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You'll Sleep When I Say So [First Order Invasion of Outer Rim Coalition [Hex K-53] Skor II]

* * * * * 1 votes The First Order Outer Rim Coalition Great Galactic War

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Location: 1-2 Miles (1.6 - 3.2 km ) outside of Metrobig City | Survey Site Tagge

Objective: Survey and Clear Survey Site Tagge in Preparation for Pre-fab Deployment

Allies: The First Order | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | Racosidae | Rhun Trask

Enemies: Outer Rim Coalition | Graug Remnants | Alm | T-3 | Lyra Sunfell




As Castiel tried to discern what sorts of people they were, he didn't have long to wait. Over his shoulder he heard one of their Stormtrooper liasons give the order to move. He'd indulge the trooper, they should move. He could feel eyes on them, from where he couldn't tell but as they approached the first large structure he could feel something ominous lurking in the shadows.


The Auxiliary Sergeant hadn't known much about Skor II, even the briefings given to the Ninth Legion were sparse at best. *Dog people, Salvage World, Lots of debris.* What had rumor had been passed beyond that was scattered, fragmented stories of the Graug, of the Yuuzhan Vong. Long ago the Sith had desolated the planet, pockets of the darkness infused creatures yet lingering in the darkest places of the planet. According to the mission reports from the First Order's last attempt at seizing the embattled planet, they'd even come face to face with them.


Castiel couldn't help but feel they may yet again come face to face with the creatures. A moment later, feeling turned to reality. Ahead as the Auxiliary Sergeant continued forward towards a large opening which appeared to be a bay door of some kind, he saw the shadows begin to take form. He didn't hesitate. Ahead, the scaly flesh of a massive Graug was illuminated by the light at the end of his weapon.




Depressing the trigger on his weapon of choice, Castiel ducked low as he dodged to his left and nestled himself against a thick durasteel plate. Eyes tracking the large creature as he did so, Castiel watched the blaster bolt strike the beast in the chest - with little effect. *What devilry is this...* As the Auxiliary Sergeant raised his weapon to take aim again, the Graug bellowed loudly, a chorus of echoes emanating from deeper within the warehouse. *Fething hells.* Castiel grumbled.


"Graug in the warehouse!" he shouted, reaching for the nape of the Thrall beside him. Unmoving, the Thrall looked dazed. "Get in cover you dolt." he snapped.

Elliot Locke

Elliot Locke


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Location: Metrobig City
Objective: Assault.
Allies: TSE|FOAlkor Centaris
Enemies: ORC. Anyone standing in his way | Yula Perl (Now) | Zef Halo


The split-second view had been enough for Elian to get an idea of the battlefield.


Oh, it was a market to some, but all that Eli saw were corners and killing grounds and potential liabilities. He ignored the civilians streaming past him (it would have been a good way to cause chaos, but the opportunity was already gone) and crashed through them. They made way and that made him a target. Somewhere Elian knew that others were joining him, other Stormtroopers, but also Mandalorians. He ignored all of that as well, his goal was singular.


The girl.


Even the image of her face hurt his head and he didn't know why.


It made him angry. His elbow crashed into a soldier (could they really be called soldiers? All scruff and makeshift weapons.) causing them fall to the side. A micro-explosion (Zef's particular rifle) shattered the duracrete nearby, causing sharp rock shrapnel to dash into his armor. Some of it scrapped against his shoulder, but Elian ignored it. 


He saw her form.


Unless something happened? 


He'd try to tackle her against the ground. 


Yes, you read that right. 

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    The Abandoned Pulsar

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Location: Survey Site Tagge
Objective: Survey and Clear Survey Site Tagge in Preparation for Pre-fab Deployment
Allies: The First Order | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | Castiel Moncrief | Rhun Trask
Enemies: Outer Rim Coalition | Graug Remnants | Alm | T-3 | Lyra Sunfell
There it was. The sudden deluge of violence flowing towards a pointed crescendo. Rae didn’t expect the auxiliary team to give a damn about which way she turned or ran off to, and she preferred it that way. It even would mean little if any them started dropping to the brunt of an attack. Personally, she was more than comfortable with embracing the infinite sea of nothingness. Perhaps this was the real reason why she was attached to advance with an expendable assault team. 
Supreme Leader was wise. Hail Supreme Leader. What a laugh.
She spat, disregarding any calls for cover as other people scrambled for safety, but the Knights of Ren's very own nihilist in a blue cape hunched her shoulders over so that the armorweave fabric would flow over her chest and stomach, advancing upon the animals opposing.
“Hit. Me.” She wheezed, nearly possessed completely as the life signatures in the Force bayed out to her like beacons. Just like the pandemonium aboard the interdictors during the blockade what felt like a lifetime ago against the now dead Alliance. Of course, the true disturbance were the presences approaching the sides of this projected forward operating base.
She didn’t care. Their turn would come.



Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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Allies: ORC | AiE | Vaudin Miir | Julius Sedaire | Romi Jade | Mishel Noren | Coren Starchaser | Shia Kryze | Mishka Larraq | Jaius Sovv | Krenis Skirata

Enemies: FO | Keira Verd | Vestille Thumahra | Omari Vyken | Rolf Amsel | Rexus Wenck | Tobias Wrynn | Primat Ren | Marriskcal Lati

Objective: Protect the King Squib, Organize defenses around the city and the palace

Gear: U-1MDR "Shacklebolt" Rifle | Assassin Pistol | Orange Bladed Lightsaber | Darth Moreth's Lightsaber | Jedi's Second Skin


Much to Dax's surprise, the small Mandalorian woman walked up to him, and gave him a once-over that made him raise an eyebrow in confusion. Yeah, Dax may not look incredibly impressive, but he had hoped he still had some reputation. Not like being Grand Marshall of the Coalition, The Reaper Of Won Shasot and one of the Twin-God Kings of the Shasoti, meant anything...no, nothing at all...The woman again surprised him when she knelt down next to her bag and pulled out an odd assortment of light armor, "You're going to need this." Then she simply turned around and left him standing there in confusion, holding the green armor and her bag beside him..."What the f-...this day just keeps getting weirder..." Little did Dax know of the absolute insanity that was going on above. But he soon would.


Another explosion rumbled through the castle walls and a couple of the Squibs looked up as dust gently rained down from the ceiling. "Sir," one of the ORC officers said, approaching Dax, "A shuttle made it to the palace grounds, it looks like Ren." A crooked, cock-sure grin stretched across the young man's faceas he spoke, "Hey old man, looks like we get to teach the...where the hell did Julius go?!" A Squib pointed him towards a closet and Dax shook his head, taking the armor with him as he entered the closet, joining Sedaire.


