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A Place In Nature

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Myrel walked at the side of Jairdain as she moved between the students that were at the class. Noticing Lan-Dai had not actually joined the class proper, she motioned to the handler of the Akk Dogs present to bring one of them over. Letting go of the leash of Myrel, she took the one from the handler with a nod of thanks. The only sign she couldn't see the leash was that it took her more than one try to catch a hold of it.


She approached Lan-Dai and handed the leash to him.


"This is Shaknaw and if you will have him for the lesson, he will be your partner. I am Jairdain and the class today is about learning how to hide your Force Presence in two different manners. One of the is Art of the Small and the other Quey'Tek Meditation. We don't bite. Come and join us."

The choice would be his​ if he joined the other students and she continued her walk. When she reached Reggie, she gave him a hug and stepped back with a large smile on her face.


"It has been a long time we met, Reggie, how are you? Not at all. If you want, go pick one of the Akk Dogs to be your companion today."

There had not been any further questions asked, so she would then explain further what each skill did. It would provide details for the new people and give the others more information to work with.


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Reggie Faayare

Reggie Faayare

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Reggie returned the hug and smile, happy to see the friend and teacher he hasn't seen for so long.


"I've been doing well! I hope things have been good on your end as well?" 


When given the option to join in with the others, he quickly went over to one of the Akk Dogs and gently pet its head.


"Hey buddy, you want to be my partner for the day?"


Reggie took the leash that was on the dog and took a few steps to stand next to Sky'ito, who had waved to him a few seconds prior. As he stood, he breathed in through his nose, and out through his mouth, focusing his mind on the lesson now. It had been awhile since Reggie learned anything new, so his passion for knowledge had been rekindled.

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Lan-Dai Navras

Lan-Dai Navras
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Analyzing the one in charge of the lesson thoroughly, it didn't take much deduction to realize that she was blind.Whether fully or partially was still unclear, however, her attempts at grabbing the leash and missing it denoted a degree of visual impediment.  


Despite the display, Jairdain still managed to make her way towards him with the animal and presented it to him.As she explained the dynamic, Lan-Dai took the animal by the leash and nodded in approval when she was finished.  


Kneeling down without revealing his face or armored robes, Lan-Dai took out an armored gauntlet from within his cloak to pet his partner for this lesson.Luckily the animal seemed to be at comfort with him, and these were lessons he had already seen to a specific degree while under his own master, Tiro-Narus Altor.  


Analyzing the rest of those present, the Emerallian said nothing as he waited for that the lesson entailed.While he knew how to mask his presence already, perhaps this session could provide further insight.

Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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Sukai gave Reggie a small smile, "I have been well a lot has happened though it is nice to see you again". Becoming a knight meant a few changes and Reggie being younger he was probably still mainly confined to the temple until his training was more thoroughly complete, or found a master to take him under their wing. Seemed as of late there were more Padawans then Jedi masters could handle.


She looked to Reggie Faayare as he offered to be her partner for the day, other also seeming to pair up for the demonstration that Jairdain was running, "sure I do not mind, out for the people here you are one of the few I recognize". Standing up she joined Reggie, waiting for the others to take their place or for Jair to begin the lesson, so far only the new person called Lan had joined in, the rest still sitting around.