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The Siege of Commenor [TSE/CSA]

- - - - - TSE CSA Siege

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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Oppression! The Galactic Core is in 
turmoil after the dastardly SITH 
EMPIRE and the villainous FIRST 
ORDER brought the last shining 
bastion of light, the GALACTIC 
ALLIANCE, to its knees. 
Now, emboldened by their victory, 
Sith Emperor Kaine Zambrano 
launched a campaign of terror to 
intimidate the COMMENOR 
complying with his insidious 
Not willing to bow to the Dark Side 
of the Force, Queen Kay Arenais 
has called on COMMENOR's allies 
to make one last desperate stand 
against the darkness…
The skies of Commenor blaze with war.
The otherwise idyllic daylight is sliced by intersecting flames of ion drives and punctuated by starburst explosions; contrails of debris raining into the atmosphere become tangled ribbons of cloud. The nightside sky is an infinite lattice of shining hairlines that interlock planetoids and track erratic spirals of glowing gnats. Beings watching from rooftops of Commenor’s beautiful cities can find it beautiful.
But up in the cold harshness of space, it’s different.
The gnats are drive-glows of starfighters. The shining hairlines are light-scatter from turbolaser bolts powerful enough to vaporize a small town. The planetoids are capital ships.
The battle above Commenor is a storm of confusion and panic, of galvanized particle beams flashing past your starfighter so close that your cockpit rings like a broken annunciator, of the boot sole shock of concussion missiles that blast into your cruiser, killing beings you have trained with and eaten with and played and laughed and bickered with. From space, the battle is desperation and terror and the stomach-churning certainty that the whole galaxy is trying to kill you.
Yet between all the confusion, the chaos, the panic, there is a deep throbbing ache that cuts through your mind like a ray of sunshine through the clustered tree canopy.
But it is not light that cuts so deep, it is the Dark Side of the Force.
A titanic warship lumbers through the anarchal turbulence of the battle, its blackened hull smashing aside any ship, Imperial or Commenori, unfortunate enough to stray too close in its path. This is the dreaded Behemoth, the flagship of the Sith Emperor, which ran over six miles from prow to stern, and seemed designed to inspire dread in every possible opponent. Hundreds of turbolaser batteries, each the size of a frigate, turn laboriously to face the vessels of the Commenori and violently shake as volley upon volley of turbolaser fire splits empty space before smashing into the side of cruisers with enough force to vaporize every last scrap of debris left behind from the initial detonation. 
Yet, this is not the focus. The battle in space is but an afterthought to the Sith Emperor, who rides down through the clouds amidst a sea of starfighters and drop ships. It did not matter how many ships the Commenori arrayed against the Armada, they would be swept aside like every other fleet that had dared to face the Sith in open combat. 
No, the Emperor’s prize lay waiting below. 
A city of brilliance, of architectural ingenuity and of cherished history and tradition. Now walled behind a shimmering field of impenetrable energy, so strong that not even orbital bombardment could displace it. 
And so the lightning assault became a siege, and as gargantuan Ferrata transports landed on the flat plains just beyond the city’s outskirts there was a great cacophony as thousands of walkers, tanks, and grim-faced infantry marched towards the sparkling city. 
Trenches were dug, fortifications were erected, and a steady barrage of mixed high ordnance explosive shells and ion bolts rained down on the shield from every direction. 
The Sith had time on their hands, they could be resupplied once orbital superiority was secured.
What did the Commenori have in their arsenal but hope and determination?
Emperor Zambrano, standing tall on an aerial observation platform, scoffed derisively at the very idea. To his left was the former High King of Commenor, Veiere Arenais, made again to kneel with a vicious blow to the back of his legs by an electrostaff. He would watch everything he had worked so hard to build be swept aside. And the woman he had once loved, perhaps still loved, made to kneel in subservience to him.
A dark smile spread across the Emperor’s face and his boisterous laugh as drowned out by the artillery from below.

Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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War had come to Commenor.


It was at first a hive, then a swarm as dozens, then hundreds of ships large and small entered and opened fire without war. Confusion and sheer terror fill the air as swarms of starfighters collide, their ion drives blazing in the night sky. This was a full war fleet made manifest. To face the Sith Empire in open combat was tantamount to suicide and it was shone as many ships were utterly annihilated in the first opening barrage.


In the epicenter of this came above it all came two massive ships six miles long like a pair of great twin blades in the night, their black hulls gleamed and easily smashed aside any ships that dared get in the way, a raw mobile nexus of black energy radiated from this ship. This was the Goliath, the haunted flagship of the Shadow Hand. The payload of this vessel was enough that it shook with every blasted volley, great green streams of particle energy blazed from its prow scything entire cruisers in half like wheat.


But this was not the Shadow Hand’s focus.


The Lord of Lies rode down in the Midnight amidst a massive wave of starfighters and dropships. The black hulled shuttle surrounded by the elite Death Squadron, supported with Shadow Droids. Before them sat Chasin City in all of its splendor, the crown jewel of the Commenori Systems Alliance. It was defended through a great deflector shield, all that stood between them and total annihilation from the darkness that swept down from the skies.


The titanic carrier transports were so numerous they bathed everything beneath them in shadow, landing in a full circle around Chasin City as thousands upon thousands, several full corps of the Sith-Imperial Legion emerged. Trenches were dug and fortifications erected as they fully surrounded the city, the rumbling of tanks, walkers, and other vehicles of war could be heard for miles around.


