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Tidal Wave

- - - - - Lightsaber Rick

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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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  • Manufacturer: Rick Kaloo
  • Affiliation: Rick Kaloo
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Titanium-reinforced silver frame, leather hilt


  • Classification: Standard Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Hilt - Built using a minimalist design, the Tidal Wave's hilt has only a light wrapping of leather for its user to grab onto. Additionally, the rear of the lightsaber is very lightly built, with only a few strings of metal. The entire hilt from top to bottom is about a foot long.
  • Trigger - For the Tidal Wave, its activation trigger is located directly below its hilt. It is a small black button that is required to be pushed down firmly for two seconds to activate. The delay is meant to prevent accidental activation should Rick's hand slip.
  • "Blade" - A light blue kyber crystal emits a beam of the same color when the trigger is held down. The beam is four feet long, and is lacking in defects due to the quality of its crystal.


  • Laser Sword - The Tidal Wave is a lightsaber, a legendary weapon of the Jedi and Sith. It is capable of slicing through almost any material in the galaxy without a hitch, and can deflect small-arms fire. Additionally, the glowing beam of the Tidal Wave allows it to be used as a torch, lighting the way through dark spaces. The Tidal Wave can be used to duel with others in lightsaber combat, deflecting the beams of other lightsabers as any would.
  • Unhindered - The Tidal Wave's minimalist design makes it on the lighter side of the lightsaber family, weighing only half a kilogram. Therefore, it is very easy to use and handle the Tidal Wave.


  • Glass Cannon - The same lack of excessive weight and plating that allows ease of use in the Tidal Wave also weakens its frame. Additionally, if the kyber crystal inside the lightsaber is tilted even slightly out of place, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Careful... - Even with the safety delay on the lightsaber's trigger, it can be accidentally held down very easily should Rick's hand slip, causing the blade to activate in a bad situation.


After discovering his Force sensitivity on Umbara, Rick set off to relearn his family tree and see whether there was an explanation to him being a Force user while his family had no such children for many generations. His findings lead him to a set of coordinates, leading to an obscure moon in the Outer Rim.


At the same time, an expedition of Jedi had planned to go out there in search of old artifacts, so Rick followed with plenty of gear. The team dove deep into a submerged temple, with Rick leading the way. At the first intersection, a vision caused him to head to the left, leaving the others to their own fates. At the end of the hallway lay a huge, circular, partially lit room, with a circle-shaped pavilion rising from the center. Apon the pavillion lay multiple graves. One called to him in the Force, drawing him in. Breaking through the eroded stone with an axe, Rick found the skeleton of a Mon Calamari. In his palm lay a kyber crystal, glowing blue and almost perfectly intact. The former home of the crystal, like the stone, had eroded, and lay in bits around the skeleton. Therefore, apon realizing the significance of the vision and crystal, Rick took it into his own care and began to design a lightsaber.


Back on Mon Calamari, Rick came up with a design plan: He would make himself a light, simple lightsaber, with a tiny bit of decoration. So, he went to work, spending hours a day painstakingly aligning bits of the lightsaber with the Force. After three days, the newly named Tidal Wave was complete. Its crystal properly placed, the lightsaber glowed aqua, reflecting the lapping waves of Rick's home world. All of its conponents were functioning as planned, so Rick began putting the Tidal Wave to use.


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