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The Common Building Blocks of Liberty

- - - - - Commenor Liberation Trust No One

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais


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Chasin City, Commenor.

The streets were quiet. The sun had barely risen, it's light having not yet crested high enough to reach street level. Only the taller buildings reflected it's orange light. For those lucky enough to live and work up there, the glare hid the Sith Imperial forces down below, giving the Commenori a brief respite from their current state of occupation.

Ships flew above, their flight paths at times intersecting one another. They were on patrol. Commenor was used to high traffic, but not in this manner. It was deadlier. Ships that had managed to make it through the blockade without proper clearance were chased down destroyed.

On the streets Sith Imperial forces patrolled both on foot and on speeder. It had barely been a week since the occupation was made legal and everyone was still getting used to the new rules.

But life and work couldn't end. There were still bills to pay, families to feed and schooling to learn. And for some, there was an insurgency and liberation to plan. Yet it all had to be done quietly. It all had to be done slowly.

Some of the Commenori had even gone so far as to enlist and join the Sith Imperial forces, believing that it was best to be on the winning side and make the most out of this new chapter in Commenor's history. Some did so secretly while others were more forthcoming.

It was true what they say; politics can be a deadly game. And now all of Commenor were playing it, instead of just their Queen who remained under a virtual house arrest inside the Royal Palace.



Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Commenor Space


Politics could be a deadly game, sometimes as much as war itself. A being no stranger to death and danger was returning to Commenor, to see what had become of the place since the Sith occupation, and to see to the welfare of Commenor's former ruler.


Unsubtle as a swift kick in the shebs, Kaine's ships decanted from hyperspace.

The Never Again was as unsubtle as Mandalorian vessels went, and it was flanked to either side by an equally unsubtle but smaller Mandalorian Star Destroyer. In the big vessel's cavernous main hangar, Kaine himself was aboard a shuttle waiting to convey him down to the world below.

The Mandalorian task force transmitted its intentions along with their IFFs to the occupation forces. Whether they bothered to read the message or not was irrelevant so far as the Warmaster intended. He hoped they'd be silly enough to shoot him down.

Kaine's shuttle, with an escort of four fighters, dropped away from the gargantuan destroyer, and made its way toward Commenor's Royal Palace, descending into the atmosphere.

Not knowing if he'd actually be able to speak to the Queen before he arrived, Kaine decided to comm ahead anyway.


::Royal Palace control, this is the Mandalorian Empire delegation to see Lady Kay . Be advised, we are inbound.::

Kaine cut the comm, leaving the details of dealing with any objections or other queries to the fleet commander back aboard ship. His task was down on the planet. Calmly, he flew the shuttle himself, easing it into Commenor's atmosphere, maintaining his angle of descent, the fighters hanging back in escort formation.




'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'

Brent Smith

Brent Smith


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Lady Kay


A lone man walked the street of the Commenor city. To anyone who passed him by, he was completely unremarkable, indistinguishable from the dozens of other visually impaired homeless men there were. And with war and the massive loss of both lives and homes, there were plenty of homeless people to spare. The man was dressed in rags; a tattered pair of brown trousers covered his legs, and a binding of rags were all that kept his calloused feet from scraping across the duracrete. Over his body was a weathered gray poncho that was as stained as it was threadbare. A dark, patchy beard covered his jaw, A wide straw hat covered his head, protecting his pale skin from the sun overhead. His eyes were covered with a rag strip, in his hand the poor old man clutched a tapping walking stick.


He took a moment to rest himself at a street corner, the poor blind man sighed, easing himself slowly into a bench. His shoulder slumped with the weight of everything that had happened to their poor planet. He was utterly alone. Utter lost. Utterly forgotten. No one cared about him in this world that had gone to hell.


And that was exactly where he wanted to be. 


"Can you believe how horrible it is? The queen can't even leave the Palace," said a man stopping by the corner side.


His friend sighed, shaking his head. "If we could have only held out a little longer, a little harder--those damn sith bast--"


"Hey, keep it down," the other cut his friend off quickly, "What if someone hears you?"


"What? We're all alone."


"What about him?"


"Oh, he's just a blind man, what can he do?" 


"Well what I heard is the queen is cut off from everyone, all of her subjects are basically told to sod off. And she won't be much more after this than a figure head when they are done gutting our constitution," said the first again.


"I can't even believe that," the second said incredulously. "I mean don't they have any soul? I heard they have a massive garrison around that. High tech security that's unbreakable and unbeatable, no one gets in or out, period. I just can't wait for these censorships to end. I need my Hutt ball."


The two walked off, continuing their conversation and speculation. The blind man was left there alone. Silence fell over him, save the sound of th speeders that were soaring overhead. As he raised his head slightly, a small smirk of contentment crossed his bearded face. Nothing was unbreakable. Nothing was unbeatable. Especially by a blind man.


After sitting there for several more minutes, he rose unsteadily, tapping away for his own. 


For most hours of the day and well into the night, a blind man could be found tapping outside the Queen's Palace. To any observer it was clear he was lost as could be, begging for any scraps or credits from passerby's who couldn't care less about his outstretched hand. Even when the moon was high in the sky and long after the sun had set, his stick could be heard tapping and his creaking voice could he heard imploring anyone who brushed by him for anything they had on hand. 

Tom Taff

Tom Taff

    Moon Speaker

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Tom was on commenor making sure none of his gear nor weapons had falling into Sith hands. After finding that it hadn't Tom smiled looking up at the moon. One of his virus droids on his arm. He smiled at it as he sent it off to infect the Sith's computers with a virus. One that would keep them busy enough for Tom to slip in. Getting out would be another mission but that didn't matter.


As Tom jumped for a vent a Sith soldier almost saw him but Tom used a rather special force power so that the man could not actually see him. Always being somehow in the soldiers blind spot and once he left completely forgotten. Slipping through the vent and air ducts towards kay he would dampen his force presence even further almost suppressing it. He however could feel a number of dark side presences within the palace. Tom hissed, this would make things harder but he was prepared for it.


Tom would cloak himself in the shadows of the force. Hiding himself while also making sure what he was doing was hidden from the minds of the Sith. He passed through the ducts before making it to Lady Kay Office. He looked within only seeing her. He slipped out of the vent decloaking himself from the shadows of the force but still hiding his presence. He bowed as he did so "My lady apologies for not calling ahead. But I assume the people are not listening in?" He needed to make sure before speaking any more.