Shadow Hand Zambrano landed at the primary forward command center for the operation, it sat close to the aerial platform that the Emperor had chosen to perch on. Behind the structure sat a launch pad for dignitaries only. Deep in the command center stood the man himself a cloak of crimson draped across his shoulders, an advanced war table in front of him and a full cabinet of officers around him. Supreme General Mallear stood beside him as a group manned monitors and relayed communications, it was a storm of activity.


The Supreme General stood in full battle dress, decades of servitude in the Blackblade Guard ensured his armor was like a second skin and Mallear actually seemed more at ease amidst the chaos of war than the palace or high command “Battle lines are established, we’ve surrounded the city.” Mallear said looking towards the giant that was Braxus Zambrano.


“Begin phase one. Let them know fear.” He ordered.


All around the barrier row after row of Carnivore-class Heavy Repulsortanks, too many to count fitted for the artillery variant rose their great barrels high and cut loose. The hurricane that followed was the single greatest artillery barrage in modern galactic history the very earth shook, the air was deafened from the roar of the cannons and the specially designed shells cut into the ear drums with a high pitched howl as they crossed through the skies, enough to send shivers down the spine.


The shells fell like a rainstorm covering the land below in a moving shadow cast on the ground like fast moving ghosts. The full might of the Sith Empire made manifest to the defenders tucked away behind their shields, it was relentless, endless without any reprieve. It was a subtle reminder of what awaited them should that shield fail, should it be brought down.


Everything between the shield and the Sith-Imperial Legion’s battle lines was utterly annihilated, engulfed in massive rolling waves of fiery explosions that cut high into the sky, an inferno so great it covered the sky in a polluting black smoke, the radiant heat felt from miles around. The fire of artillery was awe inspiring and terrifying, between the rolling clouds of orange fiery death came the green streaks of laser and ion fire from walkers and other vehicles that pounded the shield from above, and below.


Against such death what could the Commenori hope to muster? The Shadow Hand stood outside on an observation platform that jutted out from the protected command center, watching the death alone listening to his generals work in the background discussing the shield. The Shadow Hand was here when the monarchy had started, he witnessed its birth and partook in its creation. For all the work that High Queen Kay Arenais did her kingdom was built on blood and death, infested with the dark side deep in its roots.


He watched his apprentice slaughter the council that begged and pleaded for mercy, he bent her to the will of the dark side and made her a Queen for all to see. For all the good she did it could never make up for the image of her sulfuric eyes staring down at the begging members of the council, pleading with tear soaked faces as she cut them down like dogs. Now he would be here with his old apprentice for her monarchy’s end.


The Shadow Hand simply pulled a rather long cigar from his person and grinned. The cigar was a rare breed and he had one of the last cases in existence. It had an embroidered, stylized ‘M’ in a ornate square with small symbols of the old Atrisian regime in each corner. It was a rare customized Atrisian Red cigar, or as this custom version was known a Malgus Blue. One of the last cases from King Animus Malgus was given to him, last he heard none were made following the great King’s deposition, and today he smoked it proudly with a grin on his face.


Darth CarnifexMythos | Lady Kay





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Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

    The Emerald Dragon/The Judge

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She looked up towards the sky
Her sword in hand she frowned as she looked aorund at those gathering and getting ready

She herself stepped forth as she looked upon the edge of the shielding at the mere dots of men and armor. She pulled her helmet from her side and placed it on her head as she looked out now with a gaze of determination

madam the knights are gathered and ready for you

She shifted a but and looked over to the man, she nodded and fully turned looking upon those gathered before her, she was left in charge of all these people...their numbers thinned just a bit from the assualt on the blockade, she stood upon a rock o get high up and looked on them as she nodded her head

the sith are upon us, we refused to bow down to them, refused to bow to their threats even as they dared to blockade us and take our stuff and innocent lives trying to escape the war...

She paused and looked around again as she drew her sword and held it up

WE WILL NOT BOW TO THE SITH! we shall not surrender to those who will either torture or kill those they capture , I ask today a big sacrifice...not for me not because I am master of the knights...but for those next to you, the people of commenor, her majesty, those that have suffered under the sith.....today we show them that NO MATTER we will stand agaisnt them...I ask today that you fight until your dying breath. Kill them all! Those that enter this city those that dare to try shall have their verdict decided...the gavel has fallen for them no mercy shall be given

She heard a thunderous cry go out, a cry of defiance, a cry of war, a cry of courage. She turned and swung her sword forward

group A to the first line of defense! Group B head to the second! Group C we shall hold the palace defense....may the force be with us all

The groups started moving out meanwhile stardust had to see that her family was safe and sound

Ayessa Kroan

Ayessa Kroan

    Stay A Little Longer

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Commenor, Chasin City, Some Marketplace, Undetermined Time
No Determined Role | Assisting Commenor Systems Alliance | Combating The Sith Empire | Interacting with Rook Lokar ~ Run Boy Run

This really wasn't how Ayessa had planned things to go.

Begging their motley crew for a detour had been hard enough. Commenor had certainly changed since the last time she'd seen it (Well, seen it from orbit from the distant bridge of a Venator, but still) and the desperate curiosity to see how time had affected things familiar had grown a lot stronger, lately. So she'd forced Rook and their Astromech-- neither party particularly keen on it, which amused her, they never agreed on anything --planetside with her, to visit the city and take a breather. Pretending to actually enjoy criminality was getting a little tiresome for even the Jedi experienced in undercover work, so this was a perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and be a little normal without stealing or smuggling something. Though, she suspected, he was going to end up doing that anyway.

