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Come into my parlor...

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Amelia von Sorenn

Amelia von Sorenn

    The Spacepiress of Chaos

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The room was bathed in a crimson hue; the sunlight filtering in through the heavy drapes that covered the various windows. Though she would have preferred a meeting at night, she understood that not all were of her kind and often slept during those hours. A soft smirk crossed her lips as she sat quietly, her back to the heavy doors behind her, the drapes that covered those windows were the darkest for her own security.


Leaning forward she took up the glass that sat before her, taking a sip of the sanguine liquid within before resting the long stem container back upon the thick desk she sat behind. Golden hues pierced through the room, falling upon the young woman whom she had called before her; the reason for such to be revealed in short order. A hand came up, offering the seat before her on the other side of the desk followed by a soft nod.


"Please, sit."


Her voice nearly melodic before she permitted a smirk to cross her lips before motioning towards the doors behind the woman. The heavy wooden panels creaking upon their hinges as they closed with a heavy thud behind her. The woman remaining quiet as she lift her glass once more and took a sip of the liquid, keeping it cupped in her palm as she smirked once more. A hint of her fangs revealed for a moment before she sat up a bit more, her attention always locked upon the woman.


"I'm sure you've plenty of questions..."


Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

    Not a flight attendant... please take your seat.

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Her ship still under house arrest, Marina had no other means but to book a private transport to her intended destination. The past few weeks she had been hopping from one transport to another as a passenger as her father had grounded her ship, the Mariner IV...removing it's fuel cells.

This had come about as a result of her escapades..or wild irresponsible and dangerous stunt she pulled during the fall of CSA...mainly Commenor.


In short;

Marina had broken through what at the time was a blockade orchestrated by the Sith Empire's encroachment and attack on Commenor itself. Marina had come to it's aid..to her friend Cessy's aid. Cessy being the Queen of Commoner, whom had chosen to be incognito when she booked a flight with marina. In short, they shared quite a harrowing adventure with Commenor's own Juniper canyon. And it were they whom had first come across the first ever traces of the Amber weapon, which had been secretly tested. But those were in better times...before the sith had come...before Commenor and CSA came to fal under their iron boots.


The shuttle that had been deployed from the larger transport had come down planet side following a standard flight path which took it past Thrune industrial Complex. Marina looked out one of the viewports..mainly the one she were sitting next to. It was still all quite intact and untouched. How and why had the sith not attacked this system, being not more than a standard jump from Commenor?

It weren't that she had wished Damoria to have sustained same...by no means, no. Marina was in fact relieved this system had been passed over. Seemed the vermin (as she viewed all sith) had been too preoccupied in taking Commenor, to thin itself out to take on all of the CSA. But once Commenor fell....

It made strategic sense, she had later realized. Commenor had held the key to the CSA..much like Alderaan had with the FWC.


"Sigh..." Marina leaned back on her seat, as the shuttle made its way to the main estate...House Thrune.

She had done the same in Alderaan as she had done for Commenor when the sith had attacked.Being a pacifist, she didn't fight like a warrior, nor a fighter pilot, no. But she nevertheless made quite a mark in those confrontations and saved many lives.

Although she had not received as high a reprimand for disobeying her father's orders in not coming to Alderaan during the attack as she had received for doing same for Commenor. 


In short;

At the time of Commenor's attack, Marina had not broken through the sith blockade, but then also evaded the pair of TIE/drone fighters that Micha had sent after her. During the altercasion and with some quick on the fly maneuvering tactics she managed to her two TIE/drone persuers disappear in an explosion by which she had created, using one of her escape-pods that she had eject in a narrow pass. No, her ship was certainly not armed, but she did however have fully fueled and 'on demand' ready escape pods.

And so, one may ask?

Well, she was able to remotely engage a pod's drive to near overload before releasing it. The overloaded pod crashing against one of thewalls in the narrow pass, (with two drone TIES's on her tail, lest not forget that) had taken the bait in following her only to never come out of Juniper Canyon. And of course, that was how she also meet Jairdain , whom had conjured up an electrical storm to disrupt a sith control ship from launching more TIE droids after Marina. She had met Jairdain when she finally was able to land and pick up Commenori survivors to evacuate them off the system.



Marina' eyes came to refocus from the memory of her part during Commenor's attack when she felt the shuttle making contact on the landing pad. 

She had arrived on Damoria, at House Thrune's permitted landing pad.

"Lady DeVoe... " the co-pilot had come up to her as the shuttle was powering down.

