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IX-2 "Combat Tank"

- - - - - HCLI HLCS

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Harley Fenstermacher

Harley Fenstermacher

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  • Manufacturer: HLCS
  • Model: IX-2 "Combat Tank"
  • Availability: Open Market
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material:
    • Windows: Ballistic integrated Glass Steel
    • Frame: Ferrocarbon Frame
    • Armor: Rolled Ferrocarbon Armor (Toplayer), Trimantium Armor Plating (second layer)
    • Tires: synthmesh, Thermoweave (exterior) Harden Rubber Nano-tubes (interior)
    • Light Integrated Ionic Insulation coating between armor layers.
    • Electrical/Mechanical components


  • Classification: MBT
  • Role: Front line combat vehicle
  • Size: Length 5.8 Width 3.7m Height 3.6m Average
  • Weight: 36 Average
  • Minimum Crew: 2 1xPilot,1xGunner
  • Optimal Crew: 3 1xPilot and 1xOperator/Commander 1xGunner
  • Propulsion: All wheel drive frontal steearing
  • Speed: Low Cruising speed 60km/h 
  • Maneuverability: Average
  • Transmission: Axel drive to rear wheels
  • Armaments: Moderate
  • Defenses: Moderate
  • Squadron CountAverage: 12
  • Passenger Capacity: None
  • Cargo Capacity: 500 g Average
  • Cost: 100,000 credits


  • Basic Communication array
  • NV and Thermal Range finder
  • Internal sighting for outside view and holograpic display
  • Sloped composite/Homogenis Armor
  • Glass steel observation slits


  • Jack of all trades: The over all average fire power, speed armor and so on makes the IX-2 an every situation MBT, able to tackle most combat situations it may be put in.
  • Carry capacity: Like the other vehicles in the IX series the IX-2 has a back storage area to carry ordinance or equipment for front line troops.


  • Master of Non: The IX-2 has no real specialty to it and if up against a vehicles that excels in one field that gives it an advantage the IX-2 will find itself in for a tough fight.
  • Getting to close: With no dedicated anti-personal weaponry once the grenades are used up infantry have a much easier time approaching the craft and taking it out from close range.


The IX series faced a small set back with the design of the MBT version, the company looking towards different craft and having to deal with several custom orders for other clients. Though with the move to the core world and the becoming senator of the industrial world of Balmorra HCLI was able to quickly get back to main production, looking to finish off the many delayed projects in had on file. Over all the IX-2 is similar to the IX-1, using the same wheel suspension system and design while vastly improving on the armament though sacrificing room for passengers.

Operating Use

The IX-2 is mainly used as a main battle tank and infantry fighting vehicle, operating most effectively in main assault in conjugation with other vehicles. It's ability to handle most terrain and if need be operate independently makes it a versatile tool for any military that may be in need of a all rounder fighting vehicle. It's only discouraged use is that in scouting or logistics due to it's average speed and inability to properly transport troops to the front line.

Defense Spec
The IX-2 sports adequate defense on par with most MBT and a little more due to it's more front line role, said armor making the craft slower then other tanks. The regular shielding prevents small arms from doing any major damage and even when over loaded one would required a dedicated anti-tank weapon to properly take the IX-2. It's wheels though being exposed if shot out do not vastly hinder movement of the craft.

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