Honestly? Their trip had been going well. Oh, right. Except, of course, for the fact they had arrived just in time for a blasted invasion.

She had been eagerly browsing tourist-trap artefacts in a small but splendid marketplace in the section of Chasin City that she had decided was the straight-and-narrow part of town. To say that Ayessa had a weakness for trinkets like those was a bit of an understatement, one noticed and well exploited by the particular Commenori merchant who had been talking her up endlessly about... About whatever. She'd stopped listening halfway through but it provided suitable background noise to her bustling mind. But that all ended pretty fast when, without any prior warning, the sky turned to fire, the sun engulfed by ash, Ayessa's honed senses blew into what she could only feel was absolute overdrive, and she damn near almost fainted.

Darkness was closing in and it was strangling. The seller wound up having better reaction time than the Jedi did, immediately fleeing for the safety of indoors. She only stared numbly at the sky before the small part of her that retained a General's composure kicked her quads and told her to move.

One terrible thing about being not caught up with the times was having to learn about all the various factions at play on the fly, guess their allegiances and fumble through a conversation about them. Commenor Systems Alliance? Didn't sound so bad. She could admire them.

Sith Empire?

Feth that.

Her body moved faster than her mind, which was still swimming with the emotions of panic starting to grip the passerbys. It was threatening to override her own feelings due to the sheer volume and intensity, one more thing to curse softly in her mind. Deft fingers felt for a comlink, one keyed upon retrieval and raised to her mouth. She tried to rinse any of the second-hand confusion and terror from her voice before speaking, "Rook, please tell me I'm not hallucinating." Eh. She tried, but it was hard, and it came out a little shakey. But maybe that was just because some part of her was genuinely scared.

R2-C4 | Lightsaber (Concealed, detectable by FS/FU)

"Fight it, or accept it. Fear it, or control it. I choose to accept and control."
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Lauri Törni

Lauri Törni

    The Finnish Commenori

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Lauri rushed to get into Uniform as alarms blared across the planet. Commenori forces scrambled to get into position. War had come to Commenor, and it would not be forgiving. The Sith fleet was annihlating the Orbital defenses, and caught off guard, they could barely put up a fight. It would be down to the ground forces to hold the line.

Lauri's centurbium was assembled and ready to move out when he arrived. Christiana was at his side, as usual in combat operations. But unlike all the other operations he'd been through, this wasn't on some other planet, fgihting slavers or insurgents. This was on his homeworld, fightinf against the Sith Empire's best. This wasn't a fight to help enforce law. This was a fight for survival.

The lieutenant's mind raced as he ordered his men to the outer defenses, jumping between what ifs. What if they lost? What if his men weren't expeirienced enough to hold? Most of his 100 men had never seen combat, and the rest hadn't faced odds like this. The only time he'd faced proffesional soldiers had been in war games, when the combat was simulated. There had been no real danger in those. Turning to his men, he gave them one last set of encouraging words before the fight.

"I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not sure we're going to win this, and much less if we'll survive. For all to many of you, this is you're first fight. We're outnumbered and out gunned. But every one of you must remember where we are, and who we fight for. We fight for our homes, and our families. We fight so the city's people can escape, and live on. We fight for the Queen, we fight for Commenor! Let's give the sith bastards what they deserve, and let's show what Commenor's defenders can do! Fight to your last breath, because we've got no way out. Give 'em hell!"

The centerbium cheered, before rushing into position to face the Sith army. If they went down today, they'd go down fighting. Commenor would not fall so easily.

Darian Helsic

Darian Helsic


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He shouldn't have loved it. But he did. This is what Darian lived for: war.


But still, maybe the ever natural well of fear had nestled it's way into his soul. He wore armor he had little combat experience with, though he trusts (willingly or otherwise) the engineers with his life he couldn't but feel unnatural. It never showed. His tattooed face was stone cold as usual, doing some last minute checks on his trusty LMG and the small arsenal of weapons he carried. While Darian was a Major, he fought like a Heavy Weapons trooper. That mindset never really broke out of him.


Adrenaline, adrenaline, adrenaline.


So much of that sweet nectar coursed through his veins as his transport made it's landing, he could feel the fight around them and it felt good. Sieges weren't his foray, no, he enjoyed something clean and simple: you go in, kill whoever gets in your way, claim the grounds for the Empire. But he was ready, he'd stocked his men up with mortars and taken in a hardy helping of artillery. Repulsorcraft were a favorite of his, the terrain here would make them immensely valuable.


And then the real part happened, feeling his craft land with a thud and the doors open. He let out a roar for all his platoons to hear:


"For the glory of the Empire, move out!"


Hulking his "child" in hand the Major began his advance, deploying out all of his forces and setting up with the horde.


At the current standing of the battle, the Major stood with his artillery taking whatever vantage point he could. Macrobinoculars in hand as he surveyed the battle, trying to formulate tactics in his head. He'd gladly die in service of the Empire, but, he'd rather do it another time. Too much glory to be had today.

Vestille Thumahra

Vestille Thumahra


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Vestille Thumahra


Command Post, Sith Trenchline, Commenor


The squeak of rats and the thunder of guns. The siege of Commenor was in full swing.


