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Common People

- - - - - William Shatner Alexa! Play Common People

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He didn't live an entertaining life.


He didn't know what there was fun, not really. He was mostly focused on surviving, nothing seemed like fun with a large Sith Armarda overhead. To him, fun was just surviving one more day. He knew he could allow himself to have fun when Commenor was free, but he couldn't even remotely feel fun until then, he was too focused on freeing the planet from the cold grasp of the Sith. He run his hand through his hair, shrugging.


"No idea"


He stood, smiling. He offered a handshake to Asajj before he left. He wanted to return back to his penthouse, take a bubble bath and get ready to fight off the very angry Sith Empire.


Asajj Novar

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