"An emissary of Duchess Emilia is waiting on the tarmac." he announced, as neither he, nor anyone else on the shuttle had permission to disembark.


"Oh, yes...thank you.." Marina nodded, getting up and heading toward the exit door.


It were mid day..and the system's star was just overhead. marina took a deep breath. Fresh air...clean..different.


"Lady DeVoe.." a female voice greeted her. "My name is Solanna...I am my Lady Thrune's handmaiden." she took to bowing as marina stepped off the ramp. "Welcome to House Thrune....if you would be so kind as to follow me, I will take you to see my master."

As thus, marina followed Amilia's handmaiden to the estate's entrance and bid enter the great House of Thrune.


Her eyes befell some splendor, upon entering the great hall. Marina had not seen such ornate decorations of such antiquity collections as this before. Then again, not much at all were left of her ancestral Alderaan for her to really compare first hand...just holo images of Alderaan's once ancient past. What little had returned to New Alderaan were of personal items of families that had off world interests and estates at the time ancestral Alderaan had been destroyed during Palpatine's reign of terror....another vermin sith as Marina would account if given her opinion of them.


"Wow...beautiful.." she couldn't help but be in awe as she were lead into the main chamber where she eyes a rather ..tall but striking woman.

naturally there were not much of a response from Solanna, seemingly being that perhaps her role were to just escort Marina to her lady. And that she did and bowed to whom she presented marina as her lady Emilia von Thrune.


"Lady Thrune.." Marina herself presented a rather respectful bow to her host.

"I thank your grace for the opportunity from the invite to meet you." Marina first said, getting formalities out of the way. She was after all from Houde DeVoeone of the Great Houses on Alderaan. But Duchess she was not, as she was the youngest daughter of Duke Kyle DeVoe. 


Again the inner chamber was amazingly decorated with a mixture of old and new...and well lit despite there were no natural light within-

Oh wait...

Oh yes, she picked up on the heavy but again quite ornate tapestry that many old estates..castles even, had traditionally hanging on walls and windows. Still, it seemed quite beautiful and in many ways..quite fitting. Many antique and classical furnishings and art were commonly kept out of natural light as the UV could be quite damaging to those invaluable articles.

"Lady Thrune..." Marina once more motioned a respectful acknowledgement to Amilia's inquiry as to allow Marina to ask in the context as to why she had been invited into her House on Damoria.


"...I must first apologize for my limited scope of knowledge concerning your Great House. But I do know it has been loyal to Royal House Arenais...Commenor, for the most part as it existed before ..." She hesitated a moment, not knowing as to why, but felt an overbearing presence for that particular moment. maybe perhaps that she had spent her crossing as a passenger, not the pilot. If she weren't flying herself, such jumps weren't too palatable..didn't sit well with her.

"... It is why I have come to cross over to what is now TSE dominion." There, she successfully omitted calling them vermin. After all, it would not be lady-like for her to voice such language in the presence of another lady.


"I again, don't quite know as to the motivation of this meeting. But I must be honest and hope it is for the common good as to the liberation of this sector from your current oppressors...uhm, Lady Thrune." She then said, allowing her host to maybe divulge what she had in mind as to beckoning her here.


Marina wasn't here on official, nor sanctioned business. Actually, she had kind of disobeyed her father in his intentions of keeping her on Alderaan by grounding her ship. Naturally, neither her father, nor her own queen Faith Organa, knew she were here on Damoria...and certainly not in House Thrune.





Amelia von Thrune


Amelia von Sorenn

Amelia von Sorenn

    The Spacepiress of Chaos

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'Current oppressors'... The phrase brought a soft smirk to her lips, once more revealing her fangs as she brought her glass up to her lips. With a soft sip, she took a long drink of the sanguine liquid before setting the glass down slowly. Shifting slightly in her seat, she brought her right leg up to rest atop her left leg. Her hands came together, softly resting in her lap as her golden hues locked upon the young woman. In truth she had no need nor desire to take any action in some glorious rebellion to free the people and all the hubris and hypocrisy that often came with such a proclamation. 


"This is nothing new, for it is not the first time the Sith have lain claim over the galaxy and placed their boot upon the throats of others. However; I can guarantee you that it will not last. Perhaps for a time they'll stand strong and reach out to many other worlds - though there will come a time when the inevitable will set in and history repeats itself." 


Leaning forward slightly, she lift up a crystal decanter to slowly refill her drink, the sanguine liquid almost thick in a way as it fill the vessel. Replacing the stopper and setting the decanter down, she once more lift the glass from where it rest upon the desk. All in all she was studying the young woman whilst also choosing her words carefully. 