Nestled deep within the Command Post, Vestille Thumahra found himself in a position he never thought possible. His career, having gone from Captain to Major after a string of significant merit, his superiors saw it fit to promote him to the rank of Colonel in preparation for the upcoming assault against the crown jewels of the Commenor Systems Alliance; needing a man to fill the gap that had recently been made in the command structure; to what had caused this to occur, Vestille knew it was knowledge that he needn't know or dare ask about. His journey had prepared him for this, all the death that he had caused weighed upon his shoulders and the body-count of both enemies and comrades alike had built up his reputation and successes among his peers. From a small unit of twelve Death Troopers back with his service in the Galactic Empire, Vestille now found himself at the forefront of three Army Groups, combined to create the 12th Shock Infantry Regiment; the remainder of those that had flocked with him during their defection from the Sovereignty added to the composite of infantry and supporting elements.


It was surreal at first, before being a link in the chain of command and now he sat as the hydra's head. By his actions, Commenor would fall.


The Colonel arrived with the rest of his men in the first wave of the invasion, assisting in establishing and securing the Sith's frontline that surrounded the city on all sides. Whilst the other assets that had been deployed to cover the other flanks, Vestille found himself in the sea of command and their elements stationed upon the Southern Flank, his Regiment dug in and ready for the fight ahead. The trenches weren't anything special; muddy, cramped and had the occasional intrusion of vermin that scuttled under the heavy boot of Gravewalker and Legionary alike. With the 12th focusing on establishing their defenses to hopefully counteract anything that the defenders of Commenor could throw at them, their commanding officer was stood among them, located in the command bunker, watching the tactical map and drawing up his plans alongside his subordinates. The Command Staff watched and waited, taking notes and securing things to memory as the Colonel assigned them their tasks. This wasn't a battleground that offered flanking and asymmetrical warfare to the grunts, it instead would be a slog to push up to the city's defenses and create an entry point and allow the fighting to flood into the streets. Casualties were to be expected in the hundreds, perhaps even the thousands; the enemy had their backs against the wall and they weren't about to go down without a bloody fight.


Once all was said and done, the artillery spread all across the frontline began their orchestra of death, the sheer volume of fire shook the ground and deafened all other sound as shells began to fall upon the shield that protected the people of Commenor. This was simply the opening shots upon the ground, the sign to show that war had indeed come to Commenor with no intent to simply allow it to escape unscathed. As the infantry dug in, the Colonel waved off his command staff to join their elements and prepare themselves. There was no room for snakes in the grass or the cunning ploys of a fox. This required the stubbornness of a bull and the ferocity of a wolf if they were to emerge victorious. Blood would be spilt, bodies would be piled and the ground would be torn asunder. Communications pinged across the trenchline, a simple order having been passed down by the Colonel;


"Fix bayonets."

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Shia Kryze

Shia Kryze

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Chasin City


What did the Commenori have in their arsenal but hope and determination?




Well paid, very well armed Mandalorians.


Shia looked out on the black wall of the Sith advance - this wouldn't be the last time she would see this display of power and arrogance, she was certain. This was a lost cause, but the Alliance had paid every credit and favour they could afford to the clan for their services, and Mandalore needed the money for the day the powers of the galaxy grew tired of the mercenary worlds 'independence'.


Others had brought tanks, artillery and conventional firepower, but Kryze had brought bes'uliik cavalry - some of the most terrifying weapons of war ever unleashed on any battlefield, the mighty droid-mounts strode through the streets towards the front line, firing the occasional blast from their heavier guns at long distance towards the Sith trench lines, but for now content to mostly conceal their positions among the chaos of the defence within the built up area.


She reached down to pat One Eye with an affectionate hand, a grin on her face behind her helmet.


"Going to be a good battle today, old man. I might not live through it, but you will. Tell Mishel I love her, eh ner vod?"


The rumble from the ancient war machine which had fought Sith and Jedi on a thousand battlefields was proud, arrogant, affirmitive. He didn't think she'd die, but he'd do his best to carry her message if she could.


The core of the clan advance was the Stryx, surrounded by the other units the clan fielded - perhaps a thousand warriors in total, all astride the war droids. It may not look like much from a distance compared to the endless waves of Sith. But quality has a quantity all of it's own.

Of course, Shia mused as another transport swept out the dark sky to disgorge troops into the Sith trenches, the reverse is also true.


"Die hard." She said over the clan comms. "The Commenori will be, and we're being paid a planets ransom to do the same."

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The Embassy's halls were busy as usual, or at least what seemed usual to Iakchi as he watched the table before him. A game of dejarik was at hand, one that he was close to winning. He'd forked his pieces, putting his padawan Saka Amara at a major disadvantage. It was a good way to pass the time as they waited for their diplomats to secure some sort of agreement with the government of Commenor. The talks hadn't even begun yet, but the Wookiee, who'd been assigned to the party as a valet of sorts, had little knowledge of the precise happenings of their discussions. That wasn't his job, of course.


It was an easy guess to assume it had something to do with the Sith blockade of their territory. It had been all the talk on Kashyyyk for some time, and drove not only Iakchi but his mother to worry. New Plympto wasn't far from Commenor, and his uncle's safety was a concern. The elder wookiee had a fleet, and troops, but he was just one of many on a small system. Perhaps once this was over he'd pay a visit.


Of course everything changed when the Sith attacked.


Screams and cries of worry came first, alerting the Wookiee to the arrival of their fleet. The utterance of the word Behemoth, which would have filled most others with dread, filled him with a desire for challenge. To fly up and take on the Emperor himself. After all, if he needed a massive ship to show how powerful he was, he had to be compensating for something. But then word came that troops were landing in the thousands. Then the sound of artillery. The rumbling of the planet beneath them as explosions took hold.


Iakchi looked to his padawan. They had a job to do. People to protect.