What he didn't know was that Kaine Australis was on his way to see the lady as well.


Brent Smith




Tiland Kortun

Tiland Kortun

    The Jedi Iroh

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“I really must insist,” Tiland said gravely to the officer in front of him. “This tea was requested months ago and has been in constant preparation ever since. It must be delivered to the palace by myself. To do otherwise would risk ruining it through exposure to the elements.”

His words were laced with the most subtle influence of the Force to press the urgency and necessity of the request upon the man’s mind. Still, there was a moment of hesitation, but then he nodded. Tiland have a grateful half-now and strode through the checkpoint. Now, he just had to find his way to the palace. Despite being an old friend of Commenor’s now exiled king, Tiland wasn’t sure if he had ever actually visited the world.

The world was quiet. Subdued even, and he could sense the bubbling resentment beneath the surface of the populace, as well as the presence of Sith around the world. Tiland wrapped his Force presence and hid it beneath a cloak, so one would have to look for him specifically to notice it.

Then he ambled on towards the palace, making no haste, as he absorbed a sense of his environment and studied what the Sith has implemented. Eventually, later in the day, he reached the palace, where he presented his ID, and his purpose of visiting.

“Delivery of an exotic tea-blend to her Majesty the Queen,” Tiland replies with a nod. He beamed. “One of my finest works.” After some inspections, questioning, cross-questioning, and security pat-down, he was permitted into a waiting room while a message was sent to the Queen.

Tiland would wait. He had no reason to rush.



For over a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic — before the dark times.

Outer Rim Coalition- Admin
The Circle of the Light Hand, Founder

Katarine Falcon

Katarine Falcon

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1st Battle-group

Edge of Commenor Space


Tiland Kortun Tom Taff Brent Smith Kaine Australis Lady Kay



It was then beside Kaines fleet that large beefy armada did arrive, but quite farther out. The Queen Admiral was no fool, she knew that some folks in the Sith Empire were paranoid and was very keen to avoid showing up on the radar any time soon. That being said she had battalions of Royal Marines and agents on board. The Commonwealth Systems were all about personal Liberty, right alongside Martial Power. Today they were her to support the idea of Liberty in full.


"Ma'am we've arrived."




She turned to her personal agent, Galen Acturus, a rough looking cut throat from the edge of the vers and nodded.


"You'll be infil on a Jast Whisperlite. Fast, hard to detect and easy to run down there. Once you get there your primary task will be to deliver this diplomatic package to the Queen. Her eyes only. After that's accomplished, begin marking zones as we discussed previous. Back up teams of Marines will begin touching down and going to ground once those sites are active, so take care where you put them."


"Aye Ma'am. It'll be done."


Minutes later her agent launched., carrying with him a case triple sealed with four id authentication devices...


The last of which was remote, so it couldn't be forced open until it was properly there.

RC 212

RC 212

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The Ground


Somewhere inside of several hours, Galen touched down.


The ramp hissed open, and he walked out, hefting his machine gun, followed by a Vong and a Killik


Whatever Zaedra and his Killik friend were seeing he was seeing, being pair-bonded to them via the force, and the Killik.This was his first real op since falling in with the rim and then coming up out of retirement. It wasn't like slaying bodies in the arena at Rakkatta, and it wasn't like cracking skulls in the rift, but it paid well.


"Send the word up. We got here."


"Will do Sir," The Pilot Replied.


"I'm no sir. Now get the hell out here, but wait till I'm gone. Don't want you giving us away."

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"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

RC's Raiders

Darth Interitus

Darth Interitus

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Blockade of Commonor 



Commonor had been under the close watch of the Sith, with the Sith Acolyte Darth Interitus, chosen because of his earlier task of infiltrating of the Commonori Senate and becoming Senator of Belasco. Long before the Sith's return and now returning home, his first task in the path to being a Lord of the Sith had begun. It had started with the rule of Commonor.His path to power would begin here, he knew that the very day he was tasked here by the Sith Emperor himself.Meditating within the Concord Spire. The epicenter of all Sith-Imperial activity on Commonor it was where he had called it home. Living there almost like a King. But as such he had to deal with the council he was in charge of. Consisting of Sith Advisors, and those apart of the former Queen's closest advisors those that weren't executed of course. He dealt with all types of manner, from the spread of Sith propaganda, to the common dealings as he should say of education, and for trouble makers the risky business that was reeducation. For some time life had all but prospered. Much of the damage caused in the earlier siege was being rebuilt. Business owners reimbursed for the trouble they were so wrongfully dealt with. Interitus even managed to pass legislation on health care, and more work for those that were displaced during the battle. 


Just because he was Sith, did not mean he was always so cruel. As the Sith had first tried the stick, now it was time for the carrot.The Commonori were now apart of the Sith Empire. Occupied yes, but nonetheless apart of the Empire. They deserved the mercy granted to them now that the old corrupt regime was placed firmly in check. But with being accepted into the Empire. Reaping the vast bounties that Interitus had so joyfully introduced. There was still a price that had to be paid. To all those that dared to oppose Interitus's reign he had worked closely with Admiral and Prefect Coroct Dathart III. Who despite being overweignt, and perhaps indulging too much in his vices such as fine food, women, and drugs from the underworld. It should be known that he was a remarkable tactition, and found that both him and Dathart agreed on several things. Most notably on the safety and protection, the Empire had offered. Of the good, the Sith can do instead of being known just for the bad. 


Staying within his chambers, he operated from a single room that acted as an office, a training ground, and living quarters.Meditating in the dark side, his eyes immediately snapped open. The dark green orbs flashed a golden amber. He could sense something rising. Something out there was stirring within Commonor. He had not encountered Rebel activity yet, but since the fall of the Alliance to both the First Order, and to the Sith Empire. Rebels were all over the place. Just wanting to disrupt the peace and prosperity of the Imperial hold on the Galaxy. 



Meanwhile high above orbit Prefect and Admiral Coroct Dathart III was starting yet another rotation.It was another boring routine. Even though he had not seen any action since the Siege. He had time to focus on the finer aspects, as catching up on the various reports of the Great Galactic War. From the Outer Rim, through the rapid expansion of the Sith Empire's push to the Outer Rim and deeper into the Core Worlds. Following what was a mandate agreed upon by both the Empire and the First Order. Not to mention, he had lavishly explored the numerous vices that there was to offer, from the new strands of spice that was found among the black market to the cuisine that Commoner had to offer. He was indeed enjoying or at least starting to enjoy the new post he was content with. Upon meeting the young Sith known as Darth Interitus. He admitted that he came into odds with the young man, especially when he remarked about the man's appearance. But over the course of several weeks, and meetings they found to be on similar terms despite it being a rocky start. 