"Julius, we got Ren on site." he said as he began to change into the armor, stripping himself of his outer garments. "So, how ya been old man, been a while since I seen you around," he hung his jacket up and kicked aside the other clothes before pulling on the armor, oblivious to Julius Sedaire's efforts to meditate. It was about this time that the Purgill's in the space above had begun their...mingling...and someone, somewhere got the bright idea to link everyone through battle meditation. Dax began to feel a very peculiar heat flood his body..."Alright, good talk, I'm gonna see if I can get a bead on our Dark Side buddies and see if the kids need a good ass whoopin'. Stay safe," he said awkwardly, hurrying to put on the remainder of his armor and come out of the closet. Several of the ORC and Squib all stared at him upon his exit, a few them even had flushed, blushing faces. "What? Green ain't my color? Get your asses back to work damn it."





Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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Location: Metrobig City Flea Market
Objective: Get my ass tackled
Allies: ORC | AiE | Old man Zef Halo Cenric Marus
Enemies: FO | Elian Keyes [Engaging] | Alkor Centaris

“Cool it old man, will ya?” She grumbled back, though there was more levity in her voice, daring a glance at her grandfather before shifting her gaze back and forth. Rapidly so, given that in this chaos you could easily be overtaken from any angle. Who knew if they were coming from just one direction, or maybe they had agents planted in the crowd. Anything was possible. “Sorry for trying to lighten up your gloomy world for a sec—“

Yula’s eyes widened as she ducked to avoid being hit by a piece of scrap metal that had come flying in from her side. The Squib who’d inadvertently launched the projectile at her with his tenser rifle growled as he tried to sort the faulty device out.

“Sorry hun!” He called. “Karkin thing is on the fritz.”

He had a point though, she realized with a deep breath. Not the Squib, but her grandfather. “Leave? Think we’re way past that. Besides, we’re just gonna let these curfew karkers get what they want?” Eyes still scanning the pandemonium, she gestured with one hand towards the sky at the massive fleets that practically blotted out the sun. Despite the comfortable temperature and the sweat on her back, a chill took its time running up and down her spine. Yula had fought one-on-one before, but never in a conflict of this scale. Not even close. It was downright terrifying, but the adrenaline and honest excitement of a battle kept her upright and alert. The youthful need to prove herself gave her the need to stay, and apparently also swear more. “I’ve been in fire fights before. Stop treating me like I’m some porcelain do—“

A grenade came flying, and before Yula could even see it heading towards their location Zef had pushed her away. Roughly and haphazardly, and also right into the path of the soldier who was aiming to tackle Yula to the ground.

And tackle he did.

“Oof!” A sharp gasp followed her quick exhale as Yula was thrown to the ground, armored operative on top of her. The back of her head made contact with the stone ground and for a brief moment the lights dimmed. Her head lolled back and then forward again, body moving before her brain fog had cleared entirely. An instinctual panic surged through her system and her pistol pressed against the trooper’s armored stomach. Yula wasted no time in pulling the trigger, not knowing if it would even do anything, teeth gritting in a grimace of anger and fright.

“Get off me, karker!” She slurred out a hiss, legs squirming beneath the armor that had pinned her there. She may have been young and scared, her head bay have been absolutely splitting in pain but Yula Perl was a fighter.

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Cenric Marus

Cenric Marus

    Honor & Glory!

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Metrobig City - Squib Flea Market

Objective: Organize

Allies: ORC | Yula Perl | Zef Halo

Enemies: FO | Elian Keyes | Alkor Centaris


The Squibs had gone to work, well and truly gone to work.


They were junkers and salvagers, better than most could ever hope to be, but they also had a knack for building. It wasn't the prettiest style, but the fact that Squibs had somehow stumbled into the most powerful tractor technology in the galaxy was a boon at the moment. In short order the Squibs had somehow managed to drag enough junk into piles and piles that they had formed what could only be described as a barrier. It wasn't pretty, and it wouldn't stand against a long siege, but it was there.


Cenric was half in awe at the whole thing, but in truth he was too distracted by the blaster fire now sparking on the other side of the 'wall' to actually stand and stare at the structure.


The Jedi let out a curse. "Help anyone still on the other side over!"


It was something that he probably didn't need to shout, there were already half a dozen Squibs helping their kin over the wall, but he did it anyway. With a scrambling jump he pulled himself up the wall of junk and to the top, peeking over and spotting the First Order troopers slowly advancing on the market. He saw a human man, a woman...though she didn't appear entirely human. His lips thinned and then he shouted at the top of his lungs at them.


"GET BEHIND THE WA-" He stopped himself as he saw the woman getting tackled.




    Hammer Time

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Location: Tagge Survey Site

Objective: Make a new friend

Allies: ORC | AiE | T-3 | Peyton Steele | Lyra Sunfall

Enemies: FO | Racosidae | Castiel Moncrief | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | Rhun Trask


The Squibs covered their ears as the hawk shrieked, a collective grimace spreading throughout their makeshift camp. “Geeze, Tree.” The one who’d been attempting to explain codebreakers to her grumbled. “Shut that thing up, will you?”


Alm was fascinated by the Squib and had a genuine desire to get them to like her. “Byamba!” She admonished her avian companion. “Shut you up.”


The hawk paused, cocked his head at her and went back to pecking at the screen.


With a sigh of exasperation, Alm uncurled her fingers from the hammer’s handle and strode over to the trash heap where Byamba had perched. Strangely, said trash heap began to emit a low whirr. Alm stopped, cautiously confused while the bird didn’t seem to either notice or care. The tall woman blinked in surprise, muscles jumping slightly when the long-dead screen booted up with a flash of light.




A large hand reached out, fingers spreading across what was likely the droid’s head. She took a moment to establish her grip before violently ripping whatever had been attached to the screen out of the junk heap and depositing it unceremoniously onto the ground. During this, Byamba had taken perch on her shoulder.


"Hmmm. Robot."


Alm didn’t have long to stare at the carcass of whatever electronic being she had just unearthed, not when the staccato of blaster fire and the rumble of fighting echoed from the distant end of the site.


The Squib who had initially been looking on in amusement exchanged wary glances, but Alm was the first to turn towards the source of the noise.


“I go. You stay. No following.”


With that she started her way down the abandoned area, using an arm gesture to send her hunting companion high in the sky. The shuvu beast would reach whatever was going on first and circle overhead, signaling his master on where to go.

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Tagge Survey Site
Objective: Wake Up
ORC | AiE | Alm | Peyton Steele
Enemies: FO | Racosidae | Castiel Moncrief | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | Rhun Trask


The hand covered the droid's face, and then the organic ripped T-3 free from his scrap Prison.


Initially it had thought the organic meant it harm. Though T-3's memory banks were empty, there were still the dozens of threat analysis programs running quietly in the back of it's mind. Those programs had set to create an assessment of the organic that had pulled it free, and the outcome had not been favorable. When the creature pulled him free however, deposited the droid on the ground and unceremoniously walked away...said programs were rather displeased.


