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TTH/DAS-001 "Memnon" - Class Systems Liburnian

- - - - - TGC The Golden Company TTH The Thyrsian Hierarchy REC Republic Engineering Corvette Anti-Starfighter

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Intent: To create a Thyrsian Anti-Starfighter Corvette for the Golden Company, and the Thyrsian Hierarchy thereafter. 
Image Source: Eve Online Amarr Empire - Crucifier - Reddit [x]
Canon Link: Not Applicable. 
Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Hyperion Solar Lances. [x]


Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company. (Select, and Contracted Foundries.)
Model: TTH/DAS-001 "Memnon" - Class Systems Liburnian
Affiliation: The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company, Closed-Market.
Production: Minor-Scale Production.
Material: Durasteel, Flexisteel, Armourplast, Reinforced Duraplast, Manganese Brass, Glasteel, Dallorian Alloy, Various Starship Components (Internal and External.)


Classification: Corvette.
Role: Systems Patrol, Planetary Customs, Active Interception, Dedicated Electronic Warfare.
Length: 190 Metres.
Width: 120 Metres.
Height: 70 Metres.
Armament: Moderate Rating.

  • [4] Hyperion Solar Lance Batteries [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.] (Counts as Eight Turbolasers.)
  • [4] Seeking Nanomissile Rocket Pods (Thirty Projectiles per Pod.)
  • [4] Repeating Mass-Driver Cannon Turrets [Coilgun Variant, Quad Barreled, Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [10] Rotary Point Defence Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [10] Antimissile Octets [Fast-Track mountings, Fire-Linked.]

Defenses: Average Rating.

  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Hull and Armour Plating.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Deflector Shield (Ray and Particle; Overlaid.)
  • Overhauled [Corvette-Class, Military Grade] Kiirium Mirror Shields (Automated, and Slide-able Girder Mounts.)
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] ECM, and Countermeasures (Including Chaff and Flare Launchers.)

Hangar: No Starfighter Carrying Capacity - Auxiliary Craft (Shuttles and Transports) Only - Low Rating.
Maneuverability Rating: 60 DPF - Average Rating.
Speed Rating: Moderate Rating.
Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 1,020 Km/H
Primary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
Secondary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 8.0
Engine Unit(s): Corvette - Class Ion Engines - Six Drive Units.
Secondary Propulsion: Retractable Solar Soils.
Primary Power Plant: Corvette - Class Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor.
Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Module(s) with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays.
Passengers: Twenty Soldiers - Shipboard Security Contingent.
Crew Complement (Optimal): Twenty Officers, Enlisted Personnel, and Chattel Ratings (Slaves.)
Crew Complement (Skeletal): Ten Officers, Enlisted Personnel, and Chattel Ratings (Slaves.)
Escape Craft: Four Saviour Pods and One Ejectable Lifeboat.
Cargo Capacity: 500 Metric Tonnes
Consumables: Six Months - Galactic Standard.

  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Damage Control and Hazard Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Navigational and Avionics Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Sensors and Targeting Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Communications Systems, Holonet Transceiver and Encryption/Decryption Networks with Thyrsian Military Keys.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Environmental Control Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beams.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracer (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking.)
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Relativistic and Shift Shielding.


  • HIMS - Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer.
  • Central Computer Core (Integrated Droid Brains.)
  • Internal Shield Generators.
  • Internal Reactor Bulb(s).
  • Internal Command Bridge.
  • Anti-Ordnance EM Probes (Long-Range.)
  • Aural-Biological-Chemical Scrambler Probes (Long-Range.)
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitter (Short Range.)
  • Haysian Smelt Infused Kiirium Mirror Plating, with Slide-able Girders.
  • Overhauled 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Devices (Short-Range Multi-spectrum Jamming.)


  • Thyrsian Mirror Shields: Styled after the technology that preceded the modern energy shield, Thyrsian mirror shields were a secondary measure of protection. A redundant failsafe; should the primary barriers collapse. They were polished and infused plates that were mounted atop automated and sliding girders, that were capable of “deflecting” the lethality of capital-grade energy weapons away from the warship’s surface - before melting sometime thereafter.
  • Countermeasure Suite: Fashioned with a state of the art countermeasure suite, the "Memnon" is capable of thwarting the myriad methods in which control of the warship could be taken away from the command crew. In addition to these various systems, the Liburnian was outfitted with a hyperwave sustainer - an item that allowed the vessel to retain its momentum at lightspeed and punch deep into enemy-held territory.
  • Anti-Starfighter Speciality: Purpose-built to intercept enemy strike fighters and hostile projectiles, the Memnon specializes in dispatching starfighters with relative ease. The Corvette weapons were situated across the exterior of the hull in such a way that would allow them to employ their diverse armament in almost every conceivable angle; without being limited by the unorthodox design. This design choice was further enhanced by the various sub-systems that the Memnon was outfitted with, making this warship a true terror of the solar tides. 


  • Central Computer Core/ Automated Systems: Outfitted with a Central Computer core, and the myriad of droid brains that were required to keep the ship operational - the "Memnon" was highly vulnerable to close-proximity EMP detonations - that would cripple the vessel; until the excess of ionic energy was purged. This also made a prime target for enemy boarding parties as they could effectively control the entire starship from a single chamber - only if they previously knew about its location and purpose that is. 
  • Solarized Weaponry: Despite the power afforded to the Liburnian through its use of solarized weaponry, the primary weapon suite suffers from an inability to commit themselves to endurance warfare - when not enshrouded within a system rife with solar radiation. When the capacitors run dry, the solarized weapons were unable to produce their lethal beams - rendering a portion of the starship’s combat prowess inert - until they were recharged.
  • Central Bridge Connecting Spars: In a drastic departure from conventional starship designs, the "Memnon" was built around two engine blocks connected by a single command module. While this would be considered a design flaw, as it should be, it allowed for a greater degree of anti-projectile and anti-starfighter coverage - but posed a problem when the deflector shields collapsed. 

As the Thyrsian War Machine began its meteoric rise to prominence, more and more designs were needed to flesh out the entirety of the self-styled Golden Armada. With their starfighter corps already established, and several smaller vessels terrorizing the stellar seas, there was a need for a vessel that could counteract nimble strike-fighters. This decision was made in accordance with the Thyrsian’s Art of War - which stated that One should always prepare themselves for the worst - and stay several steps ahead of One’s enemy if they wish to achieve victory. 
Built on the skeletal frame of the Thesan, another warship that filled the classical corvette role within the navy, the Memnon was outfitted with a bulkier profile that was rife with countermeasures and interception based weapons. While it was slowed, in comparison to its kindred vessel, the Systems Liburnian more than made up for its lack of speed and manoeuvrability by having a greater array of weapons at its disposal. This design choice would prove to beneficial to the dedicated Anti-Starfighter platform, as the weapons it was outfitted with were distributed evenly across the exterior of the hull plating. 
Capable of engaging enemy projectiles and strike fighters from almost every angle, the Memnon was set upon the path of becoming a useful addition to the ever-growing war machine that swore allegiance to the Scions of Thyrsus. 


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