"Come on. Let's go find the others. We'll have to evacuate the embassy quickly."



Saka Amara | Asaraa Vaashe

Beth Cadera

Beth Cadera

    I'll poke your eye out with my ear

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Location: Chasin City | Allies: CSA
She knew the invasion was coming. She assumed most people knew, anyway. At least anyone who was paying attention to the galactic affairs. She didn't know it was coming that soon. She had just been on Sabarene... Achani was safe. But she didn't have time to go to Yasha. She had to help the Commenori, from The Dark Lord. After what she had witnessed, she had to. Was Baiko even alive...? She had no idea. Everything was so fething karked up.
She had read and overheard the various reports and meetings from Yasha Mantis and Kaine Australis about the blockade and the possible war that could come from it. It was also all over the HoloNet that it was going to happen, anyway, especially with the Sith's fleets on a direct course to Commenor. Beth, though, wasn't entirely sure when it would but she knew it was soon. As far as she knew, her adoptive mother wasn't able to find a resolution with Darth Carnifex. That meant they were coming to Commenor. And while Beth wasn't entirely sure what she could do to help her Commenori allies, she knew she had to be there and ready to help.
She had left behind Sabarene on her grandmother's ship. Got Achani to safety. And no one else knew she was here. She was careful not to tell any of her family - it was a complicated, after all. They didn't know she was in Sabarene, although they may very well know that now. She also didn't want to create an incident between the two Empire's though, so she was careful to keep her beskar'gam, including her buy'ce, on at all times. But, just in case, she removed her MBE comms so they hopefully wouldn't track her down. 
Beth stared up at the shield that encased the city. The sirens were blaring. It seemed that authority figures were beginning to try to maintain order while direct civilians to the many bunkers under the city. The sky was dark as the ships descended from the atmosphere but also on fire, red, at the battle that occurred in the skies. Her ears went low as fear crept through her emotions at the scene that was occurring outside the protection of the shield. The artillery hits against the shield made for an interesting, terrifying sight by itself. 
Her stomach rolled at the darkness that the Sith brought with them. At least her buy'ce hid her facial expressions. No one had to see and the audio processors would hide any fear or nervousness from her voice. Plus, it would keep her anonymous to most - hopefully, the Sith and the Mandalorians will never know she was here. 
She could only imagine the kind of trouble she might get in by Yasha alone if she ended up starting an international incident. And after Sabarene... Who knew...
She took a deep breath as she double checked her blaster mostly out of nervousness. She needed to find someone in authority, maybe she could help as necessary. She wondered if Lady Kay was okay. And she could only assume Loreena Arenais and Caedyn Arenais were about somewhere. Whether they were in the city or in the sky, Beth had no idea. Maybe they were safely hidden away - maybe she could find one of them or at least Caedyn. In the meantime, she did the best she could - help get people to the safety of the bunkers. That was really all she could do. Until the Sith made it through the shield, anyway. How long did they have before that happened? 
This wasn't going to be ending soon. 

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    Lord Commander

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The Senate Halls- Mythos' personal office as head of Commenori Royal Security. 

The very earth shook around him and for once Mythos was glad he actually wore some armor. His armor, crafted by Kaine Australis himself in the master forge today, on this battle would prove it's mettle. Mythos stood inside his office as the ground shook and his Nubian Strike force put on his armor piece by piece. They, not him, carried several energy cells that the suit needed to replenish it's strength. As far as the CSA was concerned, Mythos was still an officer of the Commenori Royal Guard, head of Royal Security and responsible for the safety of the queen. Lady Kay had been his friend for a long time, but she had not told him she was aiding the Galactic Alliance in any way... If she had, Mythos might have taken a different route today. 

Mythos bit down on a large cigar of Dark Bota, stuffed to the brim with the best quality of the herb possible and now he felt it's power and zen consume him, it made him stronger. His men quickly set him up, he grabbed his axe and lightsabers, rudis and battle rifle. In his office a holographic view of the battlefield in real time was displayed, a few commands from his wrist communicator and the battle lines of the Commenori Marines were set. Aten Ramses, Jedi Kight was tasked with accompanying Mythos, He guessed they still did not fully trust him after Kwenn Station. 

Mythos had no connections and no way to directly communicate with the Sith, they would have to coordinate everything in precise and perfect timing. Mythos was the only cog inside Commenor, a cog they had no reason at all to suspect. There was something nostalgic about all this, the rumbling of Artillery batteries, the feel of his axe in his hands, the smell of fear and terror among the Commenori people that fed him like a well of inextinguishable water. He breathed in and breathed out deep, glanced over the Nubian strike teams and gave the order to move out. 

"Stick by me Jedi, you will survive. Do not engage anything unless engaged first. Understand? If you wanna win this fight go ahead and be a hero and die, you won't make it past the Graug, i guarantee it.if you wanna save the queen and save the lives of Commenori people you follow me and I'll get you back home in mostly one piece. " Mythos said as he swung his rifle over his shoulder, slammed his axe into the rest position on his neck and clipped both his lightsabers on. He blew out the smoke from the Dark Bota Cigar he had personally made from the leaves of Gaoket trees in midvinter. In unison along with Braxus he enjoyed a smoke before the battle, if everything went right, Dark Bota was the only thing they would be smoking from now on. 

Mythos threw up two hand signals and blasted out of the office in formation, the location they were headed was the ground floor were the access to the palace would be at. Underground the Senate halls was a secret passage wat that lead right into the heart of the palace, what awaited there Mythos presumed to be the most heavy defenses of the Commenori army defending the queen alongside her warriors. The warriors that were to go through this tunnel needed to be the Elite of the Elite and he needed to throw this Jedi off his trail or better yet, off a three thousand story window. "Head on a swivel. Move!"

