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Church of the Word


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Organization Template







  • Organization Name: Church Of the Word

  • Classification: Religious Group.

  • Loyalties: Interstellar Protectorate.

  • Organization Symbol: Here.

  • Description: The dominant religion of the Protectorate, created hundreds years ago in Kaikielius based in the religions of the local species of the planet. Differences were set aside by the races, as the religious groups of each race after they were united in the Conquista de Dios, the war that united the planet under elzeri and vahla rule, met to discuss how there was only one true faith and no other. Seeing how their own faiths believed in similar deities, those seven priest wrote the Book of Dios, first of many interpretations on the gospel of the Dios. Those being the Nine Divines made by the Atar, the elzerish word for the Force that made the Gods alongside with everything else in the Galaxy.


  • Headquarters: Kaikielius.

  • Realm: Kaikielius, Achillea, other areas in the Tapani Sector. .

  • Domain: No real control the Church has on planets, but they are the dominant faith in both Kaikielius and Achillea. A faith that is cultivated by 95% of the general populations on those planet, for it does not tolerate any heresy of permanent residents and it is heavily taught to every living being since they are but mere infants. Everything and anything that happens in the daily life is or can be associated to the Dios.

  • Notable Assets: The Church posses temples, churches, shrines, graveyards, estates, mansions and holds dominion over most of Odur, the Moon of Kaikielius.



  • Hierarchy:

ARCHIGOS: The elected ruler of the Estel. The Archigos holds dominion over most of the Church, doing the rituals and leading the festivals and prays for the gods. Ruling for life, the Archigos is usually found to be a easy man that supports the nobles and is involved with the games and political intrigues that surround the ruling of the nation he is. A influential and powerful political figure, the Archigos is a public figure that is always found leading some ritual and pray over some temple around the galaxy, or is found in many commercials and ‘prayer time’ in some stations on the HoloTV. The Archigos holds the power to anoint knights and form holy orders of knights and most of them keep close relations with the Archmages of the Enclave.

THE ESTEL: The ruling body of the Church, ones in charge of electing the new Archigos and the ones in charge of its economy and guidelines. The Church are the ones in charge of declaring which gospel and to bless ordinary souls with the right to become saints in the afterlife in the Force. Those from the Estel are known to the public as Cardinals.

AUROR. The title carried by the common priests and holy man in charge of blessing, collecting taxes for sins, weddings, hearing confessions and other things around the common temples. Some in charge to spread The Word around the galaxy and many other potential planets and civilizations.

HOLY KNIGHTS: The ones in charge of security and protection of the Archigos, the temples, some influential Aurors, the Estel and more. Anointed knights by cardinals or the Archigos, those fighters are usually trained and taught to be devote to the Gods and the Church.

HOUSE OF DIVINES: It is believed the Church keeps houses of pray and worship dedicated for each of the Divine. The members of those Houses pray only for the deity in that temple, studying its ways and history. Those houses resemble monasteries and are self sufficient.


  • Membership: (IC) Nearly 95% of the population in those planets are believers, a believer must be faithful and pray for the gods, he must show to the masses and repent for his sins. (OOC) Not much really to say really, one does not need to keep making posts praying but he cannot curse the gods in public.

  • Influence: Among the governments in the galaxy there is no real influence the Church has on them. They do not control any true power except those of the ‘holy knights’, but they are capable of inspiring their followers to start rebellions, smother the fears they might have and even make the governments look like they are right or following the will of the Gods.

  • Climate: Devotion is the greatest and strongest thing one might feel as he join the Church. The everlasting quest for heresy is something that all the members are always on the lookout, the fear of heretic thoughts spreading like a cancer inside society is the reason many Aurors preach about the power of the Gods.

  • Reputation: Well loved in the planets they have more control, the Church is known for great acts of charity, feeding the poor, building houses, taking care of orphans and are known for having great schools and helping people in need.

  • Rules: Most rules are interpreted by each of its followers, Aurors, Archigos and others as they read the Book of the Word and the many other gospels written by saints and hermits of the Church. Above all, carved in stone stands in the doors at the Great Shrine of Clovis:

“The faithful shall inherit the Universe.”

