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Esvan Verd

Mandalorian Raider Marauder

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Esvan Verd

Esvan Verd

    The Kraken

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"Raid, Pillage, Burn...it's all I'm good at."





Name: Esvan Verd
Titles: The Berserker | Marauder
Age: 32 GSY

Homeworld: Unknown

Citizenship: None

Affiliation: Himself | Mandalorian Empire

Religion: Atheist

Occupation: Raider | Mercenary | Marauder

Force Sensitive: None

Force Alignment: N/A




Father: Ishmael Verd (Deceased)

Mother: Johanna Verd (Deceased)

Siblings: None

Extended Family: Members of Clan Verd

Others: None

Animal Companions: None




Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 198 LBS

Body Type: Mesomorph

Muscle Type: Lean/Bulky

Build: Athletic & Muscular

Complexion: Tanned

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Tattoos: N/A

Scars: N/A

Cybernetics: N/A




Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strengths: Relentless | Courageous | Stern | 

Weaknesses: Violent | Stubborn | Unsympathetic | Greedy | Self-preserved





+ Walking Armory - A man, a raider, a berserker like Esvan doesn't come into and walk among the inhabitants of the Galaxy lightly armed. No. Esvan carries a wide assortment of weapons for any sort of purpose with him at all times, some of which are concealed while others are seen right out in the open. He has a weapon for any situation that he may come across within the wild Galaxy which throws so much turmoil and unknown forces at one's self.


+/- Beskar Tank - Beskar is a trademark metal of most if not all Mandalorian armor, capable of resisting blaster bolts and even glancing blows of the infamous lightsabers. Being a Mandalorian, if not more of a rouge than anything else, Esvan has his very own suit. His suit, however, is self-created and modified with extra layers of protection in the form of extra layering of beskar metal and flexsteel. This, of course, allows the rouge Mandalorian to suffer more punishment than others who wear Beskar armor yet with a steep price to stability and overall speed and agility.


- Lonesome - Raiding, pillaging, and looting the battlefield of valuable weapons isn't a commodity that allows one to make friends or acquaintances easily. Esvan is ignored by a few, and disliked by many because of his war-mongering ways and overall hostile and marauder-based psyche. He is a lonely man with a small handful of friends that can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and a man with many enemies...and many who he can easily make upset at him, and thus subsequently, enemies. 


- Disliked by Many - Being a kind man in an unkind Galaxy is folly through the antagonistic and bleak perspective of Esvan. Why spend time making friends when you can spend time making coin and gaining all number of untold wealth to better one's own agenda? Esvan doesn't make friends, he makes accomplices, most of which turn to dislike him, loathe him, or outright hate him in due time.


- Greedy - Esvan see's material wealth as the best kind of wealth. And he is willing to risk anything to get a higher pay grade, or that fancy weapon off of that living fellow Mandalorian across the field with their back turned to him. With Esvan's greediness, comes an almost unknown and unseen lack of moral philosophy to the rogue Mandalorian.


















Credit to Koda Fett for Layout


If you need to contact me on Discord, send a dm to Cypher#7771

Edited by Esvan Verd, 22 September 2018 - 03:08 PM.