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Alika Zovu

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Alika Zovu

"I know I'm not supposed to, I shouldn't care about what happens to those prisoners, but I do....Is there something wrong with me?"



  • Alika Zovu
  • Jain Kazko (Assumed Identity)
    • VC-1741


  • First Order Security Bureau
    • First Order Stormtrooper Corps (Formerly)


  • Deep Cover/Sleeper
  • Special Activities
    • Military Intelligence (Formerly)


  • Special Agent
    • Private First Class (Formerly)


  • Iron Sun Second Class






~18 (B.835 ABY)






  • 182cm (5'11 7/8")


  • 68 Kilograms (149 .lbs)


  • Dark Blonde (Phenotype)
  • White (Bleached)


  • Hazel


  • Kaeshana (Stormtrooper Corps; 850 ABY)
  • Bespin (Stormtrooper Corps; 850 ABY)
  • Skor (Stormtrooper Corps; 850 ABY)
  • Hoth (Stormtrooper Corps; 850 ABY)











  • Commando
  • Spy
  • Sleeper/Undercover Agent




VC-1741 also known by her pre-entry name of "Alika Zovu" Is an active Special Agent in the employ of the First Order Security Bureau and deployed as a Deep-Cover or "Sleeper" Agent. This capability is achieved through a cybernetic inhibitor chip implemented into VC-1741's nervous system which permits them to be hypnotized into taking on an assumed identity which generally leads to them effortlessly passing polygraph or "Lie Detector" Tests and other miscellaneous measures utilized by hostile actors to detect agents. VC-1741 possesses a sharp intellect and better than average physical capacity along with excellent occupational aptitude it was for this reason combined with their fierce independence they were plucked from the Stormtrooper Corps and Cross-Trained by the First Order Security Bureau.


It is regrettable but VC-1741 has an extensive history of non-conformity and they've managed to maintain several contacts in foreign Mercenary and Criminal enterprise that the First Order Security Bureau finds it prudent to welcome carefully. Though we expect there is a low-risk of defection from VC-1741 their penchant for non-conformity and breaching military and First Order Security Bureau policy is troublesome for this reason we recommend that VC-1741 be monitored closely when in the field by handlers who can recommend whether or not the former Stormtrooper should receive re-conditioning to ensure loyalty and ward off what our Psychologists believe are symptoms of an identity crisis.



Baseline Midi-Chlorian tests suggest sensitivity to the "Force" although the Ren discretely interviewed and dismissed VC-1741 from their "recruitment" pool as the count per cell didn't quite meet their qualifying standard for induction nor did their aforementioned poor disciplinary record. VC-1741's force sensitivity doesn't manifest in any kind of telekinetic ability that has been observed although at times particularly when in-danger or under stress they seem to be capable of performing acrobatic feats that would usually be dismissed as impossible or perform-able only by trained athletes. On standard intelligence tests they also seem to be influenced by their sensitivity to the force as VC-1741 has been observed to possess an unnaturally accurate and detailed memory which no doubt influenced their earlier success in the Stormtrooper Corps' Intelligence support units where VC-1741 served.



  • Kaeshana - VC-1741 was deployed onto Kaeshana while serving in the Stormtrooper Corps' as support for the Humanitarian Relief efforts on that world as they had quickly learned and adopted Eldorai as an acquired language prior to their deployment. This skill proved invaluable when communicating with the local disparate communities as many of them particularly the more 'rural' and agrarian in nature often had no aptitute or education in Galactic Basic.


  • Various Criminal Contacts
  • Various Mercenary Contacts
  • Various Professional Contacts


VC-1741 has a diligent and enthusiasm towards their Intelligence work possessing a youthful energy Alika Zovu deeply enjoys communicating with individuals outside the First Order's sphere of influence where many Agents or Individuals would be betrayed by their mannerisms Alika exhibits little to none of the "Imperial Rigidity" associated with our culture. Psychological assessments conducted by First Order Security Bureau personnel conclude that Alika suffers with symptoms consistent with identity crisis and the accompanying confusion as a result of the time she often spends away from 'home'.

It's possible that their upbringing with the highly disciplined environment of the Stormtrooper Corps and missed psychological development milestones are responsible for this as they reportedly feel like an Outsider both in the operational and barracks environment. Politically their loyalty to the First Order is sound however VC-1741 reportedly has difficulty in regards to their obligation to be sincere with others often this manifests as an excessive outward sarcasm and guarded responses to query most noticeable when said query is coming from an individual in a position of authority.



  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Asymptomatic Bradycardia
  • Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma
  • Surgically and Chemically-Assisted Debridement


  • Agility Test: 16.0s
  • Handgrip Strength Test: 41kg (Left), 44kg (Right)
  • Overhand Grasp Pull-Ups: 8
  • Push-Ups/Press-Ups (Toes Only): 32/min
  • Prone Bridge (Hands): 3:00
  • Sit-Ups (Unassisted): 45/min
  • Vertical Jump: 54cm
  • VO2 Max: 57.1 ml/kg/min

__The above section of this profile is for IC use. High ranking members of the First Imperial Military, The Knights of Ren, First Order Security Bureau, or any of their subsidiary branches may read, and use the above information ICly. Anything below this point in the profile is strictly OOC use. Any abuse of this information may be reported as metagaming.



