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Scorched Earth

- - - - - Syd Ship

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Syd Celsius

Syd Celsius

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Intent: To finally get around to creating Syd's starting vessel.

Image Source: https://www.google.c...88347034371218/

Canon Link: http://starwars.wiki...Courier/Legends

Primary Source: http://starwars.wiki...Courier/Legends





Manufacturer: http://starwars.wiki...Systems/Legends

Affiliation: Syd Celsius

Model: Star Courier

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, Quadanium Steel, specialized electronics


Classification: Personal Corvette

Length: 26.5 meters

Width: 20 meters

Height: 17 meters.


Primary weapon: Prototype Twin Heavy Blaster cannons, Accurized.

Secondary: Twin rapid fire Starfighter laser cannons based off those used on the Tie Interceptor, mounted under the hull on a swiveling turret.

Total Offense Rating: High.


Dragonskin Multilayer Shielding

Conductor Ionic Shield Array

Quadanium Steel Matrix Armor

Total Defense Rating: Very High

Hangar: None

Maneuverability Rating: Low

Speed Rating: Low

Hyperdrive Class: 0.3


Small guest quarters.

Mess area (Guests only)

Captain's quarters


Repair bay.

Cargo bay.



Heavy damage laser cannons modified for extreme range as primary ranged weapons, called the Dragonsbreath Laser Cannon System, based off ancient designs.

Secondary rapid fire short range laser cannons mounted on the underside of the sphere section, capable of 360 degree turning.

Heavy grade Multilayered Shielding

Extremely powerful sensors and targeting systems.

Heavy Ion Shielding.

Whisperthrust Engine

Heavily modified Monarch C-4 Primary hyperdrive.

Experimental High Capacity Power Generator called the Vulkan Power Distrbutor


It can't be reasoned with: There are very few places in this galaxy someone can go this ship cannot follow. It is capable of pursuing someone all the way into the other ends of the Galaxy. On the inverse, if you need to hide, there are flew places this ship cannot take you. The upgraded Monarch C-4 hyperdrive was done with Verpine technicians and provides among the fastest Hyperdrive possible for this ship, an astounding 0.3.

It absolutely will not stop, ever...: It comes modified with heavy armor and shields designed to take heavy punishment from all contenders, such as ion, and multilayered shielding. The Ion shielding array is based off Arkanian designs, and provides a high degree of protection from basic ion cannons mounted on other starships of a similar size or smaller. The Multilayered shielding was based off Naboo designs and provides excellent protection against laser cannon fire from both starfighters and similar sized ships to itself. And even if all shield systems are disabled, the heavy matrix armor provides one last significant defense

Until you are dead: This ship was absolutely designed for offense, containing two long range laser cannons and secondary, rapid fire laser cannons based off the Tie Interceptor. The Primary weapon, The Dragonsbreath, has triple the normal range of average laser cannons mounted on starships of this kind. The secondary weapon system is based on Tie Interceptor lasers, which were infamously capable of destroying small asteroids, but modified to fire even faster, at the cost of a severe reduction in range and accuracy, though because its mounted on a turret it is able to swivel and fire directly behind it.

I see everything: Its sensors are extremely sensitive, even able to detect ships at three times the range of other vessel sensors. It can even detect objects or vessels using stealth drives, thanks to alchemized electronics and sensors that send out tight invisible laser scans. When the beams react to a ship in a cloaking field, they faintly reveal a hard, imperfect-to track signal that can still be followed with enough tenacity and constant adjustment of the ship sensors, though it cannot detect them as well as purpose built stealth detection devices, such as a crystal gravfield trap.

Heavy duty Powerplant: The Vulkan Power Distribution System is a high capacity solar ionization reactor, built to handle immense loads on Ships twice the size of the one it is installed on. Its is fully capable of firing both primary and secondary weapons at the same time, or keeping all three shield systems up. (though not for long, and never all at once), or simply boosting the power to one particular system such as weapons or shielding, enabling it to withstand stronger attacks or deal out more damage for a short time.

Limited Stealth: The WhisperThrust Engine captures and cools its exhaust gasses before dispersing them, allowing it to be nearly undetectable so long as it is at a low cruising speed--which is fortunately all it is capable of. Still...if it sneaks up on you this way...


