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Valkesh Clan

Kalak the Raykkan

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Kalak the Raykkan

Kalak the Raykkan


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  • Intent: To create a Hutt Kajidic in debt to Kalak the Raykkan and the Makesh Cartel.
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  • Organization Name: Valkesh Clan
  • Classification: Hutt Kajidic and criminal organization.
  • Loyalties: Valkesh Clan | Makesh Cartel | Kalak the Raykkan.
  • Organization Symbol: See above.
  • Description: Valkesh Clan has operated in the Periphery space above Hutt Space for a long time. In the distant past they ruled over Sriluur and had. In the past few decades their fortunes slowly slipped down as competition grew more fierce. Recently they have undergone a renaissance of sorts. A deep infusion of wealth and advice has changed their course, allowing them to reacquire some of their lost holdings off-world. Most of their original Sriluur wealth came from the export of copper, Booster Blue and raw starship fuel. Currently they are going through reorganization. They have recruited new blood, have been spending money and generally throwing their weight around. This makes them both dangerous and puts them in a precarious position. Nobody likes a newcomer, eh?


Periphery Region

[HQ] Sriluur. The world of Sriluur is the crown region of the Valkesh Clan and contains many of its primary holdings. From the deep copper mines below Deego the Hutt’s Palace to its fuel refineries in the factory outlands, Clan Valkesh has sunk its roots in much of the planet’s power and influence structure.


[BRANCH] Lant. A large Hutt trade world within the Periphary Valkesh owns several stakes in large trade concerns and space ports on the world. This ensures that their copper exports pass on through without undue taxation or harassment.


[BRANCH] Nwarcol Point. Controls the sole casino within the spaceport and serves as a mid-grade money laundering operation for the criminal elements of the Kajidic.


Hutt Space Region

[BRANCH] Nal Hutta. Since the resurgence of Valkesh’s finances they have reacquired their vacation palace on Nal Hutta. This comes with a large hunting ground, which is used for the exploitation of Hutta’s diverse flora and fauna.


[BRANCH] Nar Shaddaa. Primarily focused around the Lower Industrial Sector of the moon its holdings refine the fuel exported from the Periphary. The invigoration of the Clan started here, with an influx of cash that put Deego the Hutt’s casino/nightclub complex on the map and allowed him to aggressively pursue his rivals within the clan.


[BRANCH] Hollow MoonA recent acquisition for the Valkesh Clan is the Hollow Moon, a large gambling station located within the Si’Klaata Cluster. The end goal is to make the system into a gateway portal towards the rest of the Cluster for Clan Valkesh.



[BRANCH] Outland Transit StationThere are no limits to ambition and hunger. It was decided early that for Valkesh to truly expand, they'd need to look beyond the ancestral holdings of Hutt Space. The first property that was identified was the Outland Transit Station in the Baxel Sector. It had much potential, but had recently gone through bad management. Acquiring the asset Valkesh resurrected it. Restoring failing systems and ensuring that the Shadowport would work as efficiently as possible. It didn't take long for the trade to pick-up again. Situated on a vital crux point of traffic, many wanted to take part in the gladiatorial pit fights and more. Now it ensures that Valkesh spice has a safe route to exit Hutt Space and enter the larger Galaxy.

  • Domain: Clan Valkesh controls interests in all the above regions, but only lays complete claim on Sriluur. With the recent chaos around Hutt Space and the Si’Klaata Cluster through Jedi interference Deego the Hutt has decided against reestablishing complete authority over the planet. Instead they have set themselves up as a senior advisory role, many of the political and labor parties vie for the Clan’s favor to boost their own success.
  • Notable Assets:

Nwarcol Point’s Casino.

Hollow Moon.  Holds a majority stake in the Hollow Moon station and provides security for the system in return for taxation rights and import/export privileges throughout the system.

Outland Transit Station. Refurbished and restored many of the Outland Transit Station's critical operations. Now serves as one of the primary nodes of Valkesh's spice trade that flows from Hutt Space to the larger Galaxy.

Tenloss Corporation.



  • Hierarchy:

Kajidii: Deego the Hutt. Deego was a lower player in the Valkesh politics for the past century and mostly stayed on Nar Shaddaa within his pleasure casino. That is until Kalak the Raykkan caught wind of his cousin’s troubles with the local Duros gangs. After personally intervening Kalak and Deego agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership (which would lean more and more heavily towards Kalak’s benefit, the longer they worked together). It cumulated with Deego the Hutt taking control over the Kajidic and beginning a rapid expansion to recapture the holdings lost throughout the last two decades within Hutt Space.