Darth Prazutis Darth Carnifex Darth Ophidia 

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Lannis Morcus

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The Lord Regent and his Imperial splinter group, the Empire Reborn, had arrived recently on Commenori, having offered their aid in the defence of the planet against the potential Sith invasion that would likely come after the actions of the Commenori fleet. In the last few days, they'd coordinated with the local defence forces, establishing an intricate network of defensive emplacements and fortifications across many strategic areas key to holding the city against a potential attack. Those efforts were about to be tested, however. Reports flew in of the Sith invasion fleet in orbit and now deploying ground forces to begin their bloody conquest. While the Galactic Empire was but a fading memory, it's proud military still endured even now, under the Grand Inquisitor's leadership and guidance. Though without the vision and leadership of their supreme commander, Tanomas Graf, they were none the less determined to show the galaxy that the Empire's spark had not gone out completely. They were determined to make the rebels and traitors that had caused their collapsed fear the sight of the Empire's wrath one last time. As the city's defensive shields were brought online, two Imperial-II class Star Destroyers loomed just above in the clouds, providing aerial support while swarms of TIE Fighters engaging the Sith bombers probing at the shield.


Soon enough, the first wave of Sith forces struck at the outskirts of the Commenori capital. They were met by a fierce outer defence line, comprised of trenches, bunkers and a mixture of the fighting forces of the 2nd Kaminoan Legion, and the proud Commenor Regulars, supported by armoured elements from the 4th Imperial Armoured Division, a mixture of AT-STs and AT-ATs unleashing their combined wrath at the front lines of the Sith advance.


Morcus oversaw the situation from a Command Centre deep inside the Commenor Royal Palace, dispatching orders to his field commanders and coordinating the defence at Lady Kay's side. "Lieutenant Torni, elements of the 5th Armoured Division are en-route to support you. Five AT-ST walkers. Make good use of them. Miss Skirae, I'm dispatching several Inquisitors and three squads of Imperial Shadow Stormtroopers to reinforce the outer palace defences. They are at your full disposal.", he said, wiping a bead of sweat off his brow. It was bloody stuffy in this command centre, to say the least. He turned his attention to Lady Kay. "We must buy time with the outer lines while our inner defences continue to reinforce and shore up their current positions. With any luck, we can cause enough Sith casualties to make this invasion too costly to sustain...."



Shia Kryze

Vestille Thumahra

Darian Helsic

Lauri Törni

Lady Kay


Beth Australis-Mantis

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Lauri stood in his trench, watching the sith lines. Artillery was pounding the shield just above his position, unrelenting. His forces were positioned facing south, ready to hold any assault coming from the southern flank. His forces were heavily outnumbered compared to what he saw in the distance. He needed reinforcements. Luckily, they were coming. He wasn't quite sure what he'd do with the AT-STs, but he'd use them. As they approached he gave more orders for his men.

"I want our sharpshooters keeping the sith on their toes. Take out officers, engineers, and anyone else who looks important. As for the AT-STs, I want to know if their guns can reach the enemy trenches. If they can, open fire. Get that machine gun ready!"

As Christiana and his other sergeants barked the orders down the trench, he kept ready to order all units to open fire. The Sith hadn't moved from their trench yet, but they could at any moment.

Baron Morcus
Vestille Thumahra

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The Void Irregular Fleet would begin to escort troop transports to the planet's surface below. There were two separate units of Sith forces that were being sent to the planet on behalf of the Maldrood - those of the Dark Troopers and those of the radtroopers. It was time to see what the units would end up doing.


Hopefully subjugating Commenor properly.

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The young Mirialan was intrigued.
It was hardly the first time her master had laid this kind of trap at dejerik. It seemed he would often intentionally move a piece into position insufficiently guarded, so as to train Saka to spot the opportunity and move to take advantage of it. She was learning to read a battlefield quickly through these games; they gave her a chance to feel out tactical advantages by herself, and learn from her mistakes.
It was just that Iakchi  wasn't normally this obvious.
It had to be a lure.
Iakchi couldn't possibly have missed the position of Sakas Rancor piece she'd just moved it a moment ago. But then, Rancor pieces were somewhat erratic—more rigidly confined than the other pieces, but immune to some of the “normal” 'creatures' limitations. Was it possible he was just hoping to distract  by inexplicably moving another piece..?
That had to be it. They were barely six moves into the game. No one in their right mind would sacrifice their Houjix piece so early and for so little gain at the game. Iakchi had to have underestimated her.
“Master?” she said warily,  looking up at her Wookiee master with a concerned look on her face, the distant sound of Sith artillery and aerial combat could be heard in the distance. Waiting for her potential death to be decided by a group of people whose judgement she trusted about as much as she would a spice-addled Duros was certainly a cause for anxiety.
"Wherever you go i will follow,  though i don't favour Commenors chances as of late."

