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Jessica Med-Beq

Jessica Med-Beq

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After the flop that was the last lesson, where, for some reason, two of the students somehow prematurely left, the remaining two that didn't leave, Tanaski Yumi and Asaraa Vaashe, would be invited to a reprise of that Force-light lesson. Jessica wanted nothing better than to have at least someone else be able to use Art of the Small to radiate Force-light in a more sustained manner. On that count, she didn't teach a whole lot about Force-light before that lesson ended. Maybe it's a symbol of my purity as a light-sider that I am the one that turns phosphorescent when using it. Although other known users were of highly variable purities, and some of which are at least as pure as I am, if not more so, it may not have dawned on them to use their bodily fluids for that purpose. Then again, the expectation value of my alignment operator is pretty high. However, does it really require more purity in the light side to turn phosphorescent than it does to even use Force-light as a flash or beam to begin with? she thought, while seeing those two students return. Hopefully they would remember what the objectives were: learn Force-light as a flash, then as a beam, and then they could attempt to turn themselves phosphorescent.


"Welcome back to this Force-light lesson. As we were saying when the last lesson prematurely ended, we needed to first concentrate the light-sided energy into one's hand or eyes before projecting it outward, and then you would visualize that appendage as a lightbulb"

Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke


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