Fighting was simple. It was the primary directive and required little actual access to the data that was actually lost, but now?


Now T-3 was stuck.


It had no idea of what to do, save for conducting a quick scan of itself. The process took little less than a milisecond, an assessment of every wire, bolt, and screw that made up it's form. It found several small compromised systems, tears within it's Lattice cloth, pulled wires that would lead to slower movement, but it's phrik frame was whole, and core programming was still in place. The unfortunate side of this was of course, the knowledge of what to do with that programming was gone.


T-3 stood still for just a moment more, and then It's HUD flared slightly as blaster bolts erupted in the distance. Sensors pulsed, and then it shifted.


It was a small change, but without any directive T-3 fell into step behind Alm.


Rexus Wenck

Rexus Wenck

    Punished Rexus

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Allies: Omari Vyken | Tobias Wrynn | Keira Verd | Primat Ren | Varas Ren | Rolf Amsel | Marriskcal Lati | Dergan Twigg
Enemies: Darth Metus | Julius Sedaire | Romi Jade | @Mishel Ren | Jaius Sovv | Coren Starchaser | Srina Talon | Mishka Larraq | Shia Kryze
Objective: Infiltrate the palace. Nab the VIP

Location: King of Skor's Palace





Rexus looked and watched as his comrades entered through the hole blown through the wall. He checked himself, and then as the others moved through, positioned himself second in line. The gargantuan mass of Dergan Twigg would take the rear while Maalraasa strafed in the shadows. On the comm unit, he heard a voice crackle over comms. He could tell it was friendly. It was classic stormtrooper lingo. "I have eyes on OpFor." The trooper barked. Rexus was a little unsure where he was, until his mind wandered to the briefing. This was Bravo. A less hardened trooper would have perhaps looked to the skies, or the surrounding buildings to find the operative. Perhaps he was like the Maalraas, an FOSB spook. Perhaps he had already infiltrated the palace, hours in advance? Could never be too sure with these spooks. "In bound on your position. I can line up a shot on command. Please advise." 


The Death Trooper however did not respond, and instead allowed for the stormtrooper, or Omicron, on point engage with the mysterious agent. "Keep our exfil route clear, if it goes south we'll be coming out hot." Omicron informed their mysterious guardian. Rexus took some solace in that. It was good that this time, the burden would not be on him if things went to chit. No repeats from the Salvagestuff platform. No. Half. Measures. "Engage hostiles at your discretion." He continued, as he authorised Bravo. "The curfew announcements...." Omicron paused, perhaps to check his chronometer, "Have been going for more than enough time. If they're armed, they're a target."

Rexus heard the click of the comms unit ending the conversation, as they entered into the labyrinth. Statuettes of Squib leaders throughout the ages now adorned the walls, along with portraits. It was a pretty fancy affair. Reminded Rexus of the galleries back in Avalonia. Not that he had much time for such things, but he had taken his time there. Still, no time to admire the art, as Omicron relayed more orders. "We're on floor one, throne room is on floor three. We have some hoofing to do." Wenck considered the proposition. Would the King still be there? The group now turned a corner, and there was an audible blast, and then a thud. Wenck quickly darted out of formation, and took a peek. One muscled squib, on the floor convulsing after a stun round entered his stomach, before falling limp. Alive, but limp.

The twitching disturbed Wenck a little. His mind flashed briefly back to the sight of the convulsing squib on the Salvagestuff platform. Their bodies contorting and twisting as the little blue furballs entered their death roes. Their mouths, frothing as their innards, organs came right up through their mouths. Their bodies twitching before the stillness, the embrace of death after their agonising final moments. The trooper could feel a tenseness enter his system. His hand becoming sweaty. Cold beads running down his face, Rexus' breaths becoming increasingly hitched and shallow. Maalraasa ended the silence. Kept the ex-stormtroopers mind occupied. "Keep casualties in the Palace to a minimum. If our boys outside get a little trigger happy, he won't know yet." 


Rexus considered the order. Clearly the Spook wanted to keep things clean. He could understand that angle, no traces of their appearance. Bar that unconscious Squib. No unnecessary deaths, and before they knew it, they'd have a king and all would be right with the world? Right? No more Skor. No more nightmares. Back at the barracks with a carton of cigars and whiskey. However, the objective of the throne room troubled him, and it seemed Maalraasa echoed these sentiments. "The Throne Room could be a trap. They know we know where it is" 


Wenck decided he would chime in on this debate, "I agree with FOSB lad," Rexus mused, aloud, "If I were running a security job on 'is place, I'd be holding the VIP somewhere secure or with quick access to a getaway." He barked over comms. It was true, and as his argument developed, he elaborated. "They know we're gonna head in 'ere. So they'd probably go evac him somewhere, bait and switch us with some guards or somethin' in the throne room." It wasn't like the First Order's arrival hadn't tried to disguise its nature. It was an occupation.But where was the King was the most important question of this raid. It seemed the Palace, had changed since the First Order's last incursion. The shield generator was proof of that, so who knew what defences may lay inside, either undiscovered, or added by the fearful inhabitants. What countermeasures had they imagined? "They might have the VIP hold up ready for extraction at some kind of hangar or motor pool," He then paused, "Kark, he might already have left, or...." he paused, and thought a little.


"They could have him secured somewhere else." He mused.  "Stowed him somewhere safe till the heat dies down. Some kind of secure checkpoint, or static position." He then realised then he was randomly speculating and pontificating. Hell,he was probably wrong given how unorganised security in this place seemed to be. "Sorry Omicron. Rommulus out." 

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Sol Stazi

Sol Stazi

    Twilight Survives

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Location: ~13 km from Survey Site

Objective: Organize Recon Patrol

Allies: ORC + AiE | Lyra Sunfell | Peyton Steele | Alm | T-3

Enemies: FO | Rhun Trask | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | Castiel Moncrief


"Power packs!" Captain Stazi called out in a raised whisper, humping across the ridge Twilight was using for cover just out of sight, "Fresh power packs!"


When he reached the end of the line, Sol plopped down into a prone position just underneath the ridge's crest like the rest of first platoon. Slamming a fresh energy cartridge into his own A320, the duros officer checked his sights before letting the rifle's stock rest loosely against his chest while he reached for a nearby pair of macrobinoculars. Even with its resolution dialed way up, he could just barely make out the tiny forms of Auxiliary troopers moving in between warehouses outside Metrobig City limits.


"Ozaka, what do you see?" he grunted to an Atrisian sergeant beside him.


"Mostly conscripts, some bucketheads giving orders," out of all of them, Ozaka's vision was among the keenest, "At least a legion, maybe more. Tough to say, they keep moving in and out of cover. I think they're clearing out their surroundings."


