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The Venom

- - - - - Starfighter

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Maki Dominus

Maki Dominus

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* Intent: Personal ship for Maki Dominus

* Image Source: Source here

* Canon Link: N/A

* Primary Source: N/A

* Manufacturer: The Argentum Vita

* Affiliation: Maki Dominus

* Model: Nighthawk MK I

* Production: Unique

* Material:
* Black Ultrachrome
* Pyronium
* Reflec
* Black Mirrored Glasteel

* Classification: Starfighter

* Length: 36.2 meters

* Width: 24.7 meters

* Height: 7.8 meters

* Armament: Average
* Quad Laser cannons
* 2 Concealed projectile launchers
* 4 Seismic Charges

* Defenses: Extreme

* Squadron Count: 1 (None)

* Maneuverability Rating: High

* Speed Rating: High

* Hyperdrive Class:  Average: 2 

Ship contains all typical standard features including a shield generator. it includes a bedroom, washroom, kitchen, lounge, and tactical planning room.

The ship is made of Ultrachrome and Pyronium absorbed electromagnetic energy and is extremely resistant and durable under fire as well it is immune to metal-eating fungi. the whole ship was also coated in reflec to warp most electromagnetic signals from radars and scanners. It as well has a cloaking device rendering the ship invisible.

+Ship is nearly invisible to all radars and scanners
+Has good armaments to escape a persuit
+Ship Hull is extremely strong and durable
+ship is very fast and agile

-Ship has low armaments for a direct fight
-Ships cloaking device won't work while in hyperspace
-cloaking device only works for a limited time
-the two tail fins are the shield generators, those taken out, ship has no shields.

Description: Maki wanted a ship he could easily sneak in and out of places with but at least to be strong enough to keep him alive if things got messy. It has seismic charges to launch at persuers, and quad laser cannons on the front. The ship design was made to be sleek for agile and quick movement. It included commodities for Maki to live on the ship for long journeys as well.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Maki Dominus, this ships isa little overpowered. It's about one rating too high. I'd recommend reducing a single rating somewhere, but if you'd like, I can stamp this as is. It's just more liable to being reported.

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