He almost laughed as his Taltorai almost killed Interitus for his insults upon their first meeting. But that was all water under the bridge at the moment. Today was business as usual, as he approached the bridge. Yawning as he drank his cup of caf. Monitering another set of average reports from the Fleet. He was enjoying his new accomidations perhaps a little too well on his new ship the Iron Halo.The Preventor class Interdiction Crusier. The first of it's kind and the main flagship for the blockade.Powerful to deliver scores of fighters, and to stop ships from leaving. But lacked firepower unlock the destroyers within the fleet. For weeks it had been all but quiet of course. His bodyguard standing by his side as he leaned in his seat. His XO Aria Terrex. A human female who had lost her right eye during the battle of Coruscant. Before being transffered to his ship. Often displaying a cold attitude despite how beautiful she looked. She looked to her commanding officer. "Sir I am detecting Ships coming in from hyperspace."   She said impassively as her eye zoomed in on the console she was staring at. 


It had almost made Coroct spit out his morning Caf. The sounds of the proximity alarm blared upon the Iron Halo as several ships departed from Hyperspace. Upon close proximity from the blockade. It was no ordinary ships either not like common transports that held clearnace codes. For those only to enter the system they had to present clearance codes, or the programmed turbo lasers would shoot and destroy the craft regardless of any circumstances. After all it was a blockade. Even more strange that right in front of the Admiral's eyes he could detect the ships. He calmly and quietly looked to his XO. "Miss Terrex what are we dealing with here?"  Terrex remained cold as ice as she looked over the ships IFF signals.  "They seem to be Mandalorian Admiral..I read the main transponder as "The Never Again." It seems a transmission is being sent to the planet."  The Admiral raised an eyebrow in deep thought, and in concern. Mandalorians, Allies yes and most trusted. But to be in Sith occupied space especially with a fleet that looked to be of hostile intent, and already barging through. It was unheard of, in fact, it was downright unusual.He immediately began to bark his orders. The ships already awakening him from his grogginess.  "Activate the tractor beam, intercept and read the transmission. The Mandalorians are not supposed to be here. I wasn't notified of this, nor was our representatives below. I want to make sure this goes smoothly. Hail them immediately."


The Iron Halo's tractor beam immediately activated, as the fighter's departed and the beam was activated upon the shuttle. He intercepted the message. Glaring from the nearest console. "It seems we are dealing with a delegation. Contact Lord Interitus immediately. If anything he will know about this for sure."  The nearest officer started a transmission down on the planet. Interitus was awakened from his deep meditation. The disturbance only growing, as his holoprojector beeped. Walking forward slowly, he activated it with a press of the button. "Yes, Admiral what is it."  Coroct looked at him with a gentle but concerned smile on his face. "Greetings Lord Interitus, but it seems we have unauthorized guests in our blockade."  Interitus couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. "Really?? Who might I ask would come uninvited?"  The look on Interitus's face only confirmed the Admiral's suspicions. "I believe they are a Mandalorian delegation arriving to see the Queen."  Interitus couldn't help but almost laugh. "Well, that isn't right. Mandalor would surely notify the Emperor about such a delegation. We would have been prepared of course."  "Then I suspect he isn't one of yours then?"  "No I would be the first to hear about it, and even then I do not like it. Find out why he is here. If you aren't given a good reason. Send a hail to the Sith Emperor or better yet Mandalor herself. I am sure she would love to hear on how a fleet of her Mandalorians appeared uninvited."  The Admiral nodded and couldn't help but agree. "Yes well then I will notify you of any further updates." "See to it that you do."  He said the transmission cutting off, the unerving feeling only grew with the disturbance. Something wasn't right and he knew it.


Back upon the Iron Halo's bridge Coroct proceeded to hail the shuttle. "Greetings Mandalorian Passenger. On behalf of the Sith Empire I am Admiral and Prefect Coroct Dathart. You seem to be lost or uninvited. State your business here. If you do not I will transmit this to your "Mandalor." I am sure they would be happy to know why a Mandalorian fleet is here?" 


Just as he said thatthe XO responded again, this time her tone was filled with caution. "Sir I am detecting yet another fleet arriving within system. This one even larger than the ships before us." The transponders started to show one by one. What they thought was empty space was clear. It was clear that they didn't know of the blockade if anything else they walked right into a trap. At least two of the Xo'Xaan class destroyers appeared next to the Iron Halo in case of back up. Both named. The Emperor's fist, and the Wrath. The Admiral couldn't help but feel slightly irritated at he had seen before him, either this was some kind of joke or the Mandalorians had allied with some folks which would threaten their treaty.He quickly answered to the main ship in a hail surprisingly not displaying his anger. But more of a cold and calculating manner.  "Attention unauthorized vessels. If you are with our Mandalorian friends I suggest you go back the way you came. If you do not you will be met with hostile action."  He said waiting for a response. Seeing that a shuttle was entering the planet. He contacted Interitus before being responded from both parties. 


"It seems we are dealing with Rebels and possible that our Mandalorian friends have betrayed the Empire."  Interitus couldn't help but clench his fists. Slightly showing his irritation. Mandalorians were supposed to be the Empire's friends if this fleet that came in was a sign of betrayal. He would contact the Emperor Darth Carnifex immediately. He had hoped this wouldn't be the case, but all signs were saying otherwise. "It seems Admiral. Do nothing yet, if they attack you then please by all means respond, and inform me. I will then contact the Emperor personally. I am getting a couple reports of a shuttle that was sighted. I am increasing patrols of the Legionnaires. Rebels will not persist today, and if they do I will extend my reach."  He said slamming his fist on the desk. Already making sure that they Legionnaires were dispatched in force today. If any rebels were found examples would possibly be made.  "Very good I will inform on what I find. So long as I am not attacked first."  The transmission was shortly cut off, and all Interitus could do was wait. Mandalorians that perhaps disrupted their treaty with the Sith, rebels who aid them. He knew what the rebels were after. the Queen of course. But he would wait first bide his time. Until all the pieces were finished moving. Then sooner or later it is game, set and match. 