Not exactly a rule, but often said in sermons and during festivals by many followers and holy servants, “Hear the Word”, The term “The Word” is often interpreted by different opinions, some say is The Word of the God or Gods they believe among the Divines, others say is The Word of your heart and beliefs, but according to the third Archigos of the Church, “The Word” is that of the Living Force that surrounds all in the Universe.

  • Doctrines: Despite having many quotes and rules interpreted by many different opinions, what can be said is that the Church teaches and blesses polygamy, for they believe that one should always produce more sons and faithfuls. That your children must be raised and taught about the Word and about the holy books, obey the law and pray for the Gods. Heresy is always something people are taught to look for, resulting in many false accusations that lead to people enduring harsh tribunals to see if those are true. Heresy is not a crime at the eyes of the law but it is enough to make one be ostracized by others and expelled of the community. Taught ever since they are small like miralukan that there is no good and no evil, for none exists without the other and one reflects on the other as well. During rites and sermons, a pyre is lit and the speakers talk around her, it is believed that the flames can show much of the past, present and the future for those that seek the grace of the Dios and are blessed for being force sensitives. Tattoos, paintings, scarification and burned marks are common symbols of devotion by members of the Church and followers.

  • Goals: To spread the Word..



Members of the Interstellar Protectorate.



The Church was born not long after all the alien races in Kaikielius settled and started to preach their own religious views and dogmas, war was eminent as blood began to boil in all the factions and houses. It was only when Queen Margeritte Kraljica, tired of all this happening in her kingdom went on and called all the nobles and clergy representatives to her ring city above the planet, in Nessa, all the factions were given the choice of open war and they all were going to be considered traitors and she was going to summon other foreign forces like some friends in the Tapani Sector to come to Kaikielius and exterminate them all, or they could sit and try to discuss a reasonable solution. Nobles were dismissed as they all decided to leave that in the hands of the Queen, who talked for almost a entire week with all the clergy in her palace before they decide to unite and create a single religion.

Out of respect for all the cultures, terms were discussed as they noticed how similar the religions in their planets really was to satisfy all the parts involved. With the guidance of one hundred priests for each of the seven representatives the Book of Dios was created. Those seven were declared by the Queen to be the first ones to be called Cardinals in the Ester and they all ruled equally in the Church, as she would never have any courage to ask those seven to appoint one to lead them.

Going to Odur, the sacred moon of Kaikielius, to pray in the many temples built on the place, those seven priests and the Queen stayed there for nine days in worship to see if that deed was truly blessed by the gods. It is believed and said that during that stay, the Nine Divines appeared as a vision for all of them, telling them the right course of action and that was the decision they were making that would shape the future, showing them visions of the past and the future. Returning to the ring city palace of the Queen, the seven started to write the visions they had and worked together to build this Church and serve the gods, each of them wrote a single different book about the deities they served but they all joined to write the first gospel of that church, thus creating the Book of Dios.

As the Book of Dios says, in the beginning there was nothing, no stars, no galaxies and no life. Out of the primal, soundless and shapeless darkness in the void something came and started to fill the galaxy, that was the Word of Atar, the Cosmic Power/Force that ruled everything and it began to sing with strange and different tones of explosions, known as the First Note, that gave birth to the first stars, nebula's, black holes and empty planets for Atar was a shapeless, for she existed in all time and space. And after seeding the galaxy, Atar began to Second Note, which he gave birth to the Gods of All, not just the ones that would be known as the Nine Divines, but all the gods in all the planets of all races in the galaxy. Some he gave pairs, others he gave friends, foes, enemies, brothers, children and pets, but noticing how lonely some deities were in the planets they lived, Atar, also called The One in All and All in One by the ancient elzeri, sang the Third Note, the final gift he could give to the universe, he filled the stars with life, sentient and non sentient, in the skies, in the seas, beneath the land above the land, before he, [There is some debate about it in the Church to this day] he:


1 - Left to create other galaxies beyond this one, like the one the Yuuzhan Vong came from. Leaving his presence as ‘The Force’ behind.

2 - After his great songs, Atar the Cosmic Power went dormant and decided to watch all from his place of existence.