"Its what we would do," Sol nodded, clapping his second squad sergeant across the back, "Good work, oh zee. Watch my pack."




Stazi was already on the move, heavy backpack left behind. Hoofing it back down the line, the duros captain called out to the leader of first squad, "Woosk!"


"Yeah, boss?" the klatooinian sergeant called back, shuffled over a half meter so his CO could hunker down next to him.


"Major wants eyes on," he jerked his head toward the First Order landing zone they were casing, "Two fireteams. You're with me, be ready to move out in five mics."


"Yeah, boss."


Sergeant Woosk set off to pick his team, and left his captain to do the same. Standard Twilight composition was a four man fireteam. Team leader, that was him and Woosk, a secondary rifleman, a grenadier, and a repeating rifleman. Each soldier in his platoon was equipped with scout armor, while their heavier shock troopers clustered back around the camouflaged Firebird. Most Alliance fireteams operated with A320s and a DLT-29, and Sol's men were no exception.


Captain Stazi checked the charge on his rocket boots, and when he was satisfied he also made sure that he hadn't forgotten anything from his pack for this mission. Linking back up with Woosk, the pair led their soldiers in a shimmy up and over the ridgeline, crawling down to cover and then pulling themselves up into low crouches meant to split the difference between stealth and haste.


"Overwatch this is Dusk Actual, how copy?" Sol switched on his encrypted frequency with Major Lyra Sunfell, "Recon is a go. Leave the porch light on for us."

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Vorhi Alestrani

Vorhi Alestrani

    Blind Brawler

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Location: Yes

Objective: Also a thing

Allies: Tiland Kortun, the force, the universe?

Enemies: Do....do we have those.....one must wonder....



He nodded to Tilund. "I'll have to visit sometime, after we're done with this soiree."



Vorhi smiled as the next song escaped from his lips. Was this distraction attracting their attention? Was it shifting them? Was any of this futile flailing, this rattling against the cages of the first Order, of any real value? He smirked as Tilund focused. Illusions. Deceiving their eyes. Ever the cunning, gentle old man. After all, if they were going to hurt people, no sense letting them hurt real ones.



As Vorhi set the microphone back into the pedestal catching his breath, the sky grew with fire, and nergy, and light. Not real light, but for a man who saw the force, all of heaven an earth seemed to shift. Battle meditation? But who, and how, and why was it hitting friend and fo--




Oh. Wow. That's...hmmm, yess, that's very, ahh, interesting. That's a lot to take in, really. The sort of thing you didn't and did, after all. But that's how it works, how it goes. Bees, birds, whales, near-humans. Hope and love move forward, hate shuffles under it's own weight. And life, life finds a way, doesn't it? Well, then. Maybe live could find a new way. Or, an old one.



For a moment the flowers seemed to be everywhere. And then they weren't. Vorhi would've blinded, if he had the eyes for it. Everything was still. Wait, things should be moving. How did it stop? Who paused the universe?



He turned. He saw...a light. made of every color, like some tacky cantina dance floor doohickey. It spoke. "What will you do?"



Vorhi frowned. "What?"



"Yes," the voice intoned. "We are here. We wish to know what you will do."



The blind man cocked his head to the side, his hat staying in place as he strode towards the light. "I.....don't.....know....."



"Do not hesitate, thief. We are here."



"Again, what?"



"Apologies.....the word....we are not here....as you would say.....yet. We will be here....tenses are not....common..."



Vorhi frowned. No tense meant no time. In wild space, that was never a great sign."Oh, that's who you are. Well, I don't know. I've been reacting playing defense. Do you know?"


"Yes, we are here, and we will know what you have done."



"But what will I do?" The monk asked in annoyance.



"Yes," the series of glowing lights said. "What you will do we know. What will you do, we know not."



"How much time do we have?"



"Much....little....it doesn't matter...."



Vorhi grinned almost manically, he laughed a little. Time to go mad. Time to answer. "I suppose I'll go a little crazy, then. I spend so much time seeing death. it's strange to look at so much life," he shook his head and sighed. "I think I've got a plan, actually. Thank you. I'm going back now."



"We know.....you are welcome....thief...."



Vorhi grinned. "And a damn good one."



The world unfroze, time became normal. Vorhi caught his breath, ten feet to the left of where he had been. A piece of hot, jagged, metal fell from the sky landing right where he'd been, very on fire and heavy enough to crush people. He sniffed slightly.He walked over to Tilund and nodded. "I'm afraid we'll have to go to where the trouble is," he said softly. "We've done what we can here, I think," he waved towards the are that the writer can acknowledge as a survey site. "Something intense that way. More greed and hunger. Think we can sate it?"



He slotted a small data crystal into the microphone. An old ballad. Not his voice anymore, but he did have a promise to keep. And it was time to make good on some promises. "Either way, time to move, isn't it?"



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Karl Von Strauss

Karl Von Strauss

    Captain of the Duchess, 6th Fleet

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Location: FIV Anastasia, Local Space

Objective: Defend the Starboard Flank

Allies: First Order | Robogeber | Kou'ha Escala | Morro | Cynthia Alucard

Enemies: ORC

Engaging: Jorus Merrill




 Captain Von Strauss' attack was going just as planned. Then from the corner of his eye out of his port side glassteel window, he spotted an abomination that only existed in deep space stories. "By the force, it's a fething summa-verminoth. How did it get here!?" Karl was still busy looking at it through the window hands strung through his hair when his XO placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him around, then proceeded to slap him in the face. "Sir, there is still a battle at hand." Karl's hand rested upon where his XO had just slapped him. "You know, if I was any other Captain or Admiral, I'd have you court-martialed, but you're right. Send Ensign Vardo to fetch me a bottle of wine and a glass.""Very good, Sir." The Ensign ran off to Captain Von Strauss' office on the floor below the bridge. After a few seconds Vardo came back bottle in hand, but no glass, the Ensign was clearly out of breath and this wasn't a terrible problem. Karl grabbed the bottle by the neck and chugged about a quarter of the bottle. "Alright, let get this plan into stage two." He handed the bottle to the XO, who handed it to Vardo.