Galen Acturus Katarine Falcon Tiland Kortun Tom Taff Brent Smith Kaine Australis Lady Kay



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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Kaine, of course, ignored the incoming comm from the Sith completely. The Admiral's job was dealing with the blockade forces. They'd have to shoot down his shuttle, and he didn't think they were going to do that, sure enough that he was prepared to risk calling their bluff at least that far. He kept his course for the Royal Palace. The fighters, making pests of themselves, moved in and out of the tractor beam aimed at Kaine's shuttle, frustrating any attempts at a lock.

Up in space, however, on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Never Again, Admiral Auriana Australis was overseeing the holoplot of the blockade forces arrayed above Commenor. It was a formidable force indeed, certainly outgunning the three Mandalorian vessels, to her eye.

Let's keep things civil for now, shall we. Weapons will remain powered down, fighters will remain on standby unless given my express order to launch.

A chorus of "Yes, Admiral"s responded from the command staff.


She motioned to the comm officer to open a channel that she could respond to the Sith on the Warmaster's behalf.

::Greetings Sith Empire forces, this is Admiral Australis of the Warmaster's personal delegation.


We apologize for any surprise at our arrival. As you can imagine, our Warmaster was rather eager to visit his friend Lady Kay when he heard she had been returned to her home. Now, as you can see, we bear you no hostile intent, having brought only three vessels, and launched one measly shuttle and a token escort flight of fighters.


We intend toremain in position here, until our Warmaster returns from the surface.

Should you require any assistance during that time, please do not hesitate to let us know. Australis out.::

Auriana signaled for the comm to be cut off with a wave, placed her hands behind her back, and waited, along with the bridge crew, to see what would happen next. On the holomap, she could see Kaine's shuttle with its fighter escort already making its way into Commenor's atmosphere. Unlike the Warmaster, she hoped the Sith would be sensible and not fire on his shuttle, as that would put her in the awkward position of having to explain all this to the Mand'alor. That, she reminded herself, was Kaine's job. Then she decided she'd better have him speak after all. Kaine's opinions of the Sith notwithstanding, they deserved more respect than he was showing them.

::Warmaster, this is Fleet. Come in.::

Kaine's voice was jovial.

::Hello, Auriana. Hows the view.::

She let him have it.

::I think you'd better talk to the Sith personally before you start a war. There are a lot of very unhappy Sith up here right now.::

Kaine sighed.

::Roger, will do.::

He throttled back on the shuttle, while the fighters outside adjusted to the halt in his rapid descent towards Commenor.

Kaine took a deep breath.

::Sith Fleet, this is Warmaster Kaine Australis in shuttle apporaching Commenor. Requesting clearance into Commenor restricted airspace. Only myself aboard, no cargo. I'm concerned for the welfare of my friend Lady Kay, and as my Admiral has pointed out, my haste ensured I forgot the respectful courtesies before beginning approach.

The intent is not to linger here too long, nor make trouble for the occupying forces. Simply visiting a friend in time of trouble, and to ensure she is in good health. I will hold position awaiting reply. No need for the tractor beams.::

He exhaled, long. Diplo-speak wasn't his forte, neither was apologizing, except to Yasha Mantis, something he'd made a bad habit of.

Darth Interitus


Kaine's Ships

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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'



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Did anyone remember when they used to be explorers?


Feth, did anyone remember when they used to be Jedi? Because Master Azul Gol had most definitely not taught his padawan how to smuggle weapons, broker the criminal underground, or otherwise operate outside the law.


Because it had been the Old Republic. The Jedi had been the law. When the galaxy was united under a single government and war is something you only read about in holo-novels, it's easy to be the hero.


Maybe that was what the Clone Wars had changed in him more than any other time in his life. Through the Stark Hyperspace War, through the Yinchorri Uprising, Sor-Jan had always been trying to play the hero. To be the Jedi he idolized.


He didn't have a whole lot of idols left him now.


The YT-2400 light freighter was berthed at a docking bay inside the Commenori spaceport. He'd forged the documents that had been used to get through the customs inspectors, a trick he'd learned from the Underground.


He had smuggling compartments filled with weapons that he'd purchased from an Aqualish who'd almost certainly been a war criminal. Probably GADF surplus recovered from one of the former Alliance worlds. Feth, it could have been stolen right out from under the people doing the good work for the Alliance-in-Exile. He didn't know.


Of course, he was a telepath. He didn't know because he didn't want to know. There were limits to what he was prepared to shoulder on his conscience.


So here he was. On a world suffering the oppression of the Sith, with an illegal cargo of illicit weapons. If his luck held out, he'd find some rabble-rousers ready to commit themselves to the kind of actions that would almost certainly brand them all as terrorists.


Once, nine hundred years ago, he'd ventured out to the Outer Rim with no purpose other than to try and see something he'd never seen before.


Now, this is what he was doing. Was it moral? Was it legal? Was it ethical? The answer to each of those was probably no. And still, here he was. Another fight. Another struggle.


Another realization that there were no heroes.



Vellavert Bralor

Vellavert Bralor

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What is the Soul of a Man?

Vellavert Bralor

Location: Commenor, Chasin City

-- Gathering Intelligence --

Interacting with:   



  -Things were always interesting, one way or another. Always a party, the ballroom filled with dancers of various intent, each playing their part in the great menagerie of life. This clockwork marionette functioned on only one fuel, one single defining motivator, money. There was always money to be made, always, as long as there were grudges to hold, scores to settle, populaces to liberate, worlds to conquer. It was always a matter of dominion, those who have it want to keep it, those under it want to be free of it. It was that one defining variable, always an actor but never the same role. Today it was Commenor, and in her belly swirled a maelstrom of intrigue and plots, a seething cesspool of enigma and treachery curling inward on itself endlessly. It was a snake lying in wait, hiding in the tall grasses and ready to strike, in this case, bearing the venom of liberation. Make no mistake, it was a venom. It was enough of a convoluted labyrinthian state of affairs to scare off a Sith, which of course was the point. They had reason to be afraid as this endless tangled snake reared forth its fanged head pointing unequivocally at their heart. The pieces had been set upon the board far-flung actors arrived to play their roles and do their dance. Vellavert was no stranger to this ballroom nor did he possess any pretense of grandeur. It was about the money and fame, it was a chance to emblazon his name into the history books, into the lexicons of those powerful men in the Galaxy, this was to be his resume. 