Reduced Speed: The added armor, weapons reduced its speed to average. Just because it can follow you almost anywhere does not necessarily mean that it can catch you.

Reduced Maneuverability: The armor was heavy enough to reduce its manuverability considerably to below what a Star Courier is normally capable of.

Overheating: The Power system can only power multiple systems for so long, cutting power after ten minutes as a safety feature to avoid system burn out. If one chooses to boost all spare power not reserved for engines to the shields, one won't be able to use weapons, and if one focuses power to all weapons, one will have to rely on the ship armor to survive engagements at close range and hope it does not give out.

Jamming vulnerable: The ship may be heavily Ion resistant, but its systems are far from updated to current standards. Its comms and sensors are jammed easily.

Stealth failure: Coming to a stop causes a flare from its engines signature, allowing it to be detected.

Blind Spots: The secondary cannons cannot fire in a perfect 360 pattern due to the obstruction of its fins. The composite beam laser cannon in the back can only fire in a narrow spread for the same reason. One could presumably attack from above and behind, but close to the ships sides.


The Scorched Earth is the personal, heavily modified Star Courier of The Flame Geist, and in the fifty years after the threat of the Gulag Plague ended, a Dark Adept seeing this ship pursuing them through space was a herald of their demise. Equipped with shields strong enough to protect a ship twice its size and a deadly, highly accurate if slow firing primary weapon capable of attacking at three times the range of other ships in its class, this means that, like a Mandalorian, seeing it is one thing--stopping it is another matter entirely. Once a simple Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier, the Scorched Earth was deliberately purchased by The Resistors of Darkness for the Flame Geist and modified with the most advanced technology available to them, creating a heavy hitting attack craft for the use of their prize creation. Seventy five percent of The Geist's kills were at her own hands, the other twenty five is attributed to this ship. Though its systems at times require delicate adjustment and handling at times, and though it lacks the speed and manuverability of other vessels, the Scorched Earth is dangerous and powerful enough that even centuries after its creation its still capable of going toe to toe with modern vessels and usually coming out on top. Held in a custom stasis chamber after the Geist's imprisonment in resin, the Ship still functions exceptionally, as it has been perfectly preserved with the rest of Syd's equipment.

Edited by Syd Celsius, 12 October 2018 - 10:56 AM.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Armament: Primary weapon: Prototype Twin Heavy Blaster cannons, Accurized (Very High) Secondary: Twin rapid fire Starfighter laser cannons based off those used on the Tie Interceptor, mounted under the hull on a swiveling turret.(High) Short range composite beam Laser Cannon mounted on the back of the vessel (Average)

Defenses: Dragonskin Multilayer Shielding (Very High) Whirpool Kinetic Shielding (High) Conductor Ionic Shield Array (Very High) Quadanium Steel Matrix Armor (Extreme)


Ratings for armament and defense are collective values, rather than individual component values. As an example, the prototype Twin Heavy Blaster annons, laser cannons, and composite beam lasers collectively give the ship a total armament rating value. This total rating is mandatory for both ratings. You donot need to listindividual values for certain components (guns, shields, etc), but that's somethingyou can do if you wish.


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Syd Celsius

Syd Celsius

    Ghost of Flames

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Removed individual values and replaced with total values, Gir Quee

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Syd Celsius, looking better. It's clear that you've spent some time thinking when you made this ship.


The other thing we consider when making ships is overall balance between all of the different ratings. That's why the Starship Template post starts out with these instructions:


For technical statistics start with all values at Average for a Mass-Produced vessel. For every increase either:

  • Reduce the Production Value
  • Reduce another statistic (e.g. increase speed, decrease defensive rating)
  • Provide balance with genuine weaknesses




Based on that, this appears to be slightly over by about two ratings. While I can approve this as is right now, it's liable to being reported if it's OP in terms of ratings. I'd recommend dropping two ratings throughout the design (like Armament from "Very High" to "High" and Defense from "Extreme" to "Very High" OR something like Defense "Extreme" to "High").

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Syd Celsius

Syd Celsius

    Ghost of Flames

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Okay, got rid of composite beam laser cannon, dropping offense to "High" and got rid of kinetic shielding, dropping defense from extreme to "Very High", Gir Quee

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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