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Rules: Reverse Engineering, Canon Items, Restricted Materials

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1. Reverse Engineering quest rules have been removed.

2. Canon Item rules have been removed.

3. Restricted Materials have been updated.

4. Codex/Factory Rules will now be split and has been removed.

5. Factory Standardized Rules has been updated.

6. Pre-Factory has been moved to a top-level forum, will no longer be a place of "move my subs over". It's to be a place of creation, discussion, working together and snooping on other peoples stuff. Looking to rename it. Factory Research Forum?



Rather Unimportant Things

1. Questions & Answers thread has been removed from the Factory Discussion forum. All Questions must be posted as new threads.

2. Regulation of Unique Canon Items has been archived.




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*rubs hands together*





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Lookin good.

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Time to create a pair of ragnos scepters.