-Employers were always a strange eccentric lot, and this one was held behind a net. How kind then it was that the hand of Providence was often so his lover, for every net must by definition have a few gaps. His orders came through a third-party of a third-party of a second-party, don't pretend to understand it because he doesn't much himself. The pay was good, that was to be sure, the orders were simple enough. He arrived some weeks ago with a smile and a laugh, the Echani-Firrerreo now cleanly dressed and filled with pomp, but let us start at the beginning. Cargo vessels blockade or not must come and go, there is no question this is the law of life. Cargo must be inspected and authorized but when there is only so much manpower and so much cargo - gaps open. Patterns reveal themselves, weaknesses become apparent. He wasn't the Smuggler but his Captain was, the good old fellow. With a golden laced pocket, he slipped the man to his contact an aristocrat from the world, a businessman really but in truth when one is wealthy enough what difference remains? It was a good enough cover and a resilient enough means to deliver his mission, aid and abet resistance elements on Commenor. It was easy to pose as a dainty sycophant of the upper classes, so it was the one he would take.


 -Aid and abet, it sounded as criminal as it was, which was perhaps another act of providence. Vellavert knew he would not make weapons of blasters, of swords and poisons of knives and bolts, there was a greater weapon here. The greatest of all ever forged by the hands of those with a will, of those with blood in their veins, the Legacy. Legacies and legends, myths and mysteries, all swear fealty to power, refined power in its most naked truest self - the heart. To hold a legacy of Power is to become divine law and there was power here. It oozed from the walls, it seeped into the ground it flowed like a river. Defunct or no Commenor was the seat of an Empire, or perhaps at least to understand if not an Empire in name an Empire in function. The CSA was their legacy of power, the beacon around which their national identity had once been built and so until recently ruled supreme above all. People do not surrender their identity, cultures do not die in an invasion, they linger with the ashes and the smoke. They would come to rally around this identity, to once again rise like a Phoenix under the banner of their Queen.


The question was how?


 -There were, of course, many places to start. The most obvious was Lady Kay herself, but only a fool would try to contact her now, directly, at least as far as Vellavert could figure. She would have been monitored in a thousand ways, each in itself concealing countless more deceptions. She was far too deep in a house of illusions to ever reach, the obvious beacon around which rebellion would gather a shining light for her people. She would be locked away, kept monitored and viewed with meticulous care. No, he would not be the fool to shatter the plot before it began, nor would he suffer them assuming there were others - which there had to be. Instead, he would start from the ground up, he would listen to words and whispers, scour the wilds for those surviving military elements which are still fighting, there are always a few stupid men who hold onto the flag, they were to be heroes, foolish ones, but heroes. There were those who whispered in the streets of Commenor about their Queen, those who drink secret toasts to their freedom. Those who have the steely determination to take up arms for it. These people are the battleground, not the cities or the blockade or the ashen fields of the invasion, it was the hearts of those who must take up arms for their world. It was the most treacherous battleground of all.


Propped up against a wall on a street corner, hoping to catch an old Captain of the Commenori defense forces a few sweet sugared words met his keen ears on etenral vigil -
"Hey did you hear about..."  

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Character: Jain Kazko (Alika Zovu)

Location: Commenor's Surface, Near Royal Palace.


Jain sat dressed in a loose fitting jacket and jeans with a bag slung onto her back holding some raw bloodied meat in one cupped hand and steadily feeding the strips to a hungry-looking Tooka cat that lingered around the young woman on the park bench. In Jain's other hand is a holocamera that she'd used to take some pictures of the Royal Palace ostensibly as a tourist though the truth was that the First Order Security Bureau had dispatched the young woman in support of the Sith Empire's occupation of the planet and acquire intelligence on a rumoured rebel group that had grown behind the scenes with some Royal Support, there was no actionable evidence of course as Jain thought otherwise they wouldn't have sent a team to collect intelligence on that very subject. "Sorry little fella, I don't have any more!" Jain rests the camera atop her pursed knees for a moment and displays both palms towards the Tooka who sniffs at them for a few moments before sliding its' unpleasant sandpaper-like tongue up the hand that had held the meat before shooting the girl a dejected look. "Don't you look at me like that, maybe I'll see you tomorrow? I enjoy your company even if you just paw at my knee begging for food I'm happy to oblige." Jain casts a look over shoulder in the direction of a large park that was conspicuously vacant, the modd on the planet was one of fear and anxiety for the most part with a few Commenori managing to go about their lives mostly undisturbed by the Occupation in her experience most people just wanted to live in peace but the Royal Family decided to pick sides it seemed to the detriment of the Citizens. Jain thought it selfish.


An Elderly gentleman with a walking stick approached the palace-facing bench looking to the young girl. "Excuse me young Madam, might I have a seat?" The man asked with his thin inwardly curled lips offering a small smile, Jain's ash-coloured spheres craned up offering a nod towards him. Shuffling for a moment he carefully sank into the bench and unfolded some kind of anachronistic news publication from out under his arm before unfolding the tall pages out in front of him. Jain recognized the man, he was the handler for the Operation but waited in silence, not saying anything outwardly you never knew who was listening or where listening devices had been set up. The man reached into his dew-covered coat and looked down from beneath the visor of hat and presented a featureless white and sealed envelope on the bench between the both of them before Jain reached over carefully to seize it before stuffing it into her irritatingly shallow pocket. Nodding the Special Agent pushed up off of the seat and stuffed both hands into pockets strolling down the street, looking to put some distance between herself and the elderly gentleman the unusualness of the handler not communicating through a dead-drop was strange and suspicious with Jain guessing that the letter enclosed protruding from her pocket contained some useful and valuable information.


Finding a new perch outside a coffee parlor Jain once again took a seat, it was always prudent to keep moving like this made it more difficult to wire-tap conversations, she slides the letter out from its' sheath and takes the printed text into review. "Agent, there was an arms dealer that was permitted to pass through customs this morning we suspect this individual has clients on Commenor's suface, clients who might be involved with this 'Rebel' movement your orders are to establish surveillance of the area and study all individuals who enter and leave the nominated hanger. Enclosed are the necessary credentials to access the spaceport's facilities with compliments from our Sith Counterparts." Jain paused in the reading for a moment before sliding the lanyard around her neck and tucking the access ID card into her shirt casually, now she was a university student that held a part-time job at the spaceport with a security clearance the thought solicited a smile from Jain she found the situation exciting it was dreamed fictional moments like these that had helped persuade Jain to transfer into Special Activities Division. Jain scrunched the letter up after committing it carefully to memory before placing its' edge atop the candle sitting in the middle of table and permitting it to burn away into ashes before rising out of her chair. "Time to go do this work..." After muttering the statement Jain turned in her urban shoes and began walking in the direction of the spaceport with a brisk purposeful stride, inwardly she did not view the Sith with much favour although their soldiers seemed to vary in temperament from butchers to young naive men who were calm, collected and well-adjusted not unlike the well-meaning Troops of the First Imperial Army, perhaps the First Order and Sith Empire most separating characteristics was the latter's overt adoption of theocracy?


