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Caesar Kenway

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Caesar Kenway

Caesar Kenway

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Name: Caesar Kenway

Faction: The Confederacy

Rank: Viceroy of Ord Pardron

Species: Human

Age: 54

Gender: Male

Height: 6'8

Weight: 73kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Gray.

Skin: Normal White Skin Colour.

Force Sensitive: No.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He isn't combat trained, so he is slow, and a sub-par fighter, and is easily tired from over working himself in the office, that being said, it is not fair to say he is incapable of fighting. He is stronger than most, and a good shot.

Appearance: Muscular, tall, blue eyed, gray haired, male in his 50's.

Biography: Born on Alderaan, to noble parents, he spent most of his life living in a mansion, on a mountain, tinkering with, and making ships, guns, armour and droids. By age 20, he made himself a droid companion who acted as his personal guard and assistant, at age 30, he met a female who he was romantically interested in, who then got killed, he then devoted his life to creating a company called Kenway Manufacturing, which made ships, armour, weapons and droids. At the current point in time, he is a Viceroy of the Confederacy.

Ship: A Z-90D Phantom-Prototype Stealth Ship, silent laser cannons, carpet bombing capability, EMP missiles, poison gas missiles, homing missiles, and shrapnel missiles. It has a cloaking feature, and the ability to seal itself completely and become a submarine, it's engines allow it to jump into and out of hyperspace in under a second, and match, if not beat, the Millennium Falcon in speed. Also: Grievous-Class Command Ship

RolePlays:To Clone or Not to Clone [CIS], Ord Pardron Job Fest , Voided Check [CIS Dom of Void Station]Blood and Wine [CIS]

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