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Single Combat, Chandana Kay vs. TBA

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Immortal Cyan

Immortal Cyan
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Chandana Kay

Post 1

Location: Arena

Equipment: F-11D Blaster Rifle, Hekler’Kok LA-1 Light Armor, Black Balaclava, Phrik-coated Vibroblade w/ Mono-molecular Edge, 5 Chakrams

The Major or Racosidae or Auld


In the middle of a sand-covered, square-shaped arena, two fighters face each other 15 meters apart. The wall of the arena is 15 meters behind each fighter, and there are 22.5 meters to the walls on the left and right side of each fighter. Finally, there are six durasteel barriers in the arena, which are 2 meters long and 101.6 centimeters tall. They each weigh 2,721 kilograms and are not bolted down to the ground. The two barriers that are the closest to the each fighter are positioned 5 meters behind and 2 meters to the left and right behind their starting positions. The next two barriers are 7.5 meters in front of the fighters, and are 2 meters to the left and right in front of their starting positions.


The stands and the outside of the arena are sealed off from the fighters through a particle shield, which completely prevent exit or entry.


OOC: This thread is intended to be a non-canon practice PvP match. It is open to one other player, who will write as my opponent. I intend for the fight to be to the death, but that will be inconsequential, since this is a non-canon thread. Also, I made a quick and rough not-to-scale mockup of the arena, which is in the spoiler tag below. The red lines represent the barriers, and the two black dots represent the staring positions of our fighters.




1. You may bring any gear you want, as long as it is usable by a single individual (your character).

2. Usage of the Force is Allowed.

3. No powergaming, metagaming, etc.

4. PM me on the site or over Discord (Immortal Cyan#3108) before posting in the thread.

4. Have fun and get better!


Finally, if you still want to duel even if there is someone else in the thread, please let me know and I'll start up a new thread.

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