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The Tesforam Takeover- [NR/Open]

- - - - - New Republic Dirty Politics Open

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RC 212

RC 212


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  • OOC Info: Campaign for Senator!
  • Tesforam - Provisional Representative Sun Ten
Central Square
It had been growing for some time now. Discontent on Tesforam, fed by the rampant protests and fuel shortages she'd had deliberate hand in. That was all kept under hush hush though. A company she'd paid thousands to bought up the market, sucking it dry. That fuel was then shuttled off to the highest bidder, whom sold it to the New Republic Military at quite a high price, and very very publicly.
For weeks now they'd been starved for fuel, and that was where the devious former Imperial Knight came in. Renounced of her Old Empire, and the force, but still with a few chops of the old traditions left. She stood upon a podium in the central square, her loyal party members surrounding her. Today was the Populist Party rally. A new movement, bent on liberating the Republic from such a stringent federal Government, and returning the bulk of the power to the Senators to govern their own affairs.
A sea of blue bellowed her name and she smiled. Blue banners, blue cloaks. They were the party of Blue Justice.
"Ladies, Gentle-beings! Welcome! Welcome!"
She raised her fist.
"For too long has your Senator failed you! In the Senate he's weak and inept. Your world, the prime powerhouse of Weapons for the Republic's Growing army, and Exotic species for trade is being stripped bare and sold right out from under you!"
They cheered more.
Her voice rose in crescendo with the crowd booming over the speakers.
"That is why I have arrived! This what I've been working for, applying all my heart and soul for these past months!To put a stop to the suffering of the of these past few weeks from the Tesforam people! Your fuel has not flowed, but has been contracted out by that greedy Duros, to fund the might of the Republic War Machine! Your people walk everywhere, your equipment no longer plows your fields! Rise up my brothers and sisters! Rise up and elect a new Senator!"
They cheered some more.
From afar Senator Sun Ten's own Aides looked down upon the square from the lofty building. She flung both hands in the air, whipping one arm to point high to the balcony.
"Demand justice! Deman that the people of your planet come first! Elect me me and together we'll cast out the corrupt, the ineptitude, and bring Tesforam into it's own as Galactic Powerhouse. We'll conquer the hearts and minds of the Senate, the Chancellor, and get ourselves, and our kin a bigger slice of the pie. We'll loosen the Stranglehold of Tarriffs's!"
They roared louder, and now she swept her arms wide.
"We'll become the very seat of the Populist party! Of riches and Prestige. Your kin will know good food, and warm beds! Fuel will flow like water from every corner of the planet! We together, with me as your Senator will bring Prosperity and Power back to the People!"
They roared even louder.
"Power to the People! Prosperity! Populist Party forever!!!!!"



"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

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Tobias Dracks

Tobias Dracks

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In a dark hood and in a even darker ally off to the side of the rally, the bright blue glow of a Holo-Projector brightened the Vice Chancellors face. 


   Sun Ten was the Provisional Representative of the planet chosen by the Royal Family to represent them and the Nobles in the Republic. He was a known criminal in his time before working for the Royals, mostly working in the realm of smuggling and salvaging without a licence. The Senate looked over his activities because of his sponsorship of the Royal Family. 


Now, that man was video calling the Vice Chancellor, "This is not what we agreed to Tobias, you said that these protest would go away if I did not attempt to defend myself, we look now, they want my head."


Tobias only sighed, "This is going as planned Representative Ten, Republic Troopers are already prepared for any event of them becoming violent," He looked at the Duro, "We will let this new player and party take the spot light, the conflict between the Hawk Party and the Dove Party is old news now, and the Independents are already siding with me, one the new senator is elected, you can go back to your old job, but a million credits richer so do not react and allow this anger to continue."


The Duro threw a paper weight across the room and glared daggers of anger at the reptilian man, "She wins the elections and you get me off the damn planet, I am no longer one of your tools to be played with Tobias, I could care less about the Republic I only did this for the credits."


Tobias ended the call. Would be easier to just let the fool be killed, blame it on a Sith or First Order sympathizer or even a terrorist. However, that would only give the Hawk Party more ammo to declare war on the other nations. With this PopulistParty on the rise now, the Vice Chancellor used this opportunity to gut the weaker willed players to his side. Even pushing a few more powerful players to supporting the Populist because a third party made the others weaker. 


Now though, required doing the job of Vice Chancellor and getting Annika to fall in line with the rest of the Senate. Winning in polls or not, he would sink or ship her to the Senator Seat if he so pleased, for her maneuvering was spot on. Smart and covert, she could be an asset to the Republic, or someone who could open a hole to their enemies. He was now moving to meet with the women when the time showed itself. VC of the New Republic meeting with someone running would look like an endorsement, and he only wished to speak with her quickly.





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Masked in the throng of the crowd, a cloak swept over her pink hair, Senator Hespera watched from the perspective of this Annika that perhaps mattered most: that of the lay person. She had to admit, this one was good. The message - a new way coming from a voice of the old guard, with a focus on the people's will and needs. The timing - one of deprivation and strife. Annika could be running against Palpatine in his prime and she'd still win. She pursed her lips, however. The thought of Palpatine soured her mood, a reminder of how fragile Republics are.


A former "Imperial Knight." Borderline Sith. Even the presence of so many Force-users in the Senate. She wondered, idly, if some of the energy in the crowd was not their own, if there was a push coming from some shadowy corner to drive them to such fervor. No matter - when in the Senate Hall, such petty tricks would not help this woman. 


Annika was dangerous, that much was obvious. Smart, and she could spite fire with the best of them. That made her just the ally to look for. Keep them close, she mused, and it won't matter whether they are your friend or enemy


Tobias Dracks