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Family APC

- - - - - Mirdirmorut The Family APC

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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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  • Classification: APC
  • Role: Troop Transport
  • Size Large
  • WeightHeavy
  • Minimum Crew: 1 droid brain.
  • Optimal Crew: 1 droid brain
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift
  • SpeedFast
  • Maneuverability High
  • ArmamentAverage
  • eo-12-medium-repeating-blaster-cannon
  • DefensesHigh
  • DION Fiber
  • Quadranium
  • Noverskaa Steel
  • Squadron CountHigh: 20
  • Passenger Capacity: 14
  • Cargo CapacityExtreme





  • Mirdirmorut Droid Brain - Systems are unhackable, thus you are unable to back track where the data is being sent to at least through the droid.
  • DION Fibre - is resistant to ion and EMP attacks.
  • Support Fire: With a solid rate of fire and power per shot for a weapon of its class, in addition to its ability to be moved and set up anywhere on the battlefield, the EO-12 can be used to excellent effect in providing support, from covering retreating troops to suppressing a defending enemy and allow friendlies to move forward.
  • Noverskaa Steel - is resistant to sonic damage saving the ears of all it's occupants.
  • Moving on water: As it is a repulorlift it was also made to be amphibious, thus able to escape over water.



  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Can be jammed stopping it from communicating with base as well as jam the hypercomm.
  • Please don't hit me with your hammer - has no protection against kinetic damage.
  • Mines, Mines, MINES?!!? - This APC is not designed to take on any kind of mines.
  • Easy to hit - Even with all it's defences due to it's size it is fairly easy to hit.



After speaking with the Donna about the needs of the family Tom went to Mirdirmorut with a design in mind for a APC that could take water or land. Having decided on this he used some parts of the left overs of the ADC - 7 he went about crafting it. Surprisingly many within Mirdirmorut decided that this APC would be perfect for Noasis Facility along with any others that might end up on water or the like. In doing so they began phasing out the older APC that was no longer up to the charge it was required for.


The Mirdirmorut Droid Brain allows the driving and shooting to be automated making life easier for small groups who may not have a specified driver. The DION Fibre was added to protect the Droid Brain from any forms of Ion damages while Noverskaa Steel was added to protect the occupants from any form of sonic damage that might be aimed at them. The quadranium was added to improve it's ability to defend against blasters and lightsabres. However a few well placed slug rounds would destroy most of this vehicle.


Arming it with a eo-12-medium-repeating-blaster-cannon allowed the vehicle to give a constant rate of fire against enemy targets, however it's main purpose is suppressing foes not destroying them. Given the size of the vehicle however it is a relativity easy target to hit. Even without wheels the APC is not designed to deal with mines making them the perfect way to destroy the APC and ruin anyone's day.


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