   Captain Von Strauss sat down in his command chair and began to spout off commands. "Lieutenant, inform both Pack Alph and Pack Forma initiate a feint instead of completing the pincer, continue past them and then switch sides on the way back, but stay behind them. Target the engines with everything; the Chasseurs' Mega-class turbolasers should do the job effectively. The Blitz's will continue in formation with the Chasseurs and continue being their defense against fighter and what-not. Have all six of the Uhlan corvettes target one enemy corvette at one time than move on to the next. Boneshatters will continue support of the Chasseurs." Karl's XO frowned. "Sir it seems that Biocomms aren't available, shall I use laser pulse?" The Captain rolled his eyes. "Yes, if that's all we have available." The XO Issued the Captains orders. "What about Pack Duff, Sir?" Karl let out a faint laugh, "It's crazy but it might work, have Duff go straight down the middle, using all weaponry of course, we'll play a game of chicken. If that pesky freighter doesn't move at the last second all vessels are to dive and regroup with the other Packs." The XO issued the orders and Pack Duff, which was under the Anastasia launched at full speed, mega-class turbolasers firing. "Sir we have a direct line, but it is full of static with the FIV Maiden." He played it. ::Hel...severely dam... AAAHHHGG::Karl's brow, wet with sweat, now showed full anger. "Deploy the bombers and have a squadron of Interceptors and fighters cover them. Main target is the forward ship, full speed, Pack Duff's Interceptor squadron is to break off and reinforce the bombers as well." Karl grabbed the bottle out of Ensign Vardo's hand and chugged another two quarters. He then poured the rest onto the floor of the bridge. "For those on the FIV Maiden. Let's not have to do that again."


 "Lieutenant, you have control, I have full confidence in your skills if you need me just speak up." The TIE attack force Karl had order activated rushed off at full speed towards the S.S. Gaussamer. "Designate fire pattern Naga." Shouted the XO on the bridge. Then the continuous fire from the Imperial-X II's switched from their individual targets all towards the Jaquelle. All one hundred and twenty-six long-range batteries of turbolasers, mega and heavy, and ion pummeled into the old destroyer's rusty front. The Imperial-X II's poured everything into this old destroyer. hoping to disable it or to destroy it. Behind them, another one of Karl's Chasseurs blew up. The other chasseurs were doing their job and were targeting the thrusters of enemy ships. Pack Duff was halfway to the enemy fleet. "Sabre's continue to jam enemy sensors. Haven pull back and switch with the Jupiter. Anastasia, Belle, and White continue to attack!" Captain Von Strauss nodded, he had trained his XO well. Something his sister said a long time ago came to the front of his mind all of a sudden, War is like playing holochess blindfolded. Hmm, how appropriate




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Marriskcal Lati

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Praetorian Initiate
Equipment |
Mk. I RAKGHOUL Semi-Powered Battle Armour with Repulsorlift Technology, Lightsaber & Training Lightsaber, DE-39 Maser Rifle, Throwing Knives, Binding Wires, Injector Pens filled with Lecepanine

Location | Palace Grounds, Squib King's Palace

Objectives | Make contact with ALPHA unit

Allies | Primat Ren, Varas Ren, Rexus Wenck, Omari Vyken, Rolf Amsel, Tobias Wrynn, Keira Verd, Vestille Thumahra, First Order
Enemies | Dax Fyre, Julius Sedaire, ORC & their allies

Status | Heading towards ALPHA 3 & 4


The Marriskcal assigned to a mission was a very different creature than the usual carefree Marriskcal that was filled with bubbly cheer and curious queries. Her expression shrouded by her helmet, the youngling’s eyes narrowed slightly at the personal chatter that continued between her brother and sister. Realising Primat’s feelings for Varas, she did not begrudge them the opportunity, but the greater part of her that was already fully immersed in the objective found herself wanting to berate them about focusing while they were in hostile territory. She bit down on the lower lip to stop herself from doing so, as she was the youngest, and the least experienced member in their small team. For most of her assignments, Marriskcal had been placed with various First Order military outfits, so she was more used to the way they operated compared to even working with her own Ren brothers and sisters.


Patience, Marr. Every unit has their own idiosyncrasies. You will get used to it in no time.


Varas’ mention of the lighter presence made her scowl as she sent out a tendril of the force towards the palace once again. But unlike her more skillful sister, the youngling had limitations. Grumbling lowly under her breath, she slowly withdrew her presence, tucking it into a small ball within her to decrease her own presence within the force. Marriskcal suspected it may be a futile effort either way, because if the brunette knight was able to sense them, it would be easier for them to continue on their mission with the awareness that the enemies has also sensed their own presence. But even then, the initiate was not about to disregard her training.


I’m one-hundred percent certain of it. Alpha Three and Four feels very different to my senses.” It was how Marriskcal has managed to keep track of her unit back on the mines, after all. She turned to look back at Primat when he made his observation on the forces gathered within. At the bleak news, her blue eyes flickered to the palace building, the treacherous touch of hesitation slithering into her mind. And then, Primat mentioned a particular word that stoked the embers of her dislike into a blazing flame. Jedi. Heretics. Vermin. Just with that one word, the slight fear that was just starting to insidiously burrow itself within her person burned into nothingness.


Marriskcal was willing to tolerate, or perhaps even finding herself liking any force sensitive who were aligned to the light. The youngling herself was not truly dark in nature, her own presence in the force closer to a grey or even light. She was still young, and her upbringing and lack of experience had yet to stain her soul with darkness despite some of the things she has committed. But a Jedi’s existence itself was an abomination. An affront. Just as the young initiate has mustered the courage to challenge Master Kyrel, Varas, and her disciple back on Virgillia; as well as the determination to prove herself worthy to the Praetorian Knight despite knowing she was fighting a losing battle, Marriskcal was already preparing herself mentally for the clash ahead.


I can. They are approximately three hundred meters away.” With the thoughts of Jedi still at her forefront of her mind, her words were cold and flat as she gestured down the length of the palace building. She cast another careful glance at their immediate surroundings, using both the sensors built within her suit and her own force senses to discern their safety. Even if her own skills were lacking, Marriskcal knew both her brother and sister were with her. She trusted them to cover her deficiencies while they made their way to join up with ALPHA 3 and 4. With the thought in mind, the youngling made her way along the walls, keeping her gaze alert for an entry point.

