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Oathsworn Compact

Lords of Light Oathsworn Tython

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  • Image Source: Lightful Gondor by kempo24.
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  • Corporation Name: Oathsworn Compact
  • Headquarters: Ashla

  • Locations: Tython

  • Operations: Lightside Crafting, Armstech, Bounty Hunting, Animal Handling, Security Consulting, Mining, Infrastructure, Archaeological Research.



Less a corporate enterprise and more a loosely structured religious commune, the Compact represents the economic arm of those loyal to the Oathsworn Legions of Tython. Overwhelmingly a paramilitary organization, much of their production output consists of artisan works crafted by loyal vassals and state-sponsored public works projects to harvest Tython’s unique natural resources.

It is a symbiotic relationship, for in addition to the Legions’ protection all proceeds from their martial endeavors are split between upkeep of Oathsworn facilities and the lands of the peoples they watch over. It is a rite of passage for many Oathsworn Knights to prove their worth by taking contracts on Darksiders or their abominable creations while others focus on engineering wondrous Force imbued talismans.

None of these pursuits are so sacrosanct as the Oathsworn Reliquary, an elite division of the Compact dedicated to archeological discovery and research. Reliquary Knights often lead expeditions to remote corners of Tython and its outlying worlds in search of ancient artifacts left behind by the ancient Jedi civilizations who once dwelt here.




While ostensibly the Compact serves at the pleasure of Lord Amroth, commander of the Oathsworn Legions, in practice most day to day oversight is conducted by Regent Lord Titus Valerius and his closest advisors. Inheriting much labor and infrastructure from the fallen Galactic Alliance, they hold domain across scattered territories throughout the continents of Talss, Masara, Thyr, and Kato Zakar.

The largest settlement to pay tribute to the Compact is the village of New Kaleth, a fledgling community that has grown out of commerce associated with the ancient city ruins’ legacy as a popular site for religious pilgrimage. New Kaleth has dealings with each of the Lords of Light, but benefits in particular from a nearby Oathsworn keep.


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