Kay Arenais

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Kay stood on the balcony of the Royal Palace, the same balcony that she stood on when she won the Presidency. It was almost poetic that she was standing here now in this point of time. Her eyes were drawn upwards as the shields protecting the Palace, Chasin City and Senate Hall took on the assault by the Sith Empire, their turbolaser and cannon blasts exploding and disparsing against the shields. The booming sounds were far greater than any fireworks display and much more deadly. Almost dulled out by the sounds of the attack were the wailing sirens of the city, letting everyone know to evacuate to the underground bunkers as quickly as possible. The maze network of tunnels and passages, constructed through centuries of mining for chrysopaz gemstones had proven to provide a perfect setting for a safe haven for the populace in case of an attack. The bunkers were well stocked and should the access points within Chasin City and Government buildings be compromised, there were other access points on the outskirts as well, such as through the Twin Canyons and Eldritch Mountains. Hopefully their shields would hold. Hopefully their forces could stop the Sith Empire from destroying them completely.

~Three Days Ago~

In Kay's office a meeting was taking place, one containing the Queen and the holo-images of the leaders from each world under the Commenor Systems Alliance.

"I'm sorry, Lady Kay, but that's just the way that it is. Your attack on the Sith ships will no doubt have consequences that we're not ready or willing to face. You promised neutrality, and now will bring us war."

"But they were stealing from us and kidnapping refugees.
I couldn't let them keep--"

Her words were cut off as she was interjected. "Those refugees were none of our concern.
The blockade could have ended with negotiations easily enough. But instead you attacked them. And if it's a fight you bring to the table, then you will deal with it alone. We will not be dragged into this war with you."

"But what about the Alliance? It's more than just economic! We all worked together to bolster eachother's defences and create this safe haven."

"A safe haven that we'll continue to strive to have without you. I'm sorry but the Alliance is finished."

"Are all of you in agreement with this?!" She looked to each of the men and women in turn, all of them nodding their heads. Kay sighed and sat back in her chair. She was no tyrant, no dictator. If the Sith were indeed coming, she wasn't about to waste time. She needed to prepare. "If that's what you all want...then that's what will happen.
Draw up the appropriate documents and I'll sign it."

~One Hour Ago~

Olivia stood behind Kay, helping her fit into her bracer vest, light armour and bracer blaster. "You put the call out, right Olivia? Contacted our allies, our friends and sent through the emergency message to everyone to get underground?"

"Yes, m'Lady, it's all taken care of. I really wish that you'd come with us."

"I can't. At least not yet. I have to help our forces,
I have to be there when our allies show up."
Kay fitted her lightsaber on her hip, not bothering to hide her Force Signature. She needed to have a proper sense of everything around her. "And as the Head of the House, Olivia, you need to be sure that all of the Palace staff get to safety, including yourself."

"Everything changes after today. Doesn't it?"

Kay turned to face her assistant and wrapped her arms around her in a hug. Olivia was like a mother to her and she hoped to see her again when this was all over. "It does. But Commenor survives. It always will. I just hope that Veiere fulfills his promise and comes to help too. This is still his home, exiled or not." She hadn't seen her estranged husband Veiere Arenais in some time. At their last meeting he assured her that he would help if ever they were in danger. Well now was the time.

"He'll be here, m'Lady.
He still loves you."

Kay nodded and let Olivia head down with the rest of the staff. If all went well, the whole Palace would be evacuated minus her guards and security.


In the Command Center she now stood, her eyes fully trained on the holographic map in front of them outlaying the various known movements of forces on both sides, both in the air and on the ground. She nodded as Baron Morcus spoke. "They are not in this for the short term. Look at those structures that they've constructed.
As long as the shields hold, they can't do much of anything but try to wait us out. Is there a way that we could distract them and have some of our forces attack them from behind?
Surely we could surround them as they surroubd us?"
She was no battle strategist, but in her mind it could work.

Darth Carnifex Darth Prazutis Stardust Australis Skirae Lauri Törni Mythos Aten Ramses



Kor Vexen

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Kor Vexen


On the ground, Outskirts of Capital City

Disable the shield protecting the Capital


Vexen had landed with his own Ferrata Class Carrier, deploying his own troops along the front as thousands of soldiers, tanks and walkers began to pour out onto the outskirts surrounding the capital, watching the rest of the grand sight that was the Sith Empire's Legion taking up battle lines and beginning to lay siege to the city. Artillery fired at a constant rate, raining shells and destruction everywhere, though those that flew straight for the capital struck a shield that despite the constant barrage would not yield nor break. It was unsurprising to the Sith General that they would turtle; they would be slaughtered if they tried to engage over open ground against the might of the Legion and Armada. The shield would prove to be a problem indeed, one that would need to be taken care of if they were to claim the capital and lay waste to the enemy. Countless battles against similar strategies that were put up in an effort to stall or stop Vexen, however, had given him much insight into how to handle them. No shield in existence could provide an absolute defense. There was a way around it...Or rather beneath it in the current case. No amount of artillery fire or orbital bombardment would break through the bubble of protection that watched over the shining capital like a guardian angel though their outer defenses just outside the shield could be picked off.


Vexen would observe in the distance as artillery fire began to fire at a rhythmic beat, like the pounding of war drums in a full-scale cannonade. Despite the Sith Empire's brutal effectiveness in brute forcing their way through the enemy's defenses, this would require a more surgical touch and the siege of the capital from their own forces would provide a perfect distraction as a cover. Vexen would raise his left hand up, a slight twitch in his wrist as he activated his comms, sending out an encrypted message to the forward commanders as well as their specialized assets, "Their shields won't cover them from below. Find a way into the city through whatever tunnel or sewer systems you can find and get under that shield. Disabling their shields from the inside will be our key to victory. Once the shields are down the capital will be ours to take." Vexen's fingers would curl up into a fist as he terminated the transmission, staring down at his hand as he seemed to growl before returning his gaze back upon the trenches being dug and the soldiers holding the forward positions down.