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Natasi Fortan

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Location: FIV Concordia
Objective: Lead
Allies: The First Order | Kou'ha Escala | Rolf Amsel | The Major | Robogeber | Durgan Ossk | Sogash
Enemies: The Outer Rim Coalition | The Galactic Alliance | Spirited Teens | Scruff-Bearers | Grandeur-Deluded Beskar Jockeys | Space Calamari | Vindicators | Kaine Australis
Natasi stared blankly at The Major as she listened to the Director's lengthy questions. Her breath caught in her throat at the beginning, but by the end of her fourth sentence, Natasi allowed herself to breathe. "I think that's a question each of us needs to answer for ourselves," Natasi said after a thoughtful pause. "But love is fundamental, Sybil. The only things worth doing in life are done for love. If one is motivated by hatred or envy or greed or vengeance, it is such a waste of effort and of time. I believe -- truly -- that one regrets acting out of love more than they do regret acting out of hate." 
She paused and glossed over the pointed mention of her late husband for the moment. "It doesn't have to be for a person -- though it can. And it can be damaging. Fatal. Before I married my husband, there was another man. I don't know how much I believe in a deity, Director, but the way I felt our souls fit together as if they were the only two pieces of a puzzle -- it was as close to proof of an almighty power as I've ever seen. I loved him, but he didn't know it, and when I confronted him with this reality, he chose... another." She squeezed her eyes closed; even after all this time, the rebuke to her pride stung as much as her broken heart. "It was hideous. It was overwhelming. There was nothing to do, no way to escape it until I found that love needn't be for one single, imperfect being."
Natasi spread her hands as if to encapsulate all within the sensor displays, and beyond that into the First Order. "I found what I needed in the love of my people, and for them. I am not comfortable with the cult of personality that has been built around me, but I can tell you that the genuine affection the citizens of our Empire feel for me, and I for them, saved me in the darkest moments of my life. When my heart was broken. When I was almost assassinated. When Talbot died."
At this fresh grief, the Grand Moff was not able to suppress the painful, icy grip that seized her heart, and a single tear escaped her eye. "It's the people like us -- and we are alike, Sybil, perhaps more than you care to admit -- but we need love. Whether it's love for our country or the love of a good man -- or woman, I suppose," said Natasi, suppressing her traditionalist Galidraani impulses, "we need someone to share the burden. Even if sometimes it is just an adoring public -- who don't know you but who love you anyway." Her voice was becoming more and more choked, and in her embarrassment, she brushed at her cheeks where the tears were dripping all the more aggressively, though she had not yet given over to blubbing. "Even if it is an adversary who knows you more than you care to admit."


"It is worth it, Director Shepard. Some might say it is of critical importance. Whatever the risk -- " Her voice fell silent when The Major's attention switched back to the sensor readout. "What in the name of the Balance is that?" asked the Grand Moff as the miniaturized version of the Kraken finally resolved itself on the display. She looked up at Sybil with a distressing sensation settling in the pit of her stomach, but something in the woman's eyes told her the space monster wasn't, somehow, the worst of their concerns.


"What's the matter?" Natasi asked suspiciously. 


Cale Gunderson

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Location: Orbit

Allies: ORC | GAiE

Enemies: FO



This wasn't his fight. He'd told himself that at least twenty times, followed by another twenty of questioning what good a cripple with a slightly up-armed freighter was going to do against the juggernaut of the First Order. Cale dealt with those existential crises the same way he'd dealt with all his issues these days. He threw back a some Corellian whiskey and got on with it. Worst case scenario he died, no big deal right?


The nameless YT-2000 swept through the inky black, canons that weren't fixed locked into forward position. She was bigger than the fighters he'd spent so long behind the stick of, but he had mastered it with ease. With a squeeze of the trigger, blasts of ionized tibana lanced outward and consumed a single TIE as it attempted to form back up with its squadron. The fighter exploded violently as Cale jerked the controls and squeezed again, another TIE consumed in an explosion.


Something about combat, despite his reluctance, had become almost as intoxicating as his growing list of vices. Cale could feel the temple master's disappointed gazes from beyond the grave, but that meant relatively nothing. The cockpit was the one area his lack of a limb hadn't slowed him down, it was the one place where he still was in tune with the force, it was the one place he still felt adequate. All it took was a shot or two and he'd be ready to dogfight forever.


The flight of TIEs split as the YT screamed after them, canons blazing through the void of space. Three of the remaining four managed to bank out of the way, but one unlucky soul's wing was clipped. In an instant the fighter lost all control, spiraling for a moment before another blast tore through the cockpit and enveloped the fighter in flame. Cale could've let them go, but he'd been unflinching, cold even. He'd practically executed the pilot.


Some of the Sith's ways had stained his soul after all.



Peyton Steele

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Location: En Rotue to Tagge

Allies: Alm | T-3 | Lyra Sunfell | Sol Stazi

Enemies: Rhun Trask | Hatori Ikari | Decima Fortan | @Castiel Moncrief




The hover tanks, more just armored personnel carriers with AP weaponry to provide some form of cover, were making their way towards the city, to provide support for the Squibs and General Starchaser. The battalion was being lead by someone who was much more a field agent than a soldier, and that had her nervous. She was able to help move people, but aside from that? Fighting wasn’t her strong suit.


Armored up and with a sniper rifle, though, she could pick enemies off and move the team forward to their victory. However, she knew more and more elements had arrived planetside.


“This is Lieutenant Steele to Alliance Forces. Armored detachment of Sentinel Battalion is looking for a target, come back.” Ones they had a target, this battle would make more sense.


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Objective: Attack Enemy Fleet
Allies: First Order Navy
Directly Engaging: Silara Varis
Actions Summary: 
  • Using purrgils as barrier for Sovereignty Command
  • Task Force Kingdom firing upon Quekoth Command and Alliance Command 
  • Task Force Dynasty firing upon Merchant Command 
  • Fleet details in spoiler tag
Skor was supposed to be a one front war, but with Alliance-in-Exile ships detected, possible Confederacy enemies sighted and a menagerie of space critters to contend with, the fighting would take place in surround sound.
Captain Morro was not pleased at the thought of blowing up the semi-sentient creatures, but it seemed as though the ORC would stop at nothing in their quest to defend their space - including using docile beasts as weapons. 
“Are they just a distraction? Or are they stuffed with bombs?” she mused rhetorically to Lt. Adler. Her answer would come in the form of laser cannon fire from Admiral Rausgeber’s fleet as space glowed around his array of ships, and he relentlessly fired on the purrgil. No bombs, but their demise was just as explosive.
Comms were patchy at best, nil at worst right now, though Morro was not sure why. She caught a snippet of her husband addressing the fleet: "Bzztt…. firm and hold ranks, this is but the gambit of desperate scum… bzztt... trying to evade… bzztt.” On the bridge, it never failed to thrill her to hear the same voice that whispered in her ear at night, barking out orders. Droid or not, Rausgeber was still as magnetic to the Chiss as he was the very first day she met him, having been assigned to his fleet as a junior officer.
She instinctively steered Battlegroup Sovereignty towards the Admiral.
“Mind those whales and target the Alliance-in-Exile ships in range.” A few purrgils alone could take out a third of Morro’s task forces. “Actually,” she added, turning to Lt. Adler and clasping her hands behind her back. “Sovereignty Command will stay where we are, with the purrgils providing a natural defense barrier. Task Group Kingdom and Dynasty will maneuver around the pod, flanking fore and aft to fire upon Alliance vessels.” With orders given she turned back towards the expanse of space before her, a dizzying sight made more stunning by blinding arcs of cannon fire and combusting whales. Captain Varis's fleet just so happened to be the closest to Morro's swift corvettes and frigates, and for now, was the sole target of her missiles.
Another gigantic creature loomed on the visual horizon, so her crew scrambled now to identify it.