"The Sith will turn on one another in due time and allow an opening for others to rise up. This is something that few seem to understand and rather than wait and bide their time, they seek to lash out as quickly as they can as though they were a toddler throwing a tantrum because you took away their favorite toy." 


That was how she viewed the Commenor Rebellion, unplanned and nothing more than a reaction without thought. With a soft sigh she took a sip from her glass before setting it down, then smirked softly as her attention refocused upon the young woman for a moment. 


"The history of my name and house differs somewhat. Such as it was once on Alderaan - though we've been disowned and hated for viewing the Organa's as bringing about the destruction it felt at the hands of the Sith. Likewise we no longer serve Commenor, being shunned for choosing neutrality." 


Slowly pulling herself up so she stood, her height more apparent now than it had been as she slowly moved around her desk. Her fingertips dancing upon the table as she slowly moved closer to the young woman, her golden hues locking with the young woman's eyes. 


"There are many in the Galaxy that would love to be in your position right now, so close to striking, though I must ask - why did you accept the invitation to meet with me? A so called enemy of Alderaan and now Commenor?"


Marina DeVoe


Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

    Not a flight attendant... please take your seat.

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Oh wait a second...did she just have a blonde moment?

What did she mean, enemy of Alderaan?...no way this could be the same Amelia Syrush that-

Oh good heavens...as her queen's favorite expression went! What had she stepped into now?


Naturally what the current Amelia expected, she certainly received. Marina had her open mouth, lower jaw unknowingly became subjective to the system's gravity.

"Sigh..." She didn't have to ask, as her eyes sunk to the stonework underfoot..

So this was the one and same, Amelia Syrush....


Marina shook her head, quite disappointed in herself for coming here like a naive little girl. One whom had not done her homework, apparently.

She could do nothing but take in a deep breath, following that long jaw dropping reaction. 


"I...wasn't aware your lady were one and the same.....no." Marina kept her etiquette..her respect nevertheless of her host. She was after all a guest.

Well, now what? 


She then let a small chuckle escape...

"I'm sorry...no, I'm not laughing at you lady Sorenn...Lady Syrush, rather...my apologizes.." Yes, still a bit rattled she were of the revelation. Marina had no clue taking the transport to Damora that this was the very same Amelia that her queen had placed a bounty on her person to answer to the charges of coordinating with the sith that allegedly lead to the attack on her beloved Alderaan. Marina had knowledge of the charges and of the actions her queen and Council had set forth against Amelia, but she herself could not commit to full prosecution, for she didn't know all of the facts. As thus, her own views had neither condemned, nor opposed these claims against 'the' Amelia Syrush.


 Again Marina shook her head apologetically. "It's that I'm kind of amused you'd think I was here for the bounty... hehe"Yes, that would be funny.

Amelia here towered over her by 30 centimeters. Truth was, if Marina towered over Amelia by such, it would still not matter. marina wasn't a fighter. Not in a violent sense that is. Sure, she quite enjoyed wrestling about with her bestie Mariya Fleischer now and then. But that were...fun....playful even.


It were understandable that she needed a moment to recollect her thoughts..realign her intent and purpose now. And no, she had not come here under her queen's blessing or knowledge. marina had taken upon herself despite even her father's objection to stay out of other system's affairs. That would be settled and negotiated upon by politics, not pacifists..peace dreamers like her. Was he right now...or still wrong in his stance?


"But no...if I had been aware as to whom you were, lady Syrush.... sigh.... I wouldn't have accepted the invite. Certainly not without informing my queen...my father.." Oh, such truths, just revealed no one of importance knew she were here. Nice going... but it were the circumstances as to her being here.


"I came-


I came seeking allies.

Friends..." She then looked up into the sun bright eyes of her host. They were kind of mesmerizing if one were to look deep into them. But she managed to blink..not to be rude..nor challenging. She just wanted to face this Amelia, let her see that she had not come here for any other purpose. or at least that had been her initial purpose. Now?

Now she weren't sure. Were she to be her guest until her family, her queen would negotiate her release and drop their claim on Alelia's estates both on Commenor if and when that system were once again freed..and Amelia's estates and holding on Alderaan?

Amelia after all, now held the daughter of Duke Kyle DeVoe  


"If I may, lady Syrush...sigh..." It were a question she had to ask, for she was certainly entangled in a web she had not been aware of.

"If you knew who I was; why did you invite me?..send a transport for me?

Surely if you knew I had any inkling of whom you were that I would refuse. " She asked, not at all now knowing as to the reason Amelia had sent for her.


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