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Tome Of The Shrouded Sun


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Nine Lives

Nine Lives

    Mother of All Psy-Pires

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Intent: To provide a Magical book for the basis of a personalized brand of Alkahest and magic written by Nine Lives during a state of severe instability.

Book Cover.

Image Source: https://en.m.wikiped.../Splendor_Solis

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Name: Tome of The Shrouded Sun.

Manufacturer: @Nine Lives

Affiliation: @Nine Lives

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Handmade Book Paper, Leather.


Classification: Tome.

Size: Large

Weight: Heavy


Extensive Knowledge of a strange variant of Alkahest that primarily takes advantage of psychic effects.

Extensive repetoire of magic spells developed by Nine lives during a dissociative Fugue state.

Schematics that teach blending the Force with technology.

Extensive section on genetic modification using Psy-Pire magic

Numerous defensive enchantments on the book itself prevent any but Nine attempting to read.

Text written as a confusing, paranoid, psychotic rant.


Psy-Pire Alkahest: During her first and longest lasting Fugue state, Nine Lives somehow took her own meager knowledge of Jedi Alkahest and combined it with elements of Dathomiran witchcraft. Filtered repeatedly through her madness, instead of this attempt ending in her horrible death, the two disciplines were combined piecemeal and created a strange, off brand alkahest whose products are created with the Force...while infusing them with the purple psychic energy of the non lethal energy attack Nine is capable of generating after feeding. All products created rely on psychic effects and can create strange offensive options if applied to weapons...any weapons...

List of enchantments are as follows.

Doppelganger Hex (Defensive, armor only)

Hidden Body Hex (Defensive, armor only)

Reflexive Hex (Offense, Weapon only)

Waterbreathing Hex (Defensive, small items, like jewelry only)

Spectral Hex (Defensive, weapons and armor)

Neuro Hex (Offense, weapons and armor)

Judgement Hex (Defense, weapons and armor)

Static Hex (Offense, weapon and armor)

Persuasion Hex (Defensive, armor only)

Tethering Hex (Traversal, armor and weapons)

Psy-Regeneration Hex (Offense, weapons and armor)

Psy-Resistance Hex (Defense, armor only)

Psy-Pire Magic: Psy-Pire Magic was a self developed skill set adapted from Dathomiran magic and laced with strange mystical effects due to the fact the discipline was developed under a state of mental instability. Extremely dangerous to Dark Siders, due to the spells indirect use of the light.

List of spells and rituals are as follows:

Spell of Judgement Trap (Offense.)

Spell Of Darkness Bind (Offense)

Spell of Solar Shroud (Defensive)

Spell of Dark Detection (Defensive)

Spell of Darkness Sap (Offensive)

Spell of Typhoon Blow (Offensive)

Spell of Lift (Offensive)

Spell of Air Delay (Offensive)

Spell of Spectral Rats (Offensive)

Spell of Dark Fireball (Offensive)

Ritual of Dark Solar Flare

Ritual of Mystic Dark Sun

Ritual of Psychic Binding

Psy-Pire Force Tech:

(Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)


The Mimes, of course, would have us all believe they aren't working with the Demons. LIES! VIRULENT, PETULANT LIES. The Mimes are the ones who stole the damn checkbook! They spoiled the cottage cheese. I caught one in my room just last night trying to steal my vital essence. YOU CANNOT HAVE MY VITAL ESSENCE IT BELONGS TO ME I PAID FOR IT WITH MONEY. Therefore until My skin is sufficiently covered with

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