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Trial of Strength

- - - - - Triumvir TSE

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Power rushed through his body as he unleashed the undiluted energy from his eyes. The ability was made to end duels, to end battles and entire platoons if hit properly. Their battle was destroying the arena and slowly destroying the entire structure. He could not concentrate on the world around him only the statue falling down broke his lock on his target. Force Rage began to burn his body and spirit but as he clenched his eyes shut and broke the blast of deadly sight he did not take time to rest.

Without thinking about it he dashed forward with his eyes closed only relying on the force to guide him. The pain of his lost limb, the draining of force rage and the several injuries on his body only further fuled his prowess in battle. His eyes would have deceived him as he jumped on the falling statue, his free hand extended to his right.

Launching himself he found footing on the head of the statue as it fell down first, he jumped again to the statues neck then one last time force jumping higher than the statues original height. It was then his extended hand called to the songsteel blade, only when the cold steel touched his hand did he open his eyes.

Red eyes glared in the sky, staring down at his pray like a Blood Falcon of Midvinter. Gravity would do the rest of the work, positioned perfectly above his foe just as the force ripped and shook in response to some artifact being destroyed. One fell swoop, as fast as the wind Mythos came down augmented with force rage aimed straight at her shoulder to split her in two.

Kaalia Pavanos

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