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Jorus Merrill

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Location: Space, attacking FO starboard flank
Objective: Attack FO starboard flank
Allies: ORC
Enemies: FO, directly engaged with Karl Von Strauss

Y'know, following a fleet battle is a lot like shockboxing. It's true. See, some guys say watch the knees, some say watch the eyes or the hands or whatever. I keep my eyes unfocused: concentrate on a detail and you'll miss a lot of the big picture. Everything works together.

That's how you've gotta approach fleet command. Every ship and formation is its own system of a thousand factors, everything can shift all at once. There's no helpful neon sign telling you what needs attention or where to find your next opportunity.

So here's what I saw. Both the small-ship pincers bounced away and went to get behind us. Pretty soon they'd be attacking engines. The downside was, grade-school tactics or not, I didn't really have a good counter for it. Not if I wanted to keep closing the range.

And I really, really wanted to keep closing the range. The Gossamer's got better shields than most command Star Destroyers, we could hold out pretty good against that third prong, but I wasn't worried about my boat.

I was worried about the Jacquelle.

By length she was the biggest boat we had, second-biggest by tonnage. She'd got her scars fighting the Bando Gora with me a couple decades back. She could stand up to a lot, and it'd take more than one normal barrage to break her shields, but this wasn't a normal barrage. The First Order's invested a ton in making big nasty guns.

Oh, and by the way: we had no intership comms. Not a bit. Daccano’s a good squawk officer, but it was taking him five minutes’ lag to pick the simplest crap out of the noise. So like I said, couldn't do much but keep charging.

Thing was, we weren't in the worst position. Gossamer tanking out front, couple big boats behind and to either side, heavy cruisers on the flanks, smaller ships blobbed around. Our fighter screen was in good shape to hold off the bombers and their two squadrons of escort. We might not be able to talk to each other or shift formation, but so be it.

We had something else going for us, too. Each piece seemed to be happening separately, with delays, like the enemy commander was watching the hands, then the eyes, then the knees instead of working on the big picture all at once. Since we just kept steaming for short range, building up momentum, that all worked in our favor.

Yeah, things were going good until the Jacquelle started puking escape pods. Guess the combination of that big barrage and the engine strikes was just too much for the old shield generators. The other ships started pulling the pods in, but how much attention could we spare for that, really?

The Jacquelle had built up a good head of steam and we'd closed the range pretty good. The dying Star Destroyer went to burnout flank speed and lurched past us, right at the frontal corvette swarm. A few more escape pods dribbled out. We'd snag them if we could.

Forty thousand guys and gals on the Jacquelle. A small city right there. Some nights I still ask myself how many got off.

Kou'ha Escala

Kou'ha Escala

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Equipment | Uniform, Code Cylinder, Blaster Pistol
Location | Secondary Bridge of FIV Concordia, Local Space

Objectives | Ordering Task Group Helix to support Task Group Orion
Allies | Natasi Fortan, The Major, Robogeber, Karl Von Strauss, Gromm Cardan, Morro, Cynthia Alucard
Enemies | Jorus Merrill, Silara Varis, Kaine Australis, Cathul Thuku, Mazik Stazi, Dracken Pryce, MittenschNP0tY.png

Despite his utter incredulity at the ludicrous spectacle playing out before him, the Captain was unable to drag his eyes away from the frolicking purrgils. Pray tell, when did we end up in a holodocumentary and why didn't any of my officers think to warn me? He finally gave in to temptation, using the knuckles of his right hand to massage the space between his brows in hope of alleviating the massive headache that afflicted him. “C– Captain!” The stammer in his officer’s voice could only mean one thing in a time like this. Joy. More bad news. Already somewhat resigned by this point, Kou’ha allowed his arm to fall back to his side even as he turned his body to fully look his paling strategic officer, his eyes flickering to land on the hologram projection of a summa-verminoth.

The Epicanthix found the strength leeching away from his body at the sight, but before he could stumble a step backward, he leaned forward and placed both his hands flat on the surface of the display table to brace himself. Despite the stab of fear permeating his being, his mind continued to exert itself as it formed and discarded plans. As far as Kou’ha knew, these beasts only dwelled in the Maelstrom of the Maw Cluster. To have brought one so far from its natural dwelling just to gain advantage in battle… they had to be insane. Insane and filled with hubris, if they thought they could control a beast’s instincts to devour everything in its way indiscriminately.


He took in a deep rattled breath…

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.


… and released his terror into the air along with his exhale.


Keeping the quote of his favourite novel at the forefront of his mind, Kou’ha found the steel of determination within his core once more. He straightened, and turned to face his fellow officers, his eyes making contact with each of them as he assessed how shaken they were. This. This was beyond anything the First Order could have predicted when they set their course for Skor II space. The Epicanthix could not blame any of them for their fear, because every single individual in the command bridge knew that their chances has diminished from what could have been a battle of attrition to what would most likely be an utter rout with the arrival of the summa-verminoth.

I may not be as charismatic as our lady,” Kou’ha started, a wry smile devoid of any amusement pulling at the corner of his lips. In the utter silence that has befallen the bridge, his voice echoed through the room. “And I do not have any grand plans nor invincible strategies that would turn the tide of this battle. But remember this. We are all assigned to the Concordia and Battleground Nebula for a reason. We are some of the best men and women that the First Order Navy has to offer.” Despite his inexperience and doubts, the Captain knew that her ladyship was wiser than him in many aspects. If she saw worth in him, he would just have to believe in her vision and do his best to live up to her expectations.

Many good people – our families, our lovers, our friends will perish here, and it will be on my orders... We are not going to yield.” Kou’ha paused for a moment, allowing the reality of the situation to dawn on them. “We took our oaths when we entered service. It is our sworn duty to serve and protect the Grand Moff, but we also have a duty to the people still fighting. Our ship, the Concordia, serves as a bastion of hope and morale for every member of the First Order military. We will not retreat, not until every last vessel in our fleets has been destroyed.” His eyes and throat burned at the thought of all those lives lost.

I ask that you endure.


Endure as they stood in the safety of their diplomatic colours and watch their fellow servicemen die.


Endure as their own Captain sent them out to despite knowing they will be heading to their deaths.


And of course, that was when things took a turn for the worse. After all, Fate cared not for the plight of the people.

CAPTAIN! Hit the deck.

Kou’ha made the mistake of looking over his shoulder. It was only due to his naturally swift reaction that he managed to shield his eyes from the shards of glasteel that showered over him and the rest of the officers on the command deck. The sudden and unexpected impact sent the young male sprawling to the floor. Several parts of his body stung as the sharp edges of the glasteel cut into his skin. Even as he shifted to ensure that nothing was broken or dislocated, he could feel a warm wet trail leaking down the side of his face from his temple but the Captain ignored it in favour of trying to discern who their assailants were. While the Epicanthix had never expected any sort mercy from the Coalition, he did not expect them to show absolute contempt for the diplomatic colours that the Concordia displayed either.