Majordomo: Rashek the Raykkan. To continue the partnership between Kalak and Deego, the latter has appointed one of Kal’s cousins as their majordomo to ensure a direct line between the two sentients. Rashek is a sharp administrator who has done much to recreate the Kajidic into an efficient organization. Much in the style of the Raykkan society he has cut out the fat and has his teeth in every aspect of the Clan. Many whisper that it is the Raykkan who truely controls Kajidic, but such is never done in the open to avoid getting thrown into a molten copper pit.


Captain of the Guard: Vigo, an appointee made by Rashek, is a Raykka native and looks much like a Trandoshan would and is just as strong as one would be. Vigo is outfitted with heavy cybernetics to increase his intelligence and has been since his coming-of-age rites on Raykka, which is part of the rituals associated with his species. His loyalty is beyond dispute.

  • Membership: For a Hutt Cartel the Valkesh Clan has a very strict and regulated process for entering the clan. Every member is vetted, cross-referenced with the intelligence known to them. Before they can be considered a full member they must earn their place by getting their stripes. This means they must complete a mission successfully and at the same time spill blood in its name.
  • Influence: The Valkesh Clan’s resurgence within Hutt Space has seen its influence  slowly restored throughout the sector. It only claims right of rule over Sriluur, but possesses many holdings and stakes throughout the region.
  • Climate: In the beginning the Valkesh Clan was a nest of shifting loyalties, flashing knives and coups every other week. The arrival of Deego the Hutt and his advisor Rashek changed that. Within only a few months the Clan has seen a complete paradigm shift throughout its ranks. There is a sense of order now, the leaks plugged, loyalties restored to where it needs to be. The money flows in and the cogs turn smoothly. All under the watchful eye of the Hutt and the Raykkan.
  • Reputation: Disrespect in the early days, but with the recent resurgence of the Clan it is looked upon with wary eyes. The sheer audacity, hunger and discipline the organization displays makes it a threat to a lot of the vested interests. As of yet Valkesh’s Deego has been content simply reclaiming their old hunting grounds and assets. But for how long will that last? When will this new Hutt Kajidii becoming hungry enough for new prey?
  • Rules: Valkesh follows the ancient Hutt rules of acquisition.... until they aren't convenient anymore. The Hutt Clan has found a new flexibility in its dealings, propelled forward by unbound hunger and ambition. There is only one true rule that matters within the organization: Feth with us, and get fethed on. It isn't particularly clear what they mean by that. But few people have an appetite to ask, when a Mandallian Giant is roaring in your face.
  • Doctrines: Get back what is ours. That is it. Unshackled by many of the ancient rites and beliefs of the Kajidics Clan Valkesh is only governed by greed. The fact that this greed often has a tangible benefit to their silent backers? Well, that is just good business, no?
  • Goals:

Restore the power of Clan Valkesh.

Bring wealth to Deego the Hutt.

Secretly ensure Raykkan business throughout Hutt Space, while serving as a trusted intermediary.

See the hierarchy above.
Valkesh is a relatively old Kajidic. 

They ruled from Sriluur in the past, mostly focused inwards within the Periphery Region. There they dominated the copper trade, utilizing it both for genuine concerns as well as the Booster Blue spice trade. This made them rich. It also made them just a little bit ambitious, though some described it as careless. They began aggressively expanding into Hutt Space. Acquiring assets, pushing others out, wanting to make their mark. Sadly for them this only served to unite the other Clans against them. Without any formal backing, outgunned and still adhering to the ancient codes?
There weren't many other options left to them.
Face annihilation or retreat to the Periphery Region. 
But that was then. Then? Is now. The Hutt Ruling Council does no longer control the wealth and influence it once had. Divided. And now Clan Valkesh has something it didn't before. It possesses discipline, order, newfound wealth that seems to support its operations in a streamlined fashion. A plan. Rather than haphazardly running around and buying up property, their acquisition have been strategic.
Focused on diversifying their assets, spreading the risk, buying into new markets. 
For now it seems Clan Valkesh is being condoned. Supported even by some of the smaller Hutt Clans. After all.... Valkesh has been making sure they are happy and full with new investments and more.

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Kalak the Raykkan


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