Sor-Jan Xantha Lady Kay


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1st Battle-group

Edge of Commenor Space


Meanwhile ins space the 1st Battlegroup simply laid in wait, preparing for what they were sure was going to be a massive Sith fleet popping out of space in a timely manner. Every account she'd read and every holo she'd watched indicated it was the next step. Perhaps now, perhaps when the Sith started losing control at the surface. Galen was her best man, he'd get their work done.


"Agent is on site."


"Excellent. We'll await first beacon then. Set condition two throughout the fleet. My gut tells me we will have visitors."


As long as Kaines small fleet was there, her fleet was in the rear, guarding their sterns...

Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais


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((OOC: Some seem to be preparing for an attack or some fleeting. Slow down!...lol We're not ready for that part of the story yet. Just be patient. It'll come in time ;) As I said in my initial post and in the LFG, this thread is for both sides to gather intel, find eachother and start making plans. There's a lot of new characters here. Let's give them all a chance to introduce themselves and find their places! Thanks :) ))

But she wasn't alone when Tom Taff dropped out of the air vent of her office. Kay's assistant and Head of the House Olivia was there too, preparing some tea at the side table. Both women looked to Tom in shock, Kay in particular. "Tom! How did you--"

Her question was interrupted by Olivia stomping over to Tom and grabbing him by his left ear. "There you are! I've been looking for you! Do you think that you could sneak around, hide and avoid your tasks that were designated to you? You are sorely mistaken!
If you weren't so good at tending to the gardens, I'd let the new guards in here to flog you! Now come with me now before you cause any trouble for the Lady."
She led him over to the office door and opened it, switching her hold from his ear to his forearm. The guards guarding the office readied their pikes, yet Olivia just shook her head. "I'm taking care of this one. He thinks that he can hide from his responsibilities, but he is mistaken." Her eyes narrowed at the young man, her expression showing nothing but anger.

Once the guards relaxed, Olivia continued down the hall, half dragging Tom along with her, unless he chose to keep up. Her keys jingled on her key ring as she chastised him along the way, going on and on about the multitude of flower beds and hedge maze that needed plenty of attention. It wasn't until they were well outside that she let him go. "That was a bold but stupid move! You cannot just show up in her office! There are eyes and ears everywhere. All passageways are sealed and after that stunt, I'm sure the airducts will be secured as well.
You saw her and she's unharmed. Spread the word if you have to in order to prevent others from pursuing any further acts of stupidity. Failure to do that could cause her to lose what freedom she has. Now go!"

Kay meanwhile just sat in her office, drinking the tea that Olivia had just made. She had to let her assistant take care of the staff. But seeing Tom gave her a bit of hope. People hadn't given up on her since she had signed the treaty. There was at least one that wanted to talk to her. And that was a good thing.

As Tiland Kortun waited for an audience with Kay, his message wasn't sent to her, but instead was sent to Darth Interitus . Only through his permission was she granted access to any outsiders. So the tea-maker was made to wait. But for how long was going to be anyone's guess. Only one man knrw the answer to that.



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He sat in the command chair idly twirling his fingers mindlessly. The bridge was mostly quiet, Captain Hrakness speaking with a subordinate officer near the comms. Shaking his head slightly he looked through the viewports at the flashing streaks that were indicative that the Unicorn Class Heavy Cruiser was slashing through hyperspace on it's journey to the Commenor system.

The news was out. Commenor had fallen to the Sith Empire, the Queen was returned to the palace under house arrest, and the planet was torn by the conviction of their loyalties. It wasn't far fetched to believe that the natives wouldn't take the new way of life laying down. And the Queen had friends willing to help.

Reaching into the breast pocket of his ragged leather jacket he pulled free a deathstick and placed it between his lips. A flame leapt to existence igniting the stick and the Madman breathed in deeply before exhaling a large plume of blue smoke. The near silent countdown began for reversion to real space and Captain Hrakness moved to stand at the right of his commander.

When the heavy cruiser dropped from hyperspace and began to continue to ease toward the Sith Blockade the commander took in the disparate ships already in system. Waving a hand that the lieutenant at comms saw, she opened a channel to the Blockade ( Darth Interitus ) for the commander. Not straightening from his post of relaxation in the command chair he began.

"To the commander of the Sith forces in Commenor space, this is Muad Dib aboard Charlie the Unicorn. Requesting permission for an audience to discuss a mutually beneficial proposition of like minded individuals and philosophy. I believe much can be gained in the present opportunity offered."

A cold grin crossed his face as his glowing blue eyes flashed. Seeing the readout of the mandalorian fleet Muad chuckled to himself.

"Dick shooting Kaine himself is here. I still owe him for that indiscretion."

Leaning back he nodded to Hrakness to keep the ship's weapons powered down. Today was truly about making friends and allies. He didn't want there to be a confusion of hostilities by an act of battle readiness.

Lady Kay Katarine Falcon Alika Zovu Vellavert Bralor Sor-Jan Xantha Kaine Australis Galen Acturus Tiland Kortun Tom Taff Brent Smith


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Since the beginning of the Sith invasion and blockade, Kell Lane was in Commenor. He had traveled there for business and decided to spend some time there. He had visited the place years ago with his parents, at least twice as a child. That place brought strong memories of his parents and childhood. He missed that time. Seeing Commenor being taken that way made him sad. The place your parents loved.

Since Kell Lane had gone there to settle some of his services he had been watching his surroundings. He had time to analyze the soldiers and security present in the city and near the royal palace. He had finally made up his mind. He would help the people of Commenor to fight. Lane definitely was not a fan of the Sith, which made his decision easier. He was not strong or fired so well, so he would need to think of a way to help with his skills.