Those dishonourable cowards,” Kou’ha spat out venomously, his eyes taking a quick scan of the viewports and various part of the bridge’s hulls. Even as the ship that transported the insertion vessels were destroyed in a bright explosion, their assailants’ pods began to cut into the command bridge hull, the sounds of laser cutting into durasteel grating against his nerves. “Protocol Omicron, now. Everyone who is able to, get into the turbolift.” Lithe and agile, as a practitioner of the arts of Teras Kasi were wont to be, Kou’ha got onto his feet and ran towards the turbolift. He slammed his fist against the emergency button, placing the whole of Concordia on high alert that the main command bridge has been compromised and that its surviving crew will be making their way towards the secondary bridge.

The Epicanthix, waited for as long as he could, for as many men and women that were able to move on their own power to enter the turbolift with him, before he closed the twin doors. Immediately, the thick metal shutters came down, sealing the prone bodies of his officers in the bridge with their assailants. He glanced over his surviving officers, injured and shaken, but still remaining calm in spite of their predicaments. Despite his slowly swelling anger at their situation, Kou’ha felt a sense of pride that he served with such fine individuals. Now, to get them out of this alive.


The turbolift doors opened, and the Captain of the Concordia was immediately flanked by other officers. As each of the officers from the command bridge exited the highly guarded area into the hallways deeper within the Star Destroyer, their code cylinders were scanned and logged into the ship records. With this, even if the enemies made use of the code cylinders of the officers left behind, they would not have free access to the rest of the ship. Above, in the main command bridge, the room began its lockdown, all its electronics shutting down in accordance to Protocol Omicron.


As his remaining officers briefed the others, Kou’ha stalked down the hallway, his determination and fury wrapping around him and sharpening his focus. He had lost a lot of good officers, men and women he respected and was just beginning to learn more about. It did not escape his notice that Vert was not part of the group that managed to evacuate safely. At his sides, his fist clenched, the only sign that the Epicanthix was affected by the events that happened moments ago. Whatever grief and sorrow and rage he felt rising within him, Kou’ha suppressed it viciously. It could wait.


He has a battle to observe and Task Force Helix to deploy.


The Epicanthix entered the emergency command bridge, the sounds of his boots against the metal floors sharp. His secondary team of officers were already waiting for him. Giving them a sharp nod in acknowledgement, Kou’ha stepped up to the strategic display. “Commander Cerise, I’d like a report on our current situation.” He looked around the room where the others were gathered nearby in preparation of taking over from the command bridge team, “Get the medics in here to take a look at the injuries. Instruct them not to bother me until I’m done.


Yes sir! We are still trying to determine the affiliation of the hostile that attacked us. There are twelve insertion vessels in all. All six insertion vessels penetrated the command bridge successfully, while the others aimed at other parts of the Concordia failed to deposit its load. One of them managed to take out a laser cannon.


What about the Grand Moff’s safety?” Ensuring her ladyship’s safety was first and foremost in his mind. “The remaining members of the FIST division has been deployed.


Good. Continue to update me on the situation, Commander.” Kou’ha turned on his heels to speak to his new communications officer. “Officer Quoise, please contact Captain Sern and give him to go ahead to move into battle. I want him to support Orion in their endeavours...” he looked at Command Imperator's dwindling fleet and made a decision. He is to coordinate with Imperator in the absence of communications.” Once Helix has moved into the battlefield, it will be hard for Kou'ha to contact them with any further orders, considering their comms channels are still filled with noise and static. Let Grand Admiral Rausgeber know that Task Force Helix is his to command.chNP0tY.png

With Task Group Orion;


On board the FIV Kali, Captain Christner glared as the static interruptions still ran prevalent throughout their communications channel. Grand Admiral Rausgeber’s words were garbled and were interrupted by a sharp hiss and crackle every 2-3 words he spoke. While he did not necessary need it to command Orion, it would certainly make his life more convenient. But just in case communications became completely cut off, he nodded in the direction of his own communications officer. “San. Tell all the Captains of the corvettes in our group that they are to operate independently of command.

He gave a disgusted look at the holographic model of the summa-vermonith displayed. Hopefully that thing would make itself useful and eat some of the purrgils instead. Surely having a flesh and blood meal would satisfy the beast better than the cold metal of ships?And spread the word, ignore the space calamari. We don’t want to agitate it and set it on a rampage. We’ll focus all our firepower on the hostile we’re dealing with.” In a way, he had already accomplished the objective Captain Escala has assigned to him.


Captain Christner! They've deployed gravity wells.


Well, at least they had the purrgils between their group and the summa-verminoth.



Actions taken:


Fleet Summary:


Fleet Status:

OOC Note: I'm getting too overwhelmed by all the details, so I'm removing them and just keeping basic track by cutting out the ships that goes down in battle.

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Zef Halo

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Loc: Market

Obj: Keep grandkiddo 'live

Allies: Himself and Yula Perl, ORC, Cenric Marus

Enemies: Alkor Centaris (weird, huh), Elian Keyes


"I swear you're more annoying than your mom." Zef grumbled ducking behind cover as fire rained on his position. Apparently the particle beam had made contact. Why, oh, why does she want to be those kind of rebels?


It was much smarter to be a scoundrel who'd flee the moment it got too hot.


Like now.


Makeshift walls of salvage were erected as the local populace both Squib and foreigners took to arms against the invading force. Not surprising considering someone just showed up with a whole fleet to take their freedom away and subjugate them to a new, foreign, way of life.


"I don't give a kark 'bout no freedom fighters, kid. This ain't my fight. It shouldn't be yours, too." The smuggler explained with a louder tone so he could be heard over the chaotic cacophony the battle produced. Before he could add anything, Zef's spine froze as his ears twitched at the familiar sizzling sound growing louder. The old man snapped from his position and shoved Yula away as a metal orb fell near them. 


Zef waved his life goodbye prematurely.


The orb hissed loudly and a sticky foam erupted from its inside ensnaring him in one place and tackling him down. Old bones cracked under his weight meeting the tough ground of the market.


"Ugh." Zef grimaced trying to make sense of what was going on.


“Get off me, karker!”


Yula's troubled shout struck him like lightning.


"Yula!" He called out grievously at her.




Someone's voice boomed behind him but Zef's attention did not waver. With his chest still kissing the ground and legs entrapped by a cool, foamy substance, the smuggler raised his blaster with a devilish scowl. Finger pressed on the trigger lightly before he froze. 


Karkin' particle beam chit.


He was just about to blast both stormtrooper and grandkid to oblivion.


Zef flailed the blaster in his hands at the stormtrooper.


"Get your karkin' plastic off her, you karkin' son of a schutta." The expletives rained like venom from the old man's mouth.


Little did he know that an old, very familiar face was very close by.