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Gragatus-Class Dreadnought

- - - - - Mandalorian MandalMotors Closed Market Warship Destroyer Star Destroyer

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  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Affiliation: MandalMotorsMandalorian Major and Minor FactionsClosed-Market 
  • Model: Gragatus-Class Dreadnought
  • ProductionMinor 

  • Material: 
    • ​Mandalorian Steel
    • Fero-Magnesium Ceramic
    • Transparisteel
    • Starship Parts


  • Classification: All Purpose Destroyer
  • Length: 2000 Meters
  • Width: 900 Meters
  • Height: 268 Meters
  • ArmamentModerate
    • Dual Hypervelocity Cannons (2)
    • Quad Turbolaser Batteries
    • Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries
    • Automated Point Defense Lasers
    • Quad Laser Cannon Turrets
    • Light Turbolaser Turrets
    • Concussion Missile Launcers
    • Flak Cannons
  • Defenses Moderate
    • Mandalorian Steel Plating
  • HangarAverage: 7
  • Maneuverability RatingLow
  • Speed Rating Average
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 2 


  • Standard Warship Safety Systems
  • Standard Military Grade Sensors
  • Standard Military Grade Jamming Tech
  • Standard Hyperdrive
  • Lifesupport
  • Escape Pods
  • Hangar
  • Standard In Universe Warship Tech


  • Advanced Slave Circuitry
  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Simulated Holoscreen Bridge Display
  • Drop Pod Bays


  • Hangar Diversity: With several hangars, the ship's ability to field starfighters is rarely crippled
  • Slave Circuitry: Advanced slave circuitry allowed the Gragatus-class to function with a lower amount of physical bodies than most MandalMotors warships of similar size class.
  • Compartmentalized Design: Allowed for greater survivability in battle and allowed the ship to survive even full perforations during battle.


  • Slightly Exposed Bridge Tower: While protected by Mandalorian Steel plating, the exposed bridge gives a perfect target for bombers and gutsy pilots who can fly into the shield of the Gragatus-class dreadnought.
  • Exposed Shield Generator Bulges: Four bulges, two to port and two to starboard, are exposed. Fighters can take advantage of this by flying into the ship's shields and destroying them up close.
  • Ion Weapons: As has been shown time and time again, well placed shots from capital ship ion cannons or a well timed assault of ion bombs from a squadron of bombers will knock out shields, short out systems, and otherwise make the Gragatus-class an easy target.
  • Exposed Sensor Dishes

Description: Designed as the first functional prototype of what would become known as the Preserver-Class Mandalorian Super Dreadnought, the Gragatus-class Dreadnought was first and foremost designed as the command ship of the entire Mandalorian fleet. However, as designs became finalized and it became clear this was not the direction the Preserver-class was headed, the design was scrapped. Several months after construction on the Preserver-class began, the design for the Gragatus-class resurfaced and it was deemed necessary by share holders to produce a new Destroyer-Class vessel as only the Ash'amur II and the Kandosii-Type IV were still in production with the Kandosii-Type being an exclusive contract for the Mandalorian Empire. Thus, the incredibly flexible Gragatus-class's design was brought back out for reevaluation and eventual production by MandalMotors as a higher end option when compared to their Ash'amur II.


Covered in an assortment of weapons, the Gragatus-class sported dozens of turbolaser batteries and capital grade ion cannon batteries along side concussion missile tubes and its two dual hypervelocity guns. Due to the design of the hull however, it wasn't always possible to lay out fire on a single target if the opposing ship was set to one side due to the various superstructers along the hull. Despite this, its broadsides were incredibly powerful and being directly in front of the Gragatus-class was a sure fire way of being blown out of the sky from concentrated fire. Alongside relatively powerful weapons, the frame and various portions of the hull were reinforced with Mandalorian Steel and unlike most ships most of the Gragatus-class's hull was constructed out of ferro-magnesium ceramic, a very sturdy material that when coupled with its strong frame and powerful shields provided an impressive defense against turbolasers and missiles. The compartmentalized design of the ship made it both difficult for boarders to hack the entire ship out of one terminal while also providing energy and life support to sections of the ship, which offered the redundancy that had become common in MandalMotors ships. It also allowed the Gragatus-class to survive full perforations to the ship without tremendous loss of life through a vented ship. Through a combination of blast doors and environmental shields not only did the compartmentalization stop the entire ship from venting, but also helped increase the overall suitability of devastating blows. The bridge, while exposed, had Mandalorian Steel armored plates that slid around the viewports during intense combat situations. Advanced sensors and cameras would provide information to a complex system of holoscreen terminals which provided a simulated view that was indistinguishable from looking out of a viewport which allowed the captains of these ships to continue to observe the battlefield even when under heavy fire.


The Gragatus-class also sported several hangars. Its main hangar allowed for ships to be fielded in large amounts due to its two separate entrenches. The main entrence was between the two large mandible-like structures on the bow of the Gragatus-class and extended almost to the center of the ship, offering a massive hangar for starfighters, gunships, and logistics ships to be moved around. In this hangar there was also a hangar that opened up in what would be the Gragatus' belly which had a complex rack system where gunships and bes'uliik could be mounted and launched easily and quickly. The port and starboard hangars were filled with mostly starfighters and were significantly smaller than the main hangar despite being able to hold and service many fighters. This flexibility in ship storage as well as the assortment of weapons systems the Gragatus-class utilized made it a clear successor to the Ash'amur-class Dreadnought produced by MandalMotors. However, its cost would prevent it from becoming more popular than the Ash'amur II in public sales and its most common use would be noticed with the Mandalorian Empire and MandalMotors as it would slowly overtake the Kandosi-Type IV in usage due to its cargo capacity and fighter compliment which made it the superior invasion vessel.

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Gir Quee

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