Alika possesses a strong will which she uses to anchor herself in the midst of an identity crisis where she is torn between her role in the oftentimes fanatical First Imperial Society and how this is conflicting with the basic instincts Alika is developing as she matures rapidly into adulthood and how her perceptions of foreigners and the "enemy" has developed through years of indoctrination in the Stormtrooper Corps is rapidly shifting with increased exposure to the Galaxy beyond the First Order's borders. Alika posseses a deep-seated fondness for First Imperial culture and its' authoritarian efficiency however she's more rational than spiritual and cannot honestly pull herself into the zealotry that consumes many of those who she has been raised beside within the Stormtrooper Corps. 


The deepest and most detailed musings Alika holds on subjects such as the FOSB, Supreme Leader or Order on the whole are guarded closely to breast and shares them with none among the Military or Intelligence Community's chain of command out of fear they might be perceived as seditious and subsequently reported up the chain of command. Alika is developing an identity independent of her conditioning as a Stormtrooper and quietly finds herself disturbed by some of the actions she has been ordered to perform as an Agent and as a result voluntarily permitted an inhibitor chip to be installed so that she can overcome any qualms her feelings might have in regards to the task. The decision to have an inhibitor chip installed wasn't born of amoral but rather a desire to escape from the consequences of any horrendous actions she might have to commit without betraying the First Order and those who she considers friends.


When joining a group of people in a social setting Alika enjoys company rather than talking preferring to watch and listen to other participants and permit them to steer the conversation believing that you can learn most about an individual when you observe their actions and mannerisms. Within the Stormtrooper Corps Alika was known as somewhat of a Joker making loud outlandish jests that are grounded in down-to-earth observations about life particularly the military. Unlike many other Agents employed by the FOSB Alika doesn't exhibit huge intuition usually she doesn't jump to conclusions. Alika lacks any compulsion to try and understand all information she comes across immediately, entirely content to leave some questions unanswered if it has no material value in the present and tries not to brood on what hasn't been solved. The desire to constantly be active or engaged makes Alika an ideal direct action agent and she maintains an impressive level of physical fitness and power. 


Focused on personal relationships and what's happening in the concrete present Alika focuses on what's going on around her in the pursuit of deeper understanding of the current environment. While these characteristics make 'the big picture' difficult to contemplate it provides greater understanding of the depth of the situation going on around her instead of being lost into fantasy or contemplation. Alika's approach to military and spy-life is one who is concerned for methodology and knowledge over dogma viewing each skill and weapon as a tool and attempting to find one the most appropriate for any given situation and applies experience from earlier training to her current challenge.



  • All-Weather, All-Terrain Navigation Course (Basic)
  • Capture & Retrieval Course (Basic)
  • Camouflage & Concealment Course (Basic)
  • Clandestine Activities Course (Basic)
  • Close Protection Course (Basic)
  • Counter-Terrorism Course (Basic)
  • Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Course (Basic)
  • Covert Reconnaissance Course (Basic)
  • Demolition Course (Basic)
  • Direct Action Course (Basic)
  • Extra-Vehicular Combat Course (Basic)
  • First Aid Course (Advanced)
  • Human Intelligence Course (Basic)
  • Infantry Weapons Course (Adept)
  • Infrastructure Disruption Course (Basic)
  • Paramedic Course (Basic)
  • RATEL Course (Adept)
  • Slicing Course (Adept)
  • Signal Intelligence Course (Basic)
  • Sniper Course (Basic)
  • Special Activities Course (Basic)
  • Special Reconnaissance Course (Adept)
  • Special Recovery Course (Basic)
  • Teräs Käsi Combative Course (Basic)
  • Vehicle Operator (Basic)
  • Vehicle Mechanic (Basic)


  • Charismatic: Despite her suspicion of others Alika often presents herself carefully with keen awareness of social convention. Gregariousness is one of Alika's better qualities and enjoys socializing with individuals across cultural and species' lines which is aided by her ability to understand in communicate in various languages.
  • Stormtrooper Pedigree: Alika is a trained Stormtrooper; one of Sieger Ren's faceless enforcers. Advanced training in Infantry, Armour, Artillery and Intelligence techniques and tactics has been provided all throughout her life and given years to hone these skills despite her outwardly youthful appearance.


  • Accented Speech: As a Spy, Alika has to be capapble of concealing her origin although years growing up within the Stormtrooper Corps didn't exactly offer diversity of acquaintance as a result Alika speaks in Galactic Basic with a distinctly 'Imperial' and parochial accent that can only be suppressed although not entirely eliminated which outwardly hints to an authoritarian or core origin.
  • Dominate Mind/Mind Trick: Force-based powers such as Dominate Mind or the light-side equivalent "Mind Trick" have almost one-hundred percent effectiveness on Alika due to her inhibitor chip. Likewise force-wielders who are aware of the inhibitor chip are capable of activating it and putting the woman into a hypnotized state where she ceases her previous activities and becomes passive and docile.






Edited by Alika Zovu, 29 August 2018 - 05:49 PM.