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Modular Taskforce Destroyer

- - - - - TSE Destroyer

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  • Classification: Multi-task Support Destroyer
  • Length: 1150m
  • Width: 450m
  • Height: 230m
  • Armament: Low
    • Capital Weapon Emplacements
      • Turbolaser Batteries
      • Tractor Beams
    • Defensive Weapon Emplacements
      • Point-defense Cannons
      • Anti-missile Octets
  • Defenses: Average
    • Armor
      • Deflector Shields
      • Reinforced Hull
    • Electronic Defenses
      • Cap Drain
      • De-Ionizer
      • Socketguard
    • Countermeasures
      • Sensor Jammers
      • Comm Jammers
      • Missile Jammers
    • Internal Defenses
      • Defensive Autoblasters
      • Ray Shields
      • Turadium Bulkheads
      • Advanced Biometrics
      • Extensive Security Camera System
      • Laser Grids
  • HangarLow
    • ​​2 Starfighter Squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage




  • Extreme Modularity & Adaptability: Because of the destroyer's wide array of modules, the Modular Destroyer can be outfitted for a number of different operations ranging from disaster relief, observation, and even brutal oppression. These modules could be installed and uninstalled relatively quickly, and with the mass-production of these destroyers, the Sith Empire can field them wherever and in whatever configuration they desire.


  • Weak: The destroyers might be extremely adaptable, but such modularity has led to a severe lack of dedicated weapon systems. The Modular Destroyer is a support vessel, no more no less, and cannot fight enemy vessels on its own.



The Sith Empire, in its expansion, found that they lacked a dedicated support vessel that could be used in any situation that the burgeoning government might find itself in. Pouring over ancient designs, the shipwrights of the Empire discovered designs for a destroyer dating back to the late Galactic Empire that, while lacking in dedicated armament, could be outfitted with modules designed for different purposes depending on the government's needs. 


Thus they created the Modular Taskforce Destroyer based off of those old Imperial designs, keeping most of the older design formats while updating the more nuanced systems alongside a faster hyperdrive. In its baseline configuration, the ship still consisted of a command section, a life-support system, quarters for a skeleton crew, and an engineering section. On its lonesome the base design could do little more than haul a small amount of cargo, its real strength lay in its various mission-specific modules that could easily be hooked into the base skeleton and unhooked when needed.


In a single day at a shipyard, one module could be removed and a new module could be mounted.

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