Many believe that a Fourth Note is to happen in the end of All things when Atar comes back or wakes up and declares that all life will end and start it all again, for this life but a learning process towards it, where all the galaxy will be healed and reset like in the beginning. Fair and wild.


For centuries and thousands of years the Old Gods of All lived in the galaxy, those being the gods that existed before the Church was made. Some were killed by the followers they had, some destroyed themselves for not all of them were granted with followers, others fought long and harsh battles until this day by using their own ‘populations’ to engage the others. It is believed that if a entire species faces extinction, a God would wither and die, for he would not have any more followers and no one to remember who he was. Life flourished in the galaxy and many lived and died under the rule of the Gods they served or lived alongside with and for that, when all the races finally gathered in Kaikielius avoiding war and choosing peace, it was seeing as if their own Gods were with them and approved the decisions they were making, thus the Nine Divine Ones were included in the Book of Dios that dwell in their own realm known as Aer.

ASHIA: The Mother Of All, High Goddess of the Dios and Queen of Aer, Keeper of Time and a embodiment of the Light Side of the Force. Represented by a beautiful ‘miralukan’ like figure, she is the one to be thanked for all that good that happens in life.

BOGAN: The Son Of Chaos, God Of Discord and Lord Of The Night, Master of Death and a embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force. Represented by a bald ‘umbaran’ warrior with glowing yellow eyes and a sword in hands, he is the one to be thanked for all the evil that happens in life.

QYMAEN: Brother Of Arms, God Of War, Champion of Aer, embodiment of the kaleesh believes in honor and performed great deeds in life became saints in the hordes of Shrupak to fight in the timeless void. Represented by a proud and armored kaleesh soldier with a shoni spear in one hand and a lig sword in another. Scholars believe that this deity is related to the old kaleesh hero of the Clone Wars, also known as General Grievous, for it was said that he was a living a god.

VAHL: Goddess of Fire, the Wise One, Sorcerer of Aer and Mistress of All Magic, embodiment of the vahla deity of chaos, fire and to her is attributed all magic and wisdom. Represented by a vahla woman of ash white hair and dark eyes.

TIAMAT: The Three Headed Beast, Dragon of the Stars and Protector of Aer. The embodiment of the elzeri deity, probably originated according to scholars by early encounters with a Duinuogwuin when roaming through the galaxy in search of their home. The deity is represented by a three headed golden dragon that resembles a three headed Duinuogwuin, each head having it is own color, one is golden, other is white and the other one is purple.

URTHE and MEL: The Lovers, Two In One, One In Two. The embodiment of the elzeri deity Urthemel, a single deity that felt lonely and split itself in two to avoid going mad and dying, one represents the green of the woods and life in the surface, the other represents the blue of the sea and life beneath the ocean. Represented by a male and a female elzeri with purple color in their skin both with a green and blue eye in their heads.

SILENZIO: Maker of Wonders, Patriarch of the Arts, embodiment of the elzeri deity of technology and arts. Scholars believe the deity has origins by early encounters of the elzeri with a Silentium when through the galaxy due to its similar shape and form when represented by statues.

GERUN: The Phoenix, the Boar, God of the Sky and Lord Justiciar of the Dios.It is not known which race worshipped that deity, but his temples were already in Odur before the first humans settled in Kaikielius, they believed it was a Old God without worshipers that survived the hunger and was on the verge of going mad, others believed it was a deity worshiped by Ugnaughts fanatics for the representations they give the deity in large four legged boar statues instead of the usual ones. The embodiment of justice and order, the deity is represented by a flaming bird called the phoenix, and was accepted as one of the Nine for becoming quite popular in those days by kaleesh, ugnaughts and vahla priests.The questions about the true shape of the deity it is up for debate until this day.

BIELOBOG: Keeper of the Day, Keeper of the Night, Master Of Forges and Judge of Honor, the embodiment of the N’Gai in Kaikielius, the deity represents their sense of honor and passion. Brought to Kaikielius by Nagai dissidents that served this deity in their former homeplanet, that forced them to leave the planet in a honorable way for not being allowed to pray for the one they believed to be the source of what they were. The deity is represented by a middle aged Nagai male with a hammer and two tehk’la blades, it is said that the deity is the one in charge for the night and day.




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