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The Best Way To Make A Culture.

- - - - - The Pit

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Recently I have been expanding on The Pit , I have made several npcs for it however I'd like to go further. I would like to flesh out a culture of not just the Pit but rather the very lowest "habitable" levels of Coruscant, but I'm some what at a loss on how to do it. I suppose I could use the npc's again, however I don't know if the Group Template would be suitable, as while they might share same cultural traits, they certainly wouldn't share the same loyalties or goals. Perhaps I could do it under lore, which may gave me more freedom? Yet I feel like I'd run into the very much the same problems. 


So my question is, should I use the means I've just suggested, find another way or simply not bother?  



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Try using named characters within their history. If you already have NPCs that can fulfill this role then you should be set as everything else should simply be lore. For example certain levels of the planet location could be shaped by the deeds of their most influential members. In KOTOR the writers did this by introducing warring swoop gang leaders. This war encompassed the whole playable level, it defined that location. Around the swoop gangs there was a big race. It was deadly and prestigious. From here the writers gave us very important cultural points.

  1. Society is divided by Gang affiliation
  2. Gang leaders are the source of de facto law and are seen as legitimate authorities
  3. Swoops are symbolic of the level's culture
  4. Swoop racing is a means of determining worth

The economy of the location revolved around mechanic workshops, scrap yards, gambling, and arms trading.


And there you have it. A complete culture and economy staged for a detailed story with only two main story elements; Named Characters and an Object (swoop). I hope this helps.


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I'd say, try asking yourself some questions.


  • What kind of food do they eat?
  • Do they eat together?
  • What is housing like?
  • How do they feel about the upper class?
  • Do they feel oppressed?
  • If so, do they act on it?
  • What kind of jobs are available to these people?
  • How common is birth, what's the mortality/death rate and the birth rate like?
  • How do they feel about different species and/or women and children?
  • How well do they treat each other?

Hopefully answering these questions will give you a sort of foundation to build your ideas upon. Hope this was helpful.