There was much time to brood over the situation, though as of right now, all that could be done was to hammer down whatever defensive structures and enemy troops were holding the Legion back from advancing or gaining intel. He had no doubt in his mind that those who dove for the enemy's heart would get the information they needed to secure another victory for the Empire. Their lives depended on it, and failure was not a very well received option for any of them. Vexen would command a contingent of AW-04 'Harbingers' to the side, up towards an elevated plateau where they could best fire from, the artillery currently in tank configuration as they hovered out to their positions before the treads that they hovered on began to shift into a pair of bipedal legs, elevating the Harbingers' body and cannon to a higher position. Durasteel spikes drove themselves into the ground, securing the Harbingers into place as they began to warm up their heavy railcannons. Their priority was to serve as defense emplacement snipers since their rounds suffered from very little if any falloff, they were perfect for destroying stationary targets from afar.


"Show them what it means to stand against the Sith Empire and tear down their shining capital."


Khonsu Amon | Vestille Thumahra | Anden Fancelo











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Location: Silver Jedi Embassy

Allies: CSA, SJO and their allies

Enemies: TSE, their enemies and eventually Xevek Rakama


As the advisor, consort and fiancée to the Crown Prince of Commenor, it might be odd that Jairdain was at the Silver Embassy. However, she was still a Silver and she had a duty to assist with the upcoming talks that were going to happen. Arrangements needed to be made and places arranged for everybody. Not one to be able to enjoy games of many, she sat eating ice cream while Iakchi and his padawan Saka Amara played Dejerik.


Almost everything was ready and she could afford to take a few moments to enjoy this bowl of desert. Besides...somebody needed to make sure it tasted right.


It was between bites the sudden attack came. Almost like it had been on Coruscant, Jairdain let out a curse and set her bowl down. Thankful for the protection above them, she knew the sith would find a weakness and make their way to Chasin City. Anything outside of that protective bubble was in serious trouble and once the sith got in...well they had to be stopped.


Turning when Iakchi spoke, she partially agreed. Evacuation would be needed, but the Embassy was far in and not yet in danger. It would be a good staging ground and here they could hold the people until transports could be brought in.


"I suggest we round up people and bring them here for evacuation."


Aten Ramses

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Equipment: See Sig

With: Mythos

Enemies: The Sith Empire


No longer was Aten the nervous padawan, the one that feared war, battle, the death of others. His training as a padawan had been extensive, he’d seen wars, death, met numerous Sith in combat. Aten had grown into a hardened man, one that had done nothing but grow during his year exile among the Morgukai. His now silver-white hair was cut short as opposed to how it was once blonde and kept in a long ponytail. The Jedi wasn’t one completely allied with Commenor but upon hearing of their attempt on the blockade he knew it was time to step in. It had been some time since Aten had seen @Veiere Arenais but that would also play a part in why he had to be apart of the planets defense.


Leaning against the wall looking, out the office window, and to the distance Aten simply watched as just like so many other planets Commenor was sieged. He’d been there for Alderaan, Coruscant, and now Commenor. Taking in a deep breath Aten’s nose was assaulted by the scent of the cigar Mythos took pleasure in. Aten didn’t know about the individual that now stood drabbed in armor, his very presence grated against Aten’s. He made the jedi restless, the Morellian’s foot tapping at the marble floor of the office. “I will do as the force commands me in the moment.” Standing to his full height standing at 6’3 well over the other individual Aten’s arms uncrossed. “I care not for being some hero, nor do I fear death, graug, or even you.” The words were intense, each entity Aten listed off emphasized his intense lavender eyes falling upon Mythos with the last word.


Aten’s first duty was to preserving life, second to the first, anything else could fall in any order afterwards. Taking commands from Mythos wasn’t near the top, even if he was ordered to accompany him. Aten’s body showed that his words weren’t a threat, but simple fact. His mannerisms changed from that of a jokester as an apprentice to deadly serious from his time spent among the Morgukai and the trials he’d been forced through. I don’t like him. Chirped the high-pitched voice in Aten’s mind. That of the crystal housed in his saber. The saber that exuded the force the energy channeled into Aten’s very being. Once Aten always recognized others as beacons of light, though with his saber alongside him Aten was truly a beacon that stood out.


"I don't either, but this is what the Queen wishes. It must be done." The Jedi replied aloud not caring if any thought him insane.


There were no more words shared as the strike force cleared out of the office taking up formation. Aten was at the very rear, he had yet to draw his saber. Instead, the gauntlet upon his left hand simply began to create a buzzing sound that was barely audible to those not paying close attention. They had yet to come under attack, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t. “What does our mission truly detail?” 

Darian Helsic

Darian Helsic


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"Ready mortars, don't bother wasting the rounds."


Maybe a little conservative for what was going on around him, but Darian had no interest in wasting shells on blasting away at a shield. Not like the mortars had had stocked two of his platoons up with would do much to it, no, he intended to make it rain hell on the city'd defenders (and anyone unfortunate enough to be near them) once their shields fell. A solid hail of mortar fire to drown them.


But standing around? That wasn't his style, with a flick one of his soldiers brought a comm to him. His voice, stern and cold as ever asking his request across the Imperial Military Comms:

"This is Major Darian Helsic, currently I have a detachment of repulsor craft and some eager soldiers. Looking for additional forces to begin a push past the trench work. Give those rats something to think about."


More simply put, he wanted to get into the thick of it and take any heat away from their artillery, he knew those tanks and beyond were what were going to win this fight.