He was a negotiator, politician, diplomat and strategist, the type of person who normally does not fight or act directly. Lane knew there should be rebels and others preparing to fight. Maybe looking after him was a good idea. Walking through the streets of Commenor, Kell Lane headed toward the outskirts of the palace. Analyzing the site would be a good start, while searching for allies or a possible breakthrough.

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Lady Kay Muad Dib Alika Zovu Tom Taff @Anyone else in the room I missed, sorry


"Oh my God, this guy," muttered one of a pair of guards standing by their post. He pointed at the blind man on the corner imploring a passerby for some spare credits, "Doesn't he know when to quit?"


"I doubt it," grumbled the other. "Look at him. Pathetic. Its worthless scum like this that slows down the machine of order, he could never produce anything beneficial."


The first cocked his head to the side, "It sounds like our civic duty is to remove him from existence. For order and prosperity."


"Well, when you put it that way," said the second with a glint of joy in his voice, "It sounds like the blind man's days are numbered."


The pair of armored soldiers made their way towards the blind man, they split up, approaching him from either side. The poor man, in his poncho stood there hunched over, propped up by his walking stick. His ears perked up at the sound of footsteps coming closer and he stretched out a single hand, "H-hello? Alms for a poor blind man?"


"Your days begging for credits are over, fool," said the first one angrily shoving him with his rifle.


The blind man stumbled towards the other, crying out in surprise and terror, "Oh, no! Please!"


"Beg all you want, its all your good for," said the second shoving him back to the first. "We show no mercy."


"Yeah, we aren't weak," the first shoved the blind man again.


The old man was shove against the second once more. He grabbed the man's wrist, firmly planting his feet. A smirk crossed his face.


"If your gonna do something you--" his words were cut off by a jab from the blind man's stick in his stomach. 


The blind man grabbed him from behind, along the nape of his neck twisting the man around to block his comrade's firing arc. He hurled his walking stick at his other opponent, smacking him on the head and knocking the guard out cold. As the closest guard recovered, he brought his fist up to the blind man's jaw in a wild, angry punch. The blind man took a half step, grabbing the guard by his chest plate, he twisted on his heel, throwing the guard over his shoulder, head first into the concrete.


Before moving forward, the blind man stopped, placing his hand on either soldiers' head. A gentle probe into their memories made sure they had completely forgotten his face, it was little more than a blur. To them, they had to live with the embarrassing memory of being completely bested by a blind man with a stick--it wasn't exactly the type of thing you reported if you wanted to keep your job. 


The blind man grabbed his stick and once more stumbled forward to the wall, to a blind spot away from the cameras and eyes of the guards. He shoved off his walking stick, vaulting over the wall like an Olympian, only to land on his feet as graceful as a cat. The blind man wandered his way into the palace, the sound of his tapping stick proceeded him.


At last the blind man managed to wander his way into the throne room where Lady Kay was, and the crowd was apparently gathering.


"Alms, alms for the poor?" he asked in his creaking voice, "Alms? Alms for the--" he sighed, "Oh forget it."


The man pulled his hat off and removed his weathered blind fold, revealing a perfectly operational pair of dark brown eyes. "My name is Brent Smith, I am an agent. Before you asked me to do some work for you. I wasn't able to, I had--" he hesitated, "Family affairs. But now I'm here to see what services I can provide. So," he shrugged, "Let's kick some names and take some butt."

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Location: Mt Cetril, Alderaan, at House DeVoe

Objective: To aid Commoner's people

Interaction:  Open, once enroute

Posts: 1



"Because, because, because..."


"That is no answer, Marina." He kept his calm despite her defiance.

"Now listen to me carefully..." Her father approached her.  "Please unfold your arms...

Thank you.

Now... Has the queen asked you to aid Commenor?" The Duke asked.


There was a long hesitation before Marina's eyes looked out the large panes over Aiden Pass. She knew he wouldn't like her answer.


"Marina... I'm on the Council." He reminded her.


"No." She finally answered.




"Sigh...no. I need to do this for Cessy." She then replied, her breathing increasing. "She's my friend..."


"She's Queen of Commenor...not your queen, Marina."


"She's my friend." She replied, as a tear ran down her features. 


"I'm sorry, Marina. But I cannot allow it." her father then stepped back, and walked over to the comm on one of the tables.


"Don't...daddy please...." She knew. She somehow knew what he was about to do. But it were too late. He put up his index to stop her from rushing over to plead with him as he opened up the channel to the family hanger. 

"Daddy, no...you can't-" She pleaded despite, but was cut off.


"I CAN!" his tone hit her much like a slap on the face. It reverberated through her core, almost pushing her back.

This certainly silenced her, but didn't take away from her pleading tearing eyes. Duke Kyle DeVoe ordered her ship the Mariner IV grounded. He ordered the core reactor fuel cells removed.


Marina couldn't believe he had grounded her. Grounded her while a system..a friend was in need. Were they not Alderaani? The disbelief at what her father did and the fact that the Council had put a hold on aiding Commenor till further notice was beyond what she thought they stood for.

For the first time ever, her anger surfaced and she pounded her fist on the table before she abruptly turned to leave.


"Marina!" Her father called her as he closed the channel.


"Gasp...pant..pant..." She were crying, her back to him. She knew she should turn. He was her father and she loved him so. But her heart was broken. Oh what had she done, she realized. Were she trying to break her father heart?


Marina slowly turned, her eyes traced the floor before they looked up to his. " I...I'm sorry father. I don't know what came over me.." And that was honest truth. She had for the first time let anger lead her to lash out.her features were almost bright red...she were ashamed.


"Marina...my daughter." He took a few steps toward her. "I understand your anger..your frustration. We'll let this go today." he gently put his hands on her shoulders. 

"I wish to help Commoner also. But the time to rush in and take courses of actions without proper protocol in these situations is over. The system is currently under occupation and control of the and out of anyone's jurisdiction. We need to first see about opening up new political avenues....dialogue with the occupying forces." He spoke to her like a politician.


"They're vernmin... they're sith.." Marina could almost taste the hate..her dislike for siths.

It were evident her discontent for them and all siths. In her mind, they were all the same...vermin.


Her father suppressed a smile, although if his daughter were to look into his eyes, she would see his content.

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Giddean Kuat

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Location: Commenor Royal Palace, Corridor 34-3C

Objective: Secure Sith Encryption Codes

Equipment: Sith Armor, Lightsaber (Hidden), SIF-71 LMGAssassin (Suppresses) 


Giddean hatted getting these kinds of job offers, the next time he ask for be assigned a Stealth Fighter he isn't gonna ask Intel Specialist Cole. Looking at the Identification Card that he had finished and hoped he was able to acturally get this job done.


He ducked into a side room of the Royal Palace and took off his Sith Legionary Helmet. This room was filled with tall servers and flashing lights. Pulling out the ID Card he swiped it on one of the Terminals and plugged in his Wrist Data Pad, secured underneath his Armor. How those soldiers were able to breath in the Sith Armor was beyond him. Guess these Sithies had to make their soldiers suffer as much as they did when they looked in the mirror. In truth he did not know why he ever agreed to this, Commenor was on the radar for the Republic, but if he got caught it would be a real problem for the Jedi Order. Were the Radio Encryption Codes really that important? Plus, why did he have to go to these specific rooms to secure them?


This mission was a weird one, but what was he suppose to do, this was a mission form Republic Intelligence. He took a deep breath of fresh air and put the helmet back on. Exiting the door again he nearly walked into Tom Taff and Head of the House, Olivia. He had been on mission in the palace for a little bit now, but everyone knew better then to get on that women's bad side. Rumor had it not even the Overseer, Darth Interitus could save you from the women. She was chastising another of the groundskeeper, she really was ruthless. "Afternoon Madam Olivia, I heard you state the Queen was in good heath," Giddean was nearly sweating behind the helmet. "What else would she be, Lord Interitus keeps her in confinement for her own health."


Attempting to hide his Force signature and continue to stay on the Household Maids good side as to not alert the guards around the corner. The door behind him stated that it was a server room, and a soldier of his rank was not allowed into that secure room. He just stood there hoping neither of them would take notice of that.


Lady Kay

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Location: Mt Cetril, Alderaan at House DeVoe

Objective: To aid Commoner's people

Interaction:Open, once enroute

Posts: 2






An hour passed since she were excused by her father....


Marina was gazing out over Aiden pass on top of Mt Cetril, her family estate. It were a clear day...blue skies, no clouds... just wisps of snow ice coming off some of the mountain peaks before her.

The reflection of her brother in the window pane announced his presence in the library. 




"I heard." he said, as he approached her. 


Marina took a deep breath, making like she was brushing her hair back, although in a quick swipe with her thumbs wiped the tears from her eyes. She didn't answer him, but kept him in check in the reflection.

He came up next to her and looked out a moment before turning to lean his back on the pane.


"Commenor is under occupation. These sith are-" He started to say when..

"They're vermin, Jerrid! All siths are vermin!" She interrupted, before turning to him.


"Yes, that could very well be what they are.

But they are still quite beyond the scope of your... skills." He said, slightly clenching his teeth.

Marina picked up on it. It were difficult not too, as they had once been almost inseparable...they were after all twins.



Why should I believe you when you yourself don't believe that...huh?" She brushed her eyes across his sight, before he pushed his self off the glass and walked over to one of the small end tables to an ornate reading chair. 


"Marina, there are a lot of things you don't understand...a great...many...things." Jerrid took to picking up the small statuette ..a remnant of Old Alderaan. It were one of the rare few items that had survived from their ancestral world by which the Galactic Empire under the reign of the vile sith Emperor Palpatine had destroyed. He then put it back down when she asked him what ' things' she didn't understand.


"I understand that we all talk a big game...father there, part of the Council spoke of meeting these vermin head on...taking the fight to them...yet once again we remain in the side lines as a system. " She then pointed out before she realized what she said.


"Marina.." Her brother started to speak.


"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to speak about father that way. I know he defended our home..our Providence during their attack on us here. I'm just ...just tired s'all." Marina said, slumping her head against the glass. "I... I find it hard...so hard to think straight sometimes.." She dispeared.


"It's alright to be angry, you know. But never to the family."


"Yes, I know...

I know... sigh.... I spoke without thinking..." Marina pulled herself from the glass and went over to the chair near where her brother was by the table. She plopped herself down.

"I'd like to be alone for awhile if you don't mind." She then said, resting her arm on the chair with forehead in hand.


"As you like... " Jerrid started to leave.


"Thanks... thanks for caring... I know you're struggling with this too..." Marina said, feeling her brother's steps come to a halt, before continuing on with his exit.


Jerrid didn't reply. He didn't need to...couldn't lest he reveal more than he did. He and his sister had shared their mother's womb, and before he had left for what was said to be off world schooling they had been inseparable... one in the same in heart and spirit. But traditionally the male heirs of House DeVoe were schooled outside the system. Something which she had questioned multiple times and had received no concrete answer or even where these schools or universities that they claimed they went were. It were one aspect of her family that was denied her.


Marina sat there in the library awhile thinking about the fate of her friend Cessy under the sith occupation. Marina knew and quite understood she could not help her friend directly. She had no means to do it. But even so, she had gotten through the initial blockade and managed to save and evacuate survivors of a farming community near Juniper Canyon. Her intentions before her father grounded her ship were to stock up with what she determined could be needed medical and food supplies and run the sith blockade again...land..leave supplies with some who could distribute it and maybe take off with those whom wanted to leave their home. That much she could do, as she couldn't fight, but help with the resistance nevertheless.


As she sat there mulling over one idea after another as to how she could circumvent around her ship she realized that there could be others like her that were gearing up to aid Commenor. She was certain of it in her heart. She just had to find them...maybe convince them to take her along. Sure, she'd go to Commenor with no ship, no supplies and no means of rescuing anyone...but she knew she'd have to go no matter what.


Her heart had been racing as she came to conclude what she was going to do. 

Now to get to a port down in the valley...maybe the capital, where she could get on some transport that would take her to a system where she could find others that were going to Commenor. 


Well, she wasn't going to get there sitting pretty in that chair.

Marina got up and headed to her room. She did have to pack a bug-out pack...change of clothes... credits..energy bars...yes, energy bars. 

'Ooh..MRE's, yes, of course MRE's!' she thought.

She could sneak them from the family hangar stores.

Her plan was set.

She'd have to sneak out..pretend to maybe go see a friend down in the valley. It was her only reason she could use to grab hold of one of her family speeders... 


"Ooh!.." Marina nearly ran over her brother as she rushed to her room.


Was she OK? Why sure...sure she was Ok, she assured him.


Uhm, I'm going over to Mariya Fleischer 's chateau..." She then said.

"I need some air...it's way too thin up here..."