). Lightsaber resistant.

--Ultrachrome: Superconductive metal that makes blaster bolts and slugthrower rounds bounce off. Heavily resistant to lightsaber attacks, immune to metal-eating fungi, diffuses heat over its entire mass instead of the local surface area.

--Nykkalt: "Highly vibrative" metal. Reflects Light, Air, and Hyper-spectrum Frequency (Invisible, air tight, and possibly resistant/immune to sonic attacks?) "essentially invisible to anything electronic"

--Cortosis: Brittle, Conductive metal that shorts out lightsabers 


-B Group (Can only be used with a single additional A group restricted material)
--AlchemyForce ImbuedJal SheyRunes: (SPACE MAGIC)

--Force Nexus: (Space Magic Fallout)

--Void Stone: Rock of anti-Space Magic

--Hijarna Stone: A type of rock that "absorbs laser or tubolaser fire like a sponge". "Somewhat" lightsaber resistant.

--Orbalisk: Space-Tick that causes extreme pain in someone who tries to wear them as armor. "basically immune" to Lightsaber attacks.

--Neuraniam: One of the heaviest/densest metals in the galaxy. Can stop most scanners. "large pieces created a warping in the fabric of space-time" Can "temporarily" block lightsaber energy.

--Wintrium: Glass-like material that becomes stronger as it ages, eventually becoming "nearly indestructible"

--Laminanium: Metal that, if damaged, will "melt" and restore itself it its original condition.

--Ionite: Holds a semi-permanent charge, but the charge is neither positive or negative. Fries shields and electronics.

--Isotope 5: Radioactive version of an explosive compound similar to C4, often used to create high quality reactors and power sources. Causes "powerful" warping effects to nearby electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

--Pyronium: Metal that absorbs electromagnetic energy, changes colors, and interacts with hyperspace to a limited degree

--Stygium Crystal: Lightsaber Crystal that can cause physical invisibility via technological means, and can help a force sensitive individual use "force abilities" that make themselves physically invisible

--Nanotechnology: See "The Day the Earth Stood Still" 2008

--Artificial Intelligence: Sentient "Droids" are not covered by this. This is "Cortana"



Steel+ Tier
Durasteel: Gold standard of steels, most common construction material

Alusteel: Durasteel alternative. (Could have sworn this was lighter and more durable than Durasteel?)

Vardium Steel: A blue colored steel that's cold to the touch

Doonium: Heavy metal used in starship hull construction by the Galactic Empire (grey-white color)

Havod: Metal Alloy made of Chanlon and Hfredium. Too difficult to construct to mass-produce (Deep Red, off-brand Doonium)

Farium: Heavy metal used in starship hull construction (Bronze colored)

Quadranium: "incredibly strong and durable", used to create starship fuel tanks and droid armor. (also used to make the Death Star's armor plating)

Duravlex: "High grade Durasteel" "off-white color" "High heat resistance"
Phobium: Dense metal alloy made of Chanlon, used in electronics and lightsabers

Kiirium: Superconductive, used to make 'antiquated' starship plating (Space Warfare: History, Paragraph 2)

Madilon: "High tensile strength while retaining a large amount of elasticity" "can make hyperdrives 10x smaller than normal"

Ferrocarbon: Corrosion-resistant building material. "incredibly strong"




Super-heavy Tier
Tunqstoid: "Incredibly heavy substance used to make blast doors"

Turadium: 'very hard to cut through'. High resistance to Lightsabers. used to make blast doors




Dense+ Tier
Duralium / Lathanide: Ultra-dense, Very good armor plating, used by Emperor Palpatine

Lathanide: Ultra-dense metallic crystal used in armor plating (see above)

Trimantium: Used to make armor plating for starships "Unusually high tensile strength" (grey-green color)

Zal Alloy: Very good material to construct heavy armor with, but very expensive




Ultralight Tier
Desh / Terenthium: "Super-light Alloy" / "Cost-effective" 

Plexisteel: "Easily molded when heated, cooled into a light weight, armor strong material that was highly resistant to blasters"

Duralumin: Strong, Lightweight, used to make cooking pans and Lightsabers

Nylasteel: flexible, yet durable material (Nylon / Kevlar?)

Duranium: Much stronger than Transparisteel or Bronzium (both are low-ish quality metals). Extremely durable, light, and could withstand glancing blows from a lightsaber. Very high melting point. Difficult to shape. (comparable to Durasteel?)
Kathor / Duranium: Used as hull plating "capable of withstanding 75-G's without alluvial dampening affects"




Common Tier

Rhodium: Used to plate weapons and body armor

Flex-bronze: harder than normal bronze, making it useful for more than decoration

Bronzium: It is bronze. "Solid and durable"

Ruusan Copper: Sometimes used to make armor plating

Durachrome: "very resistant"

Acertron: Heavy, flexible, "cryogenically tempered" (flash-frozen?)(can withstand cold?)

Dallorian Alloy: Hard, naturally resistant to heat
Duralloy (Legends): Used to make capital ship grade armor plating, used to make reinforced bunkers, was used in Mandalorian Armor, used to patch starships

Hadrium: Used to make blasters, "lack of malleability and high melting point"
Sedrellium: Produced by organisms, harder than plasteel and resistant to energy weapons

Ceramasteel: Hard metal used to create underwater base. able to withstand deep water pressure, but not able to withstand multiple concussion missiles

Suprasteel: Hard, molecularly bonded metal compound used in starships and military bases




Glass Tier

Glasteel: "as strong as Durasteel"

Crystasteel: "a strong, transparent alloy"

Transparisteel: "much weaker than Durasteel"

Clari-crystalline: Fragile but near-perfect clarity



Electronics Tier
Haysian Smelt: high quality gold, good conductor, used in electronics

Electrum: Conductive / Ornamental / Gold Analog

Electrite: Conductive Crystal

Nutorium: Metal that can be turned into an alloy capable of blocking sensor equipment

Durinium: metal alloy capable of stopping sensor scans




Laminasteel: "produced in long, durable 'strings' that could reinforce starship frames or buildings" (iron rods for structural enhancement)

Crystadurium: Crystal/Metal Alloy that could "withstand high heat and pressure and is also highly blaster resistant" (mix in flecks of this into another alloy)

Gadolinium: An element used in the manufacture of superconductors
Neutronium: a heavy metallic element used to create Durasteel. "its ultra-dispersive characteristics allowed for high protection"

Protective Liquid Coating: Used to construct Mandalorian armor, increases an objects damage resistance by "protecting emulsions from abrasions and water damage" (AKA, if you use a coating of liquid to enhance a material, add a second coating of this stuff to protect the initial coating)

Norris Root: In powder form, can enhance lightsaber resistance. Is made into a "Reddish Dye", can be used to enhance Armorweave

Svolten Rhyolite: Substance that can permanently sharpen the edge of a sith sword (or any sword/object?)

Reflec: Light warping, sensor stopping Polymer used to coat stealth armor
Beryllius: Silver-finish applied to cookware to make them look expensive

Chromium: metallic element used to provide a mirror shine to a metal surface. Useful in blocking radiation and laser attacks, could also block communications (makes solar ionization cannons "reflect"???)



Metallurgic Techniques
Embersteel: Forging process that involves electromagnetic fields and flash-cooling (flash-cooling usually makes metals brittle)
Mol-welding/ Molecular Welding: alters metal plating at the molecular level, producing "welds" of superior strength







Weird Stuff


-Top Tier Exotic Production Category

--Hypergem (Diamondoid: Formed within Neutron Stars, connected to "higher dimensions")

--Ostrine (Mineral: Super Thermal Absorbant, cold to touch, causes frostburn, instant freeze effect)

--Collapsium (When ignighted, produced powerful and destructive implosions)

--Hibridium (Off-brand Stygium that blinds the user as much as the observer. Also "requires more power and more room". Also makes equipped ships explode if they try to enter hyperspace with the cloak active.) (Do magnetic/gravity based sensors still work inside of Hibridium cloak?) 



-Exotic Production Category
--Barab (Ore: Stored and magnified radiation)

--Cabirium (Ore: Extremely hard and possessed electromagnetic properties)

--Kessum (Roonstone: randomly produced electronic signals that bounced off of surrounding objects)



-Exotic Protection Category

--Agrinium (Alloy: highly resistant to all forms of radiation)

--Ardanium (Mineral: grew stronger in the presence of radiation)



-Common Utility Category

--Magnetite (Ore: Magnetic iron ore?)

--Phosphor (Glows after exposure to radiation)



-Vibration/Heat Category

--Firegem (Gemstone: Vibrated constantly, creating heat, warm to touch, made hyperdrive reactors explode)
--Rathalayan Firestone (Crystal: Two crystals in proximity would vibrate and produce heat)

--Lume Rock (Rock: Glows and gives off non-scolding heat)

--Wind Crystals (Crystals: extremely thin, yet very strong. Vibrated in slightest breeze, producing a pleasant sound)



-Energy/Fuel Category

--Phospha (ignighted upon impact with a hard surface)

--Nergon-14 (Mineral: "Volatile" "Powerful Explosive")

--Rylith (Crystal: Collects and stores solar energy)

--Agrocite (Ore: Powerful Fuel that "greatly enhanced" beam items)

--Velmorite (Crystal: used to make energy swords)

--Marilite (Gemstone: Energy Source; Lightsabers and Blasters)
--Kif (Ore: "High Energy")



-General Category

--Malab (Mineral: Pretty rock; black, reflective, looked like starfield)

--Kyberite (Mineral: Produced kyber crystals)



-Force Related Category

--Meltmassif/Nihil Smokestone (Stone: Mind-slave effect)

--Blue Stone / Blue Mountains (Stone/Crystal: Allowed those without Force Sensitivity to use the Force to a limited extent)
--Artusian Crystal (Crystal: When saturated with Living Force, allowed those with "little" Force Sensitivity to use the Force)

--Frangawl Force Powder (Blue Powder made of Living Force sucked from living beings)

--Lignan (Ore: Darkside Saturation, enhanced darkside effects but turned to ash as used)

--Dolina Seed (Seed of a plant from Dagobah: Enhanced the potency of a user's Force Powers, seed's shell is "nearly indestructible")



--DX-343 (Chemical that caused electronic circuitry to malfunction and hyper-irritated the nasal passage)

--Moon Dust (Powder: deactivates cloaking shields)

--Memling (complex element, stretches into different shapes, when ripped in two, both halves attract to one another)

--Di-Chrome (when electrically charged, absorbs light and blends with its surroundings)

--CryoBan (chemical that absorbed heat